Mizu Teppanyaki & Sushi III

809 Cypress Pkwy, Kissimmee
(407) 530-5759

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Alayna Shoemaker

I am new to the area and this was by far the best sushi I have ever had! I have a family member with a food allergy to onion, scallions, green onions, chives etc. and it's hard to accomodate it when ordering food out, so I am super thankful that they took my food allergy seriously and they also went above and beyond and recommended to stay away from the menu items that had theose ingredients. Thank you! I will be ordering my sushi from this place again in a few weeks. Yum Yum

Steven Gross

Mizu has a few locations. This location in particular is by far my favorite location. The food quality and service are outstanding. There is a solid wall separating the hibachi grill area from the regular table seating area. This provides for good noise separation and a little more privacy for event celebrations that people may be having at the restaurant. I dying at their restaurants about every other week. I'm very happy to have good sushi close to home.

V M.

Nice atmosphere....Always great and fresh sushi and nice staff! I'm looking forward to trying the hibachi next. Highly recommend!

lorna mcintyre

Strange feeling upon entry, we walked over and sat ourselves at the sushi bar. Got up again got our own menu's.Took time for the server to approach and the two items she highlighted were $68 .We made all our own selections.Excellent sushi, chef also gave us a small seaweed salad with fried salmon skin.Bento box would have been sufficient.Great portions, great food.We will return.

Alicia F.

Incredible food! Incredible experience! Incredible price! Incredible service!!! A must experience. We came to celebrate my 8year olds birthday. They came and served the best food with great service. Extra mile with fried ice cream and a candle flower with 8 candles. He left saying it was the best day ever. Thank you❤️

Angel B.

This place is amazing! It always depends on what chef you get. All of them are good, but the best is the one from Salvador. He was great at cooking. Unfortunately he left because he was underpaid and left to Kobe's. I feel like they are short staffed now, ever since Covid-19 arrived. But they try hard and make good hibachi!

Neusa M

I haven't been in at least 3 years and we did regular table seating and I was impressed actually on how tasty the food was. I'll definitely go back. Server was great.

Frank Saez

Great restaurant. We visit it a few times a month. Food is very good. Staff is very accommodating.

Olivia M.

I have never been disappointed in an establishment. My friend and I came around 8:30pm for dinner and enjoyed our food however we have reasons to believe that they put laxatives in our food. After 15 minutes of leaving, we shared a pain that was screaming to find the nearest toilet and needless to say we were shown exactly what was causing that pain. The only common factor we had was mizus. We ordered the chicken teriyaki, california roll and avocado roll. If you go there be careful because once it hits dinner time they'll put laxatives in your food to try and get you to leave. Which is very much illegal.

Alicia K

Simple place. Great fresh sushi and even more impressive staff. Our server was flying solo waiting on the entire restaurant including the Hibachi tables. She was calm and courteous throughout our dinner, regardless. Jazzed to have discovered this place is good on our first night moving into the area. ?

Kimberly B.

We eat here once a week, it is our favorite restaurant in Poinciana. But I would like to say that lately the customer service has really been lacking and it is noticeable in their reviews and the interaction I receive when I pick my order up. It's been sometime since I've ate in house at the hibachi table d/t Covid, hopefully that experience hasn't soured as well.


The ladies who work in the front are extremely rude and there is no consistency with food preparation. The fried rice will have different consistency, amount or less meat. It's the only Japanese restaurant nearby, otherwise, I'd never go back.

Monica Romeo

Please don’t put msg in the food. It’s not good for human’s consumption. Please do better and research the effects this chemical has on our well being.

Susan Riley

We ordered the Hibachi dinners. They came with soup, salad, shrimp appetizer, fried rice, noodles, vegetables & your choice of steak, chicken, calamari, vegetables or shrimp. The food was amazing! Delicious sauces! Everything was terrific! Drew was a superb waiter!! We will definitely be back!!!

Harlon Hutchison

This was my first time at this location. I was not disappointed. The only issue I had was that I could not finish my meal. Clean enviroment, attentive to my needs, and a great show to boot. I will be coming back again to this location again.

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