5725 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee
(407) 396-6465

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Progress Dixon

I needed a quick meal will on break at the Gaylord Palm business convention.Pros: any location Im at from Shenzhen China to Hawaii to Orlando I can count on McDonalds when I land. They keep the same consistent taste world wide. as a business owner this is admirable. This location was efficient and fast.Cons: we all know it's not the healthiest food but that had nothing to do with the locationSo I only ate it once on my 5 day stay.McDonald's should explore healthier options for the current market . But still a great experience10 out of 10.Stars : 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Serghei Tarasenco

Included in my bill items I did not order…1 star for that and 5 star for freshness.Medium is 3 star

Anna Arnold

No contact with the workers till they delivered. Basically you were ignored unless you yelled loudly for attention. Very disappointed and will never visit there again. Remover the kiosk in order to give a one on one personal touch. Even a good morning!!! GO BACK TO COUNTER HELP PLEASE

Tracy Gooden

Ordered food inside, first time back in two years. We come to Florida for vacation and the staff here is awesome. In and out in minutes, keep up the good work ? ?. Prices are going up all over, but good customer service ?.

Moira Mcelwain

Self ordering stations inside offer a milk alternative for coffee and that's what we (thought we) got. Went through the drive through to be told they dont offer such a thing. My husband was in the middle of explaining the situation to the manager at the window when she just turned and walked away. My husband had to get her attention to finish explaining that the menu inside has it on there. She was slightly aggressive, we left.

Sophie Presser

Don't eat here! Order is always wrong, takes forever, fries are cold and gross. Dining room "closes" at 11pm. NOPE! Really closes at like 8pm. Update the hours on your door!!! When we knocked on the door and pointed to the sign, THE MANAGER FLIPPED US OFF!Cooperate needs to fire most the staff, all the managers, and get new people in there.

Carolina Aguilar

If I could I would give -10 stars because I stayed here in Orlando all week and they never wanted to take my order, they locked all the doors at night, they say they close at 11pm and for example I arrived at 9:40 and they told me that it was closed, please McDonald’s do something, this is happening to me all nights, Im from Mexico and I dont have a car or the App from here (even if its the same is different) they are rude and not attentive. PLEASE DONT EAT THERE AT NIGHT, THEY DONT WANT TO TAKE YOUR ORDER ???

Angelica Flecha

Really good. Fast service. Food really hot

Richard Weeks

This one is aware of food allergies so this it makes it easier for us


chicken nuggets had a lot of those chewy fat pieces and was stiff. if ur gonna eat here get a burger or sumn. Fries were tasty tho!

Nathan n

False advertising. Drive through is open 24 hours. Diner closes at 10!

Ryan Siekas

Tortillas stale and why ask if I want sauce if you aren't going to give any? Lol

Chris Kelly

Ordered our food through the kiosk, served with a smile and very courteous. Very clean location. Though one of the managers was having to deal with a former employee that was trying to make a scene when the employee was clearly in the wrong, the manager kept her calm and remained professional as to not allow the situation to affect those in the restaurant. Very nice experience and would come back again when I am in the area!

Elsie Navada Haws

As usual the food prep people don't know how to read a order slip. Big mac no sauce no cheese.What did I get? Big Mac cheese ONLY on it.Ya'll did make it thru first grade so you could read simple 3-5 letter words? Right?Just asking.

Jayson David

super yummy stuff round the clock. If you plan a visit after midnight on Friday, Saturday or Sunday; expect long lines and extended wait times at the drive thru. always have cash handy since they may lot be taking cards at certain locations during the early hours. bon appetit!

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