11191 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 886-2700

Recent Reviews

Chris Roberts

Steak was a little greasy and the gravy not very thick. Everything was hot, just not very good. Customer service was great

Mark Goalen

Arrived at approximately 6:10am. There was two other vehicles ahead of me, we all ended up going ease where. I purposely checked hours of operation before making the out of the way drive to this Hardee's, they were to open at 6:00am according to my internet check and the sign attached to the business drive-thru window.Their lost of revenue.

John Gales

Wasn.t to impressed with cust service attentent had to talk to him 3 times to get hamburger order correct .he was busy with drive through to answer me at counter.Food was good

Dennis Galloway

Food was good. Service @ drive-thru was slow. Lack of staff, but they are hiring.

Ann King

1 of the few fast food restaurants recently that DIDN'T mess up my order. Hurray.

Tim Duffy

Today's visit was terrible. 10 minutes to get to the order board. Get to the window, paid for and moved away to wait for my order. Waited 15 minutes in the driveway and went inside. They had the order slip but forgot about my order. When building it they dropped it.45 minutes for a drive through orde is absolutely unacceptable.

Richard A Fuhrman

We go here occasionally for a change. Like their ham & cheese and roast beef sandwiches.

A Black

Terrible!!! Stopped in to pick up a fast breakfast sandwich. The overly flamboyant young man at the counter was carrying on like everything but the customers mattered ...over 15 minutes to get a quick sandwich. 2 elderly customers were eating inthe restaurant...they already had their food. 5 employees..how many and how long does it take to make one standard menu item sandwich

Devin H.

Always wondered why this location never has cars in it. Terribly rude service, sucks when you to want to spend your money somewhere and you feel like your bugging them!!

Karen Gibson

The cashier had a mask on and you couldn't understand him in the speaker with the drive-thru but he was very polite and very nice and a service was very quick

Brad McMillan

They usually have the best biscuits and we came to this location because the one on baymeadows has had issues recently. We should have gone to McDonald's, the biscuits were awful (under cooked and the meat was so greasy you could squeeze a pint of grease from one) and we waited an extraordinarily long time for the order to be filled. I assume that this is a franchise wide issue. This will be the last time we ever patronize a Hardee's anywhere!!

Tony Avinger

Due to the COVID -19 outbreak, the dining are was not open and the drive thru line was extremely long. However the great staff at Hardee's was delivering fast accurate service!

Tyler Petersen

My favorite restaurant in the area. Sometimes will drive 15 mib just to dine here. Nice staff

Ryan Hartley

Love their breakfast and they've had quite a line lately but still moving people out super quickly!

Jill B.

Long wait although there were no other customers, they forgot the sauce, food was cold, not very good. Won't be returning!

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