Froggers Grill & Bar

5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee
(407) 507-0760

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Rachel Cochenour

We went to Froggers in Oldtown, FL with friends who had a special needs son. We had an amazing waitress. After placing our order Chris (our special needs friends son) started acting up. Katie not only served and did her job, she told us about her son who was special needs and she tried to talk to him and calmed Chris down so he could sit down and eat. It’s very rare that you go out to eat and the waitress understands what you are going through. She made friends with Chris and was so good to him. Thank you Katie! We appreciate you!

Jay Cochenour

Katie is an amazing waitress. We were in with an autistic child and she diffused a breakout with him. She gently encouraged him to sit and eat his food. She was so sweet with him. The food was amazing. All the staff are amazing.

Ron Pawlak

We've been here a few times. Usually bad but this time it was awful. Ordered food. 45 mins later had to cancel. No apology. Nothing. Had draft beer and had to send them back due to a foreign object being in them. Again. No apology. Save your money.

Melissa Radcliffe

We ate in the patio area with our dog, and our server (I wish I could remember her name!!!) went way above and beyond! She brought out a pitcher of water just for him, and after asking if we could order a plain, unseasoned burger patty for him, she was super friendly about it and served it to him. She was constantly checking on us and it was just a very pleasant experience.

Mel Anie

Delicious dive type place, family friendly with a few pool tables and dart boards. The buffalo chicken sandwich and w.t.f. wrap were delicious. The Cajun fries are a must try! Bartender makes the drinks strong for those looking for decent cocktails. Must stop if in the area.


This place was awesome.. Food awesome.. Had a little game room for the kiddos.. Cold beer and the nicest wait staff!!

Elizabeth M.

Took the family and friends out to Old Town. Stopped here for some lunch. There were 7 of us and every meal came out cold. The food was not good at all. Told the server and he got the manager. She was very rude and couldn't care less. She argued with us, walked away from the table and never came back. I'm unclear how that was productive but we will never go back and will not recommend to family or friends, ever. We are locals btw.

Thornton M.

Holy molly, this place sucked. Waited 45 minutes all the food was cold and manager came and was really rude never apologized just walked away. Will never be back

Joe “Kumphy” Couch

If there were a 3.5, I'd give it that. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt... First off, it is WAAAYYY to hot in there,!!! Being that they keep everything possible open! The good thing is, their draft beer selections and the white pizza were good. The burger tasted like it's a frozen patty! The service at the bar can be hit or miss. If sitting at a table, ask for Pinkie!

Barbara Maag

This manager should be embarrased. Filthy mess outside. The garage windows were a mess. So much crud. Can't even see thru them.Food good.. But with all filth can only imagine how kitchen looks.

Keith Kwiatek

It's a cool bar and grill. It has plenty of room for kids parties. Good menu.

Ucy T.

The one when you first encounter racism. Loss for words, taken a back, overall WTF just happened. Maybe it's the east coast in me (we have our racism), although as an internationally traveled individual, naive enough to think racism isn't so often happening in this 2021 atmosphere but still did in this establishment. Where red box dyed bartenders will ignore you for the color of your skin or who you are speaking to would alter your service is just absolutely disgusting. Could never support such a place. Please be wary as a POC not to come to this establishment!

Terri C.

We waited at least an hour or more for our food. Service was very slow. The poor waiter was trying his best but severe short staffing was against them. The manager went into the kitchen himself to redo my food that was cold. The waiter refused to serve me cold food and the manager stepped in. At the end of the night the waiter and manager insisted on charging us zero for the food and drinks and we had not even complained. Now that, is good customer service! Thank you to both of you and I hope conditions improve for the restaurant industry.

Al J.

We usually sit at the bar for lunch service and although the food is good, the service is always sub par. Quite often the bartenders will forget your drinks and forget to order your food. The menu is very extensive and when we do end up getting food, it is good! We keep going back in hopes the service will get better... if they get better staff, it would be a great experience


They charged my credit twice! The waitress said that it was a "mistake" and I will see the refund. No refund, and now also they don't respond to my calls/mails.

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