Outback Steakhouse

3760 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville
(352) 373-9499

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LuLaRoe A.

Amazing Experience! we love Outback and wanted to stop and ha e dinner tonight while traveling. The service was beyond excellent and the food could not have been prepared more perfect. Janelle was our server...be sure and ask for her if you stop in!! If we could have given 10 stars we would have. Steak and shrimp, Alice Spring Chicken and Aussie cheese Fries all PERFECT!!


Its hard to give any company an accurate review while they try and figure out how to redesign their entire in-person UX. With that in mind, the ratings might change after they develop a new interact system.Outside seating is not a priority and runs limited wait staff. We were told we would have a 1 hour wait, after 10 minutes a table was ready. We were seated in a spot to represent focal contact from other customers. We were dressed up and looked amazing. We discussed and decided to get up and place an order for takeout since the risk was not worth the reward. It took a moment to get a takeout waiter. After ordering, we used the outside space for various photoshoots, then got our vehicle and pulled up to the take out parking. Soon our food was walked out. We checked and noticed our double order of fries was instead a single order so we asked and showed the missing component. Within 1 minute we received a 2nd order and ate those on the along way to our next destination, cheesecake factory to pick up desert.The fries were good and the meat selection was great. The blooming onions ? transformed into a gloop pile of smelly oil so we didn't dare eat it. Instead, we gave it to our garden as compost. The steak had a heavy butter flavor and I know there are other ingredients that can be used to make the steak taste much better while maintaining the textures. The meat had no fat, an excellent cut. ?We mixed the lobster in our own rice bowl mix which was yummy. The lobster was small but was good to try since I am new to eating that type of sea faring creature.The visual astectic of the bread swayed our decision to feed it to the ducks at North Florida Medical Center instead of eating it ourselves, we didn't want the bread to go to waste. The ducks that have a pumpernickel taste craving enjoyed it greatly.Rei.

Robin Lin

Honestly a lot better than my childhood experience at Outback. The steak is reasonably cooked. Pricing is fair.

Janna Brown

Perfect for a date night service was amazing cannot go wrong with prime rib or grilled shrimp.... fav side mash and asparagus

kurtst3r Snipes

Eating here now, not busy at all, servers energetic, great atmosphere, fast good food, compliments to the entire staff and management!

Shannon Zinn

Our waiter, John, was great. He was very friendly and an excellent waiter. My steak was not cooked correctly, it was under cooked. I spoke to one manager who told me that he would cook me a new steak but brought me back the same steak, over cooked this time. When I said it still was not correct, he walked away not doing anything about it. I asked if there was another manager in house. Luckily, Juan came to our table. He was very professional and apologetic. Not only did he offer to make me a new steak himself, he comped my meal plus gave me a big piece of carrot cake to go! He had amazing customer service skills and because of him, we will be back.

Bruce R.

Me and my wife went here about a week ago. We had a great experience there. First good was outstanding. I'm on a Whole 30 diet and my wife's on a diabetic one so we have to get certain things off our food. Our waiter was a young gentleman who escapes our mind but we talked to the manager and told her how great his service was. He was so patient and asked numerous times the chef if they could prepare our food to meet our diet. And they did everything right. Outstanding CS by this young man. Thank you


The food was great and the waitress was friendly. Downside is they seem to be wearing masks below their nose which isn't great and they were a bit slow coming to our table to get our order but understandably it was quite busy.Also minor nitpicking on my end but it was odd being greeted at an Australian themed restaurant with a "hey y'all."

Heather Green

Best place ever! Clean restaurant and great service. ALL of the servers are amazing, even on a busy night. Management is amazing as well, very helpful.

Eduardo Ganges

The food was very good and our server Heather G. was amazing .

Rachel Middleton

Staff was nice and helpful, restaurant was clean (and consistently kept that way), bread and salads were promptly brought out, food was soon to follow. All food was cooked to desired temperature and absolutely delicious. I honestly have no complaints.

Sandra Becker

July 15th, 2021, we've always loved the food at Outback however we were extremely disappointed with our afternoon meal. Husband and I ordered 12oz. rib eye steak dinners and the steaks were tasteless, tough, and looked like they were cooked in a frying pan! Such a disappointment! Something has changed in the cooking dept. Service was great, but since fire wood grill no longer being used steaks just don't taste the same. Hope their menu and cooking will improve, as it use to be. Want the onion petals back too!!

Jennifer Collins

The place is busy but the food was fresh and delicious, all the staff especially our server Tony were amazing. I have to Remember to order my steak lightly seasoned but other than that islt was cooked perfect!

Time G.

Customer service is consistently horrible. I never leave a bad review after a single bad experience but after two years of consistently bad service I think it's time to leave a review. I don't know who the manager is at this outback but he/she needs to be fired and replaced with someone competent because it doesn't matter who is serving us they're always an incompetent moron and rude as f**k.

Jess B.

I went to this Outback when it first opened and hadn't been back again until last night due to terrible service. Everything had drastically improved. We called ahead and talked to a super friendly manager, were seated in a timely manner, and the wait staff was friendly and fast. The food was good and we even got a free appetizer because the kitchen accidentally made 2 of something.

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