Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

9700 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville
(352) 333-0830

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Sieran Embry

Location is inside a very busy, loud truck stop.The owner on the truck stop side was using curse words, being very loud and rude to a gentleman who was there as porter. Also the manager of the dairy Queen was screaming at his drive thru staff saying they could "hit the clock and I can fire you as quicky as I hired you!". Like REALLY!!??UNFORTUNATELY the service was very very slow. I ordered hot food and a blizzard. They handed me the blizzard and then I waited another 10 min on food. I'm like "why would I get the frozen stuff ahead of the food? It will melt since it was for my neighbor not me." To top that, I had to return I side since a portion of my order was missingLort. Good luck with that.

Kathleen Doorley

Love Dairy Queen. Went thru the drive thru.

Jenny Proper

Had ordered a 10” Choco Brownie Xtreme Blizzard cake. I expected to get what the DQ website posts which is a all chocolate cake with brownie pieces on top. Well there wasn’t any toppings on it, the bottom layer was vanilla ice cream and to top it off, the whole center of the cake was missing!! Wish I could post pictures. So deeply disappointed. And to think I paid $32 for it. Never again.

Eugenia Traglia

2 for $4, $6 meal deal, friendly service


There was nothing wrong with the ice cream or the blizzard here. It was all good. They need to hire more staff. One poor soul working the whole place, took forever.

Carli K.

I NEVER leave reviews, but this is the absolute WORST Dairy Queen I have ever been to! Not only was the guy at the window rude, but what I ordered was handed to me looking like it exploded. I ordered a twist cone dipped in chocolate, but what I received was a big mess! When the guy at the drive thru window handed it to me, it had been sitting at the window the whole time while there were still two cars in front of me, so when he gave it to me it was a dripping mess. So of course I was annoyed and made the comment of "this is a bit of mess, kind of ridiculous". This rude kid at the window stares at me and goes "well, the best I can do is ah d you more napkins" as if that's going to help the mess that he just gave me! I will NEVER go back here! (What you can't see in these photos is the mess all the way around the cone and the chocolate finger prints of whoever made it!!! Oh and the fact that it's just vanilla, not chocolate/vanilla twist)

Vickie Hood

Not real happy. But was on down the road before I noticed. I ordered a chili dog, add mustard and onions. What I got was an old hot dog, skin was cooked so long I had to cut it with a knife plus they gave me the mustard and onions, but took off the chili and cheese. I didn't think the order was that difficult but.......

Megan Foster

Tenders were drowning in bbq sauce and so were my fries. I had to throw the meal away. Staff was friendly but quality is lacking.

Devin Estrada

Great place to fill up your belly and gas tank at the same time.

JO Milot

The food is fresh and tasteful but the service/wait time are very slow

Jennifer Harper

Was giving two drinks with bugs inside. One had a crusted up fly carcass and the other had a floater. Ask for my money back and they had no problem doing that for me. It is Florida and Im sure flys are a problem but I also noticed there was no health score posted. ?

Jamie robinson

Fries so hard I can barely break them- and this burger??!!! YUCK worst ever and I waited 30 minutes ?

Walter Petruska

National Ice Cream day... never got our order after paying. We left. The couple ahead of us ordered earlier and waited 40 minutes for ice cream which never came either. They were complaining to a manager, who didn't see the problem as the customers who ordered, payed and gave up had already left the store.

Sara Z.

I don't like to give bad reviews but yikes . So I went to the drive through yesterday and requested a butterscotch dipped. When I got to the window I was given a blizzard. Before I even touched it I asked what is that? The lady at the window said that is a butterfinger blizzard. I oh no I requested a butterscotch dipped. She went back in and comes back with a blizzard that looked like it was butterscotch. I was confused cause their butterscotch is a dipped cone but I was on a rush so I took it and went on my way. As I started eating, I had to stop because all they had done was to put butterscotch on the previos blizzard they had served me. Well thank the Lord my peanut allergies are not severe cause this please almost killed me. Smh. I also tried to call and all they have is an answering machine. I gave them my number. I know it has not been 24 hr but I get to hear from them.

Sarah Mills

Drive 5 mins up the road for better Dairy Queen. Cold fries and inedible, tough chicken sandwich. Asked for ketchup and was handed one packet. Cheapskates.

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