Taco Bell

3408 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville
(352) 372-0453

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Linda Coleman

Don't understand how they can be out of lettuce and tomatoes because truck delivery is delayed by two days. There are grocery stores where you can can pick up the produce

Megan Trueblood

They never get my order right. Their mic is so distorted you can't understand them.their employees are ride and will rush you through you're order. If they find themselves able to ring up your order multiple different ways they will not help you find the best deal each time I have gone they charged me as much as they possibly could like charging me for a side of nacho supreme because I got tortilla chips and sour cream.

Caesar Jarvis

Ideally pretty good getting in and out unfortunately at nite the drive through is always crowded and I can't get my order because the lines outside is to long but all in all it's okay if you can get your order

Ryan Lindemann

Two stars because the guy was really friendly and made the effort to ask if I wanted sauce in the bag, but then didn't put the sauce I wanted in the bag. Wasn't given a straw for my drink, and my crunchwrap tastes more like a soggywrap that has been sitting out for a while and was reheated. The corn tortilla lost it's crunch. Food was bleh today

Erica `ArYKa

The app is basically false advertisement when you go to redeem the coupon and place your order it says Uh-Oh ... ? JUST FORGET ABOUT THEM ANSWERING THE PHONE... ⭐ For Mexican ? fast food.. THAT'S IT THAT'S ALL ...

Cody Bowlin

Of the Taco Bells in Gainesville, this one is consistently the best. It's clean, the staff are friendly, and service is fast and accurate. If I'm craving Taco Bell I will go out of my way to come to this one.

kurtst3r Snipes

The manager on duty went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of after our great trip to the museums today!

Ms. Daisy

This taco bell needs to close down! The food was awful my crunch wrap had nothing but lettuce and it was so thing. Tacos were stale. The tables were dirty and two employees were outside smoking and using some foul language with some friends. I love taco bell my first time in a taco bell in Florida know I'm wary of going to another taco bell for the food. This particular taco bell is run horribly.

Luciano La rocca

I went in for some late dinner with my wife and we were greeted by the funniest, friendliest and coolest gentleman. Made us feel welcomed and was being himself. The service was great, food was great and just top of the line service. Thank you to the team! Great Taco Bell experience! (Order 357380)

Crystal Acuna

after working 14 hours ??? I went to taco bell on Archer Rd in Gainesville, FL. Eric Ross gave me customer service that pampered me ?? he was so sweet and funny. That guy is the MVP. Silky smooth customer service. Complimented my order selection and all

Jessica B.

Best Taco Bell in Gainesville. Good service and food. Don't even try the tacobell on university.

Matthew T

This is a "Franchise" Taco Bell and the same as the one on 826 W University Ave and 7410 W Newberry Rd in the fact that they raise the prices almost double what Taco Bell advertises and list menu keyed at for "Corporate" locations. Take the new Potato-Rito that is only supposed to be a dollar and they feel it is okay to charge almost double what Taco Bell is stating it is for on all the commercials. Then when you call to ask the price of the new listed item they hang up on you and refuse to give you a number to call and speak to someone on why they inflate the price so high and rip off the community they are supposed to care about. How do you charge 1.79 for an item Taco Bell advertises at a dollar, and what is worse is that it's when so many are hurting due to job loss in this pandemic. The owner of these restaurants should be ashamed and feel like a con artist for the way they do this to customers.

Jordan Poore

This taco bell has the best energy out of then all in gville. I never leave this one without a smile :)

Brendon Ruprecht

Made my order right and food was good and fresh but they gave me only one sauce packet per item which is fine for small tacos but not quite sufficient for large burritos and other specialty items.


It was good but they didn’t have any sour cream for my chalupa :(

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