Margaritaville Blvd, Kissimmee
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Robert W.

Excellent food. Tastes like authentic Italian. Atmosphere is spot on, too, and wait staff is very friendly. Service can take a bit, but that's just the times these days. A great restaurant!

DirtyRed B.

Matias was our waiter and he was very excellent. He was one of the best waiters you'll meet in this establishment. If you need a good waiter to serve you, I'd recommend calling for Matias first if possible. He is a people person and kudos to his manager Tim, we couldn't ask for a better team tonight see you guys next week.

Miriam P.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and we're greeted by the nicest most outstanding Waiter and this very act set the pace for your entire family's night. Well we had that pleasure in meeting our waiter "IANRAY" ... it was my 70th birthday and my entire family of 9 were there to celebrate with good Italian food. This young man is an awesome Ambassador for your company and product. He didn't know it was my birthday I'll the end of the night when he was asked to bring a candle with my dessert. Yet he treated me like a Queen. When he heard we were CubanAmericans he chimed in with his prayers for our liberation ~ now that a good human being. On the other hand your manager was clueless as to how you make a large party feel at home. Someone needs to teach her how to smile more Regardless "IANRAY" was wonderful and I will post this on Facebook and Instagram to celebrate his great attitude to service your customers. Please give him a big pat on the back from my entire family Thank you, Dr MIRIAM PARDO

Pete W.

Pizza and wings are a must have. They are always spot on. The only thing better than the food was our server Eva. Her personality, attitude and energy cannot be topped. Thank you Eva for a great experience. When you ask for her, say her name correctly, it's spelled with an E, but pronounced with an A.

Kamila B.

This spot is amazing with amazing service from the wonderful Eva!! Super upbeat and attentive. The vibe was great in the restaurant and a nice area too! Food was as amazing as the service, thank you Eva!

52bluestreak ..

Order was totally messed up and they made no effort to help or fix it. It was hours. Would not recommend. Wasn't even good when we finally got what they sent

Coral E.

I just ate here and it was good. The service was nice and the theming is incredible. it is all 1920s, Great Gatsby vibe. The food was good, but not the best. I would recommend here, but if you can't make it, it's not that big of a deal.

Melanie N.

Capone's Pizza is literal perfection! When visiting the area, we opted to eat at a nearby restaurant, even though we were intrigued by Capone's. We left dinner full but stopped by Capone's anyway to pick up pizza as a late night snack. It was wonderful! The crust was paper thin and had the perfect amount of cheese and toppings. I especially loved their white pizza which was loaded with garlic and ricotta cheese. I don't think I've ever had a better white pizza! I can't wait to return to Orlando and visit Capone's again!

Carrie A.

This was our first return to dining out in over a year, and we are glad we chose Capone's! Upon entering, we asked the hostess on duty if it would be possible to be seated outside (there were no occupied tables outside at that point so we were concerned there were no servers assigned to the area), and she took a moment to verify before coming back to let us know that we could sit outside and led us to a table outside near the door. Our server greeted us soon after, and we quickly had drinks and placed an order for bruschetta to start. The bruschetta was very tomato-y and was a big hit with my tomato-loving husband and daughter; I prefer a heavier balsamic but it was very good overall! We ordered 2 pizzas, the margherita and Tommy Gunn (for my 6 year old son who specifically requested a "4 meat pizza" ‍) in the "medium" size. While waiting for our pizzas, we enjoyed people watching and soon noticed a "statue" wasn't staying in one place. We loved watching his interactions with the guests and pedestrians and my kiddos insisted on a photo after a few minutes of watching. So fun! Our pizzas were fantastic! I often skip the crust of coal-fired pizzas as they can easily get a little too "done" for my liking, but Capone's had a great balance of done and not burnt. And bonus we had plenty leftover slices for lunch the next day! Our server was helpful in boxing the pizza up and brought the kiddos their selected desserts (curse that tabletop menu!); the 5 layer chocolate cake and cheesecake. My son apparently expected the 5 layers to equal a cake around 2 feet tall, but barring that disappointment, he enjoyed the cake immensely. The cheesecake was pretty good as well, although the strawberry topping wasn't fresh. They were fine, but next time, I'll probably skip the desserts. They weren't mind-blowing and there are plenty of options nearby that would provide a better bang for your buck. Overall, I really want to commend our server though...he really made our experience a stand-out one. We were his only table outside, but he made sure we were well-taken care of and was very attentive even though I'm sure it was a pain to move between indoor and outdoor seating. We really appreciated his kindness to our family and his helpfulness...our dinner wouldn't have been nearly as great without such excellent service.

Amanda Brandy M.

Great experience, seated immediately on a Friday evening, fantastic pricing in the heart of Kissimmee for delicious food & drinks. Our waiter was the BOMB DOT COM!!! Friendly, courteous, drinks were never empty, food came out hot, fresh, & fast. Worth checking this place out for sure. We will be back!


Stopped for dinner. Great atmosphere and the pizza was good too! Very good coal fired pizza. Toppings were good too! Nice place.

Justin L.

Ordered a margherita pizza today for pick up with a side of arugula and red wine vinaigrette. I always get that on the side in case the pizza needs a little loving which unfortunately this one did. It was coal fired, but for an 800 degree oven the pizza was soggy and only a few bites had that nice coal fired crunch. The person working to go's was very polite both on the phone and in person. I will try it again, will definitely eat there.

Kristina K.

Disappointing experience... pizza is paper thin and the crust too thick. The toppings are "okay" and barely covered the pie. Prices are not too bad but definitely not worth it. The bottom of the pizza was burnt. If your from an Philly/NJ/NY - this is not the place for you .... we tried 3 different pies and no one in our group of 7 liked them.

Jose U.

We arrived by 10:45 on a Saturday it seem we inconvenienced the staff. As our margarita pizza came out burn and without cheese save you money and order pizza hut, much much better than what we were given

Steve O.

This restaurant was off the food is to die for. My server Mia was the best she our experience a warm she helped make the food choices and they were great!!!

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