11191 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 886-2700

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Jason C

The children that run that store close early all the time. They are very rude to customers. Food is always wrong. Sad day when you get paid to make food and you cant even do that right. Save yourself the headache and just go somewhere else.

Mark Sciabica

Have their people already short handed and then have their employees working Thanksgiving.. When it should be off enclosed so people can be with their families

K Sawyer

Manager was a little angry. Bark orders. But the food was good.

sandra graves

Love breakfast. Wish there were more Hardees in Florida. So few around.

Walter M

Drive through Cashier mentioned the new Promo honey hot sandwich, my coworker and I tried it out. Amazing sandwich, chicken was fresh and tasted delicious.Shout out to the cashier as well as the cook, great customer service.

Rochelle Alford

Hardee's is Hardee's. Un derstanding that fast food drive thru's are understaffed, a 10 minute wait to take my order was a bit much, as there was no one in line ahead of me. Young lady at pick up window was the only visible worker. She smiled pleasantly and gave me my burger with hottest fries ever. Watched this place being built on my daily commute years ago. No reason to not patronize.

Larry Jackson

I stop at a lot of Hardees. This one definitely needs some management that cares. Extremely long wait with very few customers in the store. Watched a gentleman walk out without his food even though he had paid for it.

M Gra

The best hardee's I ever been to!The GM there has been hold this place together. If it wasn't for him the place would fall apart

Teena Byers

Gotta love Hardees breakfast. 4.00 for a whole breakfast are u kidding me it was great thank you.. Bacon eggs hash browns garvey with a biscuit.. That's what im talking about!!!

B Manes

Big Chicken sandwich dark brown chicken. Either way overcooked or grease hasnt been changed for weeks or months... Mandarin San Jose.

DeeJay Nicholson

If you dont mind waiting then its usually worth the wait. If you didn't know, their breakfast is amazing! I tend to get the biscuits and gravy, its surprisingly good. One of the better fast food breakfast places in my opinion.

Sean Kelsey

They only had two people working everything so the line was backed up but our order was right for being shorthanded,maybe biscuit could have been better other than that no complaints. Only thing BAD NO DINE IN SERVICE!!

Kristi Cheesman

I ordered I famous star with no cheese and got this. All toppings with no patty? Lol how does this even happen ?‍♀️ do better.Edit to add: after going back to the store, the cashier said she pushed the wrong button. The kitchen saw “no pty” instead of “no cheese” ?

stephen Moore

Best steak bisket , got grits and they included spoon of course with salt,pepper, napkins & butter. That's a good business when they think of your needs. Not like other small company that don't even give you a napkin or sauce for your tacos.Not naming names though.

Ahias Ortega

Ppl are nice and I tipped $10 to 2 workers for all they do but the bread was rock hard and the food wasn't good. This is the 1st Hardee's that the food tasted old and re heated. Good workers but the food was horrible. Very unfortunate

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