6666 W Newberry Rd, Gainesville
(352) 331-4579

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John Hohmann

When my 9yr old son and I got to this Subway the line was pretty long. They handled it very professionally and with great attitudes!! I even made it a point to let them know how well they had handled all those customers so quickly ?

Troy Pollard

This was the BEST subway crew I ever came across. They were super chill and on top of everything! Got everyone through at LIGHTNING SPEED. Any other subway with that like would have taken like 20-30 min+ If you're coming off the interstate for some food or a local looking for a quick bite this is the place to go!


Nice staff made it a great experience. Sandwich could've been prepared better since I was splitting my fav sandwich with a friend. Everyone was satisfied in the end.

short shala

Tonights crew was amazing they all worked together and even tho they were busy they still happy and helpful

jeremy pepper

Sandwich artist knew nothing. Could operate cash register. Wouldnt ask for help just kept me waiting. Then a lady walked up and he started helping her.

Bryanna Bucy

Super friendly staff and clean facility.

Sam Meyer

The people are super nice and service is the best of any Subway I've visited!

Denise M Rios

This is the cleanest Subway I ever visited. Excellent service and personnel is very friendly. Definitely will visit soon again! Eat delicious and fresh! ??

Gurjit Sidhu

Very good service. Neat and clean.

Jeff Marr

For a subway this location has always been pretty good and relatively clean. They did mess up my order today, but quickly fixed it when I pointed it out; normally have no issues. Meets expectations.

Anne Roberts

Today's service was terrible. They separated my family's orders, rang up my total in a very confusing manner, then a worker mocked me when I said I didn't understand why I hadn't received some of my food. They completely ignored my granddaughter even after I told a worker that she needed to order. I originally asked for a tray, worker said ok, but they put our order into a bag. When my son asked where his part of the order was (they had left it out), they put everything for the 4 of us on the counter and threw the bag away! I had to hand carry everything for all of us to the table. When I said I didn't understand how they were charging me ( very confusing receipt), a woman behind the counter kept saying loudly, "Oh, boy!" "Oh, boy!", as if wanting all of the food I paid for was an inconvenience for her.Another employee cleaning the dining room apologized to us which I appreciated, but the harm was already done. We will not be patronizing this particular Subway again. We haven't been treated like this before and it was unpleasant. Since prices have risen a great deal we don't go out much. We will spend our money elsewhere.

Eulinda Brown

Very Clean, Fast & Friendly staff. Sandwiches LOOK AMAZING. If I lived here this would be my #1 spot to eat.

Cynthia morant

Walked in at closing time to stand in line and get a ride comment from an employee saying something about people coming in so late. She made sure to remark loud enough so it could be heard. Max want to review some customer service tips here this employee does not offer quality service.

Dhinesh T

It is an ok restaurant. Decent service and maintained ok

Robert Warner

Got a footlong veggie Delight and the cookie

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