Uppercrust Productions

4118 NW 16th Blvd, Gainesville
(352) 376-7187

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Maggie Carbone

If I had one wish I wish we had an Uppercrust Bakery in Ocala . This is the only Production Bakery any one needs for all of their French bread and ? pastries. A must try if you are like me and you can't live without your italian crusty bread Uppercrust will soon be your favorite Bakery too. I lived in NY and I got a good Baguette on any street but wow once I tried Uppercrust French Baguette there was no going back sincerely the very best of everything they make

C Das

Amazing pastries, great nitro cold brew coffee from opus, and a surprisingly good mocha (late with dutch chocolate)!

Cynthia Yanez, MSW

I usually like this place, however was a bit disappointed with our purchase yesterday. We bought several croissants, some sweet and some not. A lime torte and an eclair. I am really fair in my reviews ...so here goes:1. The torte was fine, but average considering the cost.2. The chocolate eclair was edible in parts. The cremé patisserie (custard for us Americans,lol) was nice but a bit grainy and thin. The choux pastry was underdone and by the time I got home it's was a soggy mess. Didn't eat the entire bottom of the eclair.3. The croissant au burre/ buttered croissants and the Nutella ones were all super greasy. Picture included. The layers of butter is supposed to stay in the bread, however, it leaked out making it very oily on bottom and dried/hard on top.I have enjoyed Uppercrust in the past, but for the price, it was not worth this time around. I made this review due to the cost exceeding the quality provided that day.Maybe they just had an off day.On a side note the customer service was AMAZING! They were ALL fabulous and appreciated their kindness. ?

Leslie Bell

Had heard about Uppercrust but had never been before today. The customer service was outstanding. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the cookie was superb. Will definitely be back!

Isla Rooka

My first visit to this bakery during a weekend trip to see the Museum of Natural History. I ended up purchasing several pastries,like 6 different ones,because I couldn’t decide on just a single item,they had so many wonderful looking selections. So when I finally got home that evening I decided to try my first one. And WOW if these pastries taste THIS GOOD after sitting in my car for the day then I can not imagine what they would’ve tasted like if I ate them right way. The croissants were so buttery and very flaky still after sitting around the whole day! And the cappuccino I had there had amazing strong flavor plus they use ethical packaging which is just a nice little bonus for our environmentally friendly folks. 10/10 would highly recommend! Plus all of the staff that helped me decide were very friendly and patient with my selection process. I was very hard to make a decision lol

Dania Fanelli

Our first visit was on Saturday and it won’t be our last. I moved here over a year ago and have not been able to find crusty breads or flaky pastries until now. ( I miss my NYC bakeries)OMG. Totally reminds me of the bakeries in NYC and France. The young man helping us was very attentive . I told him we were first timers and he explained all the products and was very patient with us. I drove over an hour to get here and will do it again monthly that’s how good everything was. Also we arrived pretty late in the day and there was still a great selection to choose from. Next time we will try earlier and see the difference


Had an amazing lemon poppy seed scone the other day. The employees were kind and I cannot wait to return

Derek V.

Upper Crust is a small French bakery in the more suburban parts of Gainesville, farther away from the university. With a wide selection, you can get anything from basic croissants to chaussons and more. Different flavors too from pistachio to apricot, it was pretty overwhelming to go for a first time. When I went, I bought several things, pistachio, apricot, raspberry, pinwheels, all in croissant form. They were all perfectly buttery and flaky, truly delightful. This is one of the best bakeries I've had the chance to enjoy, all in the small town of Gainesville.

Carrie Brown Owens

The food was AMAZING. We went on a Sunday evening so selection was down a little, as would be expected. The guy that waited on us was very nice and helpful. The lemon tart was OUT OF THIS WORLD. There is a mask requirement, and limit on the number inside the store, as stated on the door.


We made a quick stop to sample some pastry and coffee. The young man who waited on us was truly courteous and helpful to us newbies. We settled on a rosemary baguette and a luscious croissant and tomato goat cheese pastry….all as delicious as anything we have eaten in Paris.

Susan Farris

Beautiful boulangerie with tons of pastries to choose from. Made me regret having breakfast! Their blueberry diamond was to die for.

Amanda T.

My new favorite place to go in Gainesville. I ordered a macchiato(they make them traditional), a strawberry and matcha scone, and a ham with cheese quiche. Everything was amazing. I can't wait to go back

David Bone

Amazing fresh baked and delicious.

Josh T.

Delicious bakery and a great place to buy Resident Coffee. The staff is great and committed to providing a safe environment.

Rixanne H

Delicious. Everything here is made with care. The rosemary bread, the eclaires, the almond pastries, the cinnamon rolls with cream cheese, and the savory items as well. I am so glad to live close enough to indulge myself every morning with fresh perfect pastries.

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