Waffle House

4690 Seven Dwarfs Ln, Kissimmee
(407) 396-2241

Recent Reviews

Frosty Weir

Everyone there was very polite. My waitress had no problem taking my order, and my food came out hot, and delicious.

Claudinei Soares

I really like my breakfast ?

Barry Starer (Bear)

Our order came out exactly as we requested (I like my hashbrowns burnt around the edges and my eggs well cooked). The waitress was great and very jovial. Overall a good experience.

Ebi Obidake

1st time and most likely last time. I see it can be good to some just not for me. Staff was working hard and friendly. Wish they had more space and proper equipment to reach full potential of their skills.Hey Corporate time to INVEST in your staff and properties.

Beth Burgess

Short staffed, but Anthony was super friendly and helpful. Food tasted good.

Bernice Etchison

Need to do more cleaning but our food was good and our waitress was great

Carlos Castelan

Love it respectful staff especially Amanda

Romani T.

This is the second waffle house I stopped at on 192 in Kissimmee Florida and both were not serving because they were cleaning this was at 5:30 AM so they are not 24 seven. It has been 25 years since I stepped foot at waffle house and I am 61. But waffle house does not ever have to worry about seeing my face in any of the restaurants ever again. I never ever would suggest going to this restaurant because you don't know if they're cleaning or not. I was told by four employees but they just had a crowd of people in there and we're cleaning up. I believe that is a total lie and they were all just lazy. Do yourself a favor don't waste your valuable time by giving this restaurant any kind of other chance.

Chrissy C.

Nasty Rude workers Place smells disgusting the food taste like shit and the service is lousy maybe they should take some tips from the locations in Clearwater beach in Cape Coral because the Orlando locations totally suck

LeAndre Scott

Every time my husband and I show up at this location it’s always something. The other day is understandable because one of the coworkers was very sick, so I understood. Two days ago we went and they were only serving to go, which I found strange since it’s on a strip where tourists are constantly on. This morning they weren’t even open, neither did they bother leaving a sign or something on the window. Smh what a waste of time.

Andrew Marquis

Unfortunately for this location, they’ve chosen to not allow any take-out. At least when we visited (During the pandemic) no one of the crew inside wore a mask, and the phone line didn’t work. Looks like there’s some room for improvement here. We left and didn’t get any food here. Sorry!

Jake Williams

very good food for a hangover good hangover food

Jose Cruz

Most Waffle Houses are different than others. This one was busy with only 1 cook but it was good to see the servers stepping in to help. Food was good, servers were nice, and I would have given 5 stars but the food did take a real long to get.

Timothy Plumb

Worst experience so far here. 230am guy says it’s closed. 3 girls in there with him eating. Yeah ok. Forgot to kick your girlfriend and her friends out. Couldn’t even order to go.

Shantay Simpkins

The food was so good.The staff was so very nice and caring they catered to our every need.Being from.Newyork we hardly get this kind of wonderful service but they made this experience beautiful.I would have gave 5 stars but the tables are so small so your space is limited however the food is delicious and it gets cooked so fast.I will definitely be back ?

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