South Philly CheeseSteaks and hoagies

5343 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee
(407) 507-9109

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Miranda Lockard

Just moved to Orlando & this is this the best Cheese Steak/Hoagie Diner compared to a REAL Philly Cheesesteak Diner!

Michael L.

We just moved to Florida two months ago. We found this place on Yelp and had the Cheese Steaks delivered. Honestly the best tasting cheesesteak sandwich I have ever had. The cheesesteak with the cheese whiz is phenomenal. We are happy to be able to have this delivered. You have to try it. It is delicious.

Taniesha M.

I can appreciate this "mom & pop" type of restaurant but what turned me off was seeing the food being prepared without gloves. Touching the raw steak with bare hands and then handling the hoagie rolls is completely against any good handlers rules and can make someone sick. As I stood in line waiting to order I was observing this and also noticed several (8-10) raw pre portioned steak servings between the parchment or freezer papers laying out on a prep table that also had hoagie rolls, the raw steak on the same prep table where they put the hoagies together and rolled them in the paper.

TheOnlyTiece R.

The real deal best Philly cheesesteaks i’ve ever had down south. All the bread cones from Philadelphia, and all the meat is fresh every day. The customer service is also one of the best experience i’ve had, the owner is extremely nice. I highly recommend this as your next to try a real Philly cheesesteak store.

Gwen G.

Just picked up my HUGE sandwich and I am SO HAPPY‼ Don't hesitate to go to Philly by way of Orlando. Owners are kind and sandwiches are worth every dime.

Kayla (Kmoon)

You only need to buy 1 and split it. It is alot of food. The fries are better without the cheese.

William M.

We are from Philadelphia originally and I can vouch that this place makes an excellent steak. Amoroso roles, steak imported from up north and the meat is seasoned perfectly. This isn't just a good steak for the area this is a good steak anywhere. Try it out!

Stacia S.

Ah-mazing!! You won't be disappointed. The menu is simple, the ingredients are authentic, the service is good, and the food is delicious! My family and I were seeming a break from the chains on our family vacation in Orlando. We decided to give this place a try based on the high reviews. It was the best meal we had that day. So, so good! The owners? Who also made our food, are originally from Philly. The KNOW what they're doing. If you like Philly cheese steaks, this place is legit!

Deanna Villafane

Have to give this place 1 star. Came here for lunch with a coworker and got two Philly Steaks to-go I ordered the supreme which says it included onions, peppers, mushrooms and cheese and my coworker got one with just cheese. Being that we only have 30 minute breaks, once our order was ready we left and went back to work. We get back and realize that mine didn’t have anything on it except the meat and cheese. Was disappointed and felt bad cause my coworker treated me and paid. If we had more time I would have gone back to let them know. The philly was just decent and to add to it, the person handling the food and cooking on the grill did not wear any gloves. Just didn’t seem sanitary. To be honest he just probably shouldn’t be working that station period. The woman working the register was nice and did wear gloves so at least there was that but she wasn’t really handling food. Probably wouldn’t visit again unfortunately

Margaret Rand

This small Mom & Pop restaurant is across the street from where we are staying & we ate dinner there last night. We loved it so much, we plan to eat there several times while we are here on vacation. The food is awesome, made to order and they use top quality ingredients. They use fresh ribeye steak sliced very thin. Highly recommended!!

Vilmarie T.

We went to this location while on vacation in Kissimmee and we were quite happy with our food and service. We ordered the 12 in philly cheesesteaks and they were good and truly philly style and flavor with the good grilled onions and peppers, good quality steak, with the yummy soft bread. I was raised in Philly so it definitely brought me back home. The owners were very sweet and friendly and have good quality food. The establishment and bathrooms were clean. We will definitely come back to this restaurant when we come back on vacation.

Rhoda V.

My family tried this place today and we were happy with what we ordered which were Philly Cheesesteak 12' with onions, mushrooms, bell peppers & provolone cheese + Chicken Parmigiana 12'. They definitely give you more than what other sandwich places do. We'll be back here again when we're in the area. Very friendly people running this business.


The staff was very friendly & greet you as you come in. The prices were considerably reasonable as the portions are very generous. They offer 8,10,& 12 inch amoroso rolls that are packed with juicy and tender steak. Onions were sweet and peppers were cooked just right. To top it off, plenty of melted provolone or American wiz for a traditional cheesesteak. Glad I found this place & can’t wait to come back!

Rachel H

Hands down the best philly I’ve ever had! Lots of flavor and not greasy or heavy at all!! They have limited seating, but all of the tables were very clean and distanced. They are super friendly and our sandwiches came out quickly and were amazing. Will definitely be back! Love this little shop!

Anthony Giffen

New favorite cheesesteak in Central Florida! Amoroso's rolls, high quality steak, grilled onions just right. This place gets it! Real taste of south east Pennsylvania.

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