Hokkaido Chinese & Japanese Buffet

5737 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee
(407) 396-0669

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Steff Eee

BEWARE! THIS MIGHT BE THE MOST dis·gust·ing place I've ever eaten at EVER! The selection was poor, dried out and crusted over. Many bins/items were empty and when asked if they could refill the yum yum sauce we were told to eat something else. The Hibachi dude was a total RICHARD, if you know what I mean..... Not sure where all these great five star reviews are coming from??? The people that left them either lost their sense of taste from COVID or are from Ohio.We went at normal dinner time, so it is not like the lack of food was because they were closing soon. Moreover, for having so many stars the place was dead empty..... Which probably should have been a RED FLAG to me. My son, the human vacuum, whom I've never seen spit food out was spitting it out left and right. He normally loves Chinese food. WE ACTUALLY HAD TO LEAVE PLACE AFTER PAYING FOR OUR "DINNER" AND GO TO ANOTHER ESTABLISHMENT TO GET AN ACCEPTABLE MEAL. Please don't waste your time or risk your health going here.


The food was horrible. Hot food was cold,lukewarm at best and cold food might as well have been labeled hot. Then, on top of that there was a roach in my hot tea. one does not want to think what else could be crawlig around the restaurant. Also while the restaurant states that mask are mandatory the staff itself does not adhere to this , nor do they wear gloves when preparing your food. Overall a horrible experience and would not recommend. There was no care and and there was no attention to detail on anything there. On top of this, the management did not seem to care about the fact that there was a dead roach in the tea. I am completely disgusted by this establishment. Would not recommend that you waste your money .

Travis Scruggs

Although the door says mask required, most of the customers AND the employees were not wearing masks. Plastic gloves were provided and the sign said to use them, yet none of the employees used gloves. The hot food was room temp. The cold food was lukewarm. Not one of our party of three was able to finish a single plate. Complained and still required full payment. Never waste your money!!

Marie Coffey

We decided to give Hokkaido a try today for lunch. We arrived around 11:50 and were immediately greeted by a friendly hostess. The restaurant was very clean and definitely is doing it's part to keep customers and staff safe with disposable gloves and hand sanitizer throughout. There is a wide variety of food choices and most very good. Main complaint would be that nothing was hot. Some items were cold and others just luke warm. This is the same thing that I have seen others complain about with their visits. I can't say that we won't be back but I'd have to know the heating issue is taken care of.

Joseph Shakal

Saw the advertisements showing negiri sushi (ねぎり寿司?), which is our favorite. With a Japanese city as the name-sake, 北海道、we expected an assortment of other Japanese food, so we selected this place. Sadly, the only sushi they had was roll type, called maki zushi and uramaki zushi in Japanese. For those of us who’ve lived and worked in Japan, this is not real sushi. Lost a star there. The other food was more Chinese than Japanese, so lost a half star there. The server did not deliver my Sapporo beer- I had to go to the drink area and ask. Lost half a star there.On the other hand, the price was reasonable and variety of food was impressive. Gained back a star there. There were three types of clams for example. Steamed buns, crab legs, and clams must be good because we saw customers hoarding plate-loads of these three items as if they were training for an eating contest. Ice cream was way way way too soft.

Tennyson Singh

I was very disappointed with this place, my son saw the high reviews and we went there. The food was old, like made the day before and then reheated. The fish had a bad smell and taste to it, I'm glad I didn't get sick... most of the trays were empty or had bits and pieces in it (See photo) My son and I will not be going back to this place...The one good thing about this place was that the waitress was very nice.

Tierre Ackerman

Got there an hour before closing after shopping, food was hot and delicious. Their cleanliness in this pandemic is exceptional, with the options of Styrofoam, plastic utensils (for eating), and protective disposable gloves.Highly recommend!

Jenna Furtado

Old and Cold food. Any "new food" put out was put on top of old food. Mold in the bathroom and smelled like death in both men's and women's. Masks not enforced, sushi was never replaced, whatever sushi that was out was HOURS old and no cold what so ever, salmon sushi looked brown. DISGUSTING. No one came to check on us but to fill up water one time. $13 per-person not worth it AT ALL. Save yourself some time and go to a slightly more expensive place please it will save you time and less trips to the bathroom.

Michael McMillan

Dined around 5pm. And absolutely no food was available and we waited to see if they restocked. They did not. Worst selection ever and priced too high

Dawn L.

We came in at 10PM, an hour before closing time and the staff started cleaning and putting away food at 10:20PM. Half of the food bins was all emptied and staff refused to refill any of them. I got 2 plates, 1st plate with 2 crab rangoons and 2 nuggets, 2nd plate was hibachi noodles. When I went back at 10:30PM, everything was emptied. I thought they are closing at 11PM, but I guess everyone just couldn't wait to go home. When I asked hostess to refill, she gave me a tired attitude but still went ahead to do it so thank you for the least. We left after 2nd plates and our waitress was forcing my friend to tip. We told her "We are sorry, but we didn't enjoy" and the waitress crumbled the receipt then walked away, not forgetting to tell her co-workers. As we were leaving the restaurant, the same waitress called us a slur, not knowing I understood Chinese. But I simply could care less because I'm never returning here, ever. I'm sorry this place could have been terrific, but my experience was horrible.

Liz C.

Nothing like the pictures. The first few pictures are fake btw. Just wanted everyone to know just in case

Madeline S.

The place was really dirty and my entire family was nervous about getting food poisoning. There was children walking around the buffet and sticking their fingers in the shrimp. Some of the hot food was cold, and they dumped new food on top of the old food and didn't change it out. It seemed unhygienic to us and crossing our fingers and praying we don't get sick. It was 15$ for all you can eat buffet and it ended up being 70$ for 4 adults. Honestly would prefer eating fast food over this. The reviews about food poisoning and vomiting surely don't help.

Helen N.

It's not the buffet at Bellagio so don't expect paying $14.99 to have a gourmet dinner lol 1. The place is dirty 2. Food is too bland 3. Sushi in the pictures aren't the same . All is boring rolls no sashimi

K S.

For the price you get what you pay for, low quality and limited choices. They are clean with gloves, disposable utensils and etc. If you want cheap and variety for the family, I guess this would do. But if you want better quality food, I'd skip.

Danny L

Good price and quality of food. They provide gloves and disposable silverware to prevent covid. This is one of the clean Chinese buffet I have been so far. Sushi is ok.

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