China One

2938 Lakeland Highlands Rd, Lakeland
(863) 665-8998

Recent Reviews

Joshua Chancey

Ordered from grubhub. Took my $105 and called and said they are cash only and would refund my money in 5 business days. No food, out $105. Poor business practice

Pam G.

Over the past years I have ordered takeout Chinese food from various restaurants. China One has consistently provided food with great flavor. They are efficient and offer a varied menu. The chicken with eggplant is exceptional. Try it!

Richard Rodriguez

Ordered the general tso and they said it would be ready in 5 mins, not good, means they’re just heating something up. The chicken was so old it was like wood. Most Chinese restaurants have that general tso chicken sitting around til someone orders it. Just about all these restaurants in Polk Fl are pretty gross. Food quality drops dramatically here but it’s what folks grew up on and they don’t know better.


We ordered towards the end of the day and when we got home we found that they didn’t give us our beef broccoli, (even though we were charged for it), our shrimp lo mein was NOT lo mein, it was rice, and the food that we got had no flavor. We are VERY dissatisfied to say the least.

Kathleen J.

The only Chinese food that I will eat in Lakeland! I've had good Chinese food and most places around here can't compete but this place is the most authentic. The crab rangoon eggrolls are amazing, the boneless pork ribs are even better and the sesame chicken is my favorite. I live all the way on the other side of town but I will regularly drive the 30 minutes to get this. Thank you China One!

Garnet-Travis B.

Great take out. Fresh, well prepared, good quality. One of the better Chinese places in town.

Alfred McGowen

Food is great. But their Covid-19 set up is the worst.

Bryan Dicesare

The staff is friendly and efficient, haven't ever had an issue. If you are in the area and want good takeout, go with China One in lakeland

Justin Broome

Best Chinese food in Polk County!!

D Davidson

Fresh food. NOT soggy over cooked oily food. Very accommodating to preferences. Always ready on time.

Samantha W.

The food here is really good for the price. My favorite items are the spring rolls, shrimp lo mein, and general tso's chicken. I got the pepper steak once and it was just OK but people seem to like it. The food is very consistent. They are doing a FANTASTIC job with covid protocol. They don't allow anyone inside and have an ordering window set up where you order and pay and then a little opening to hand over food. Very impressed!

Ashley Elliott

My family and I all LOVE CHINA ONE! We've been ordering from there for about 20 years!

John Hein

The food was bland and flavorless. The noodles were mushy and i think my bourbon chicken is really bourbon pigeon

Adabel Morales

We haven't ordered from this place in a long time. We finally had a craving for their food only to be highly disappointed. Egg rolls were not fully cooked, it was so doughy and not crispy like an egg roll should be, rice was extra sticky and some of the chicken wings were not fully cooked. They must have new cooks or maybe the original owners sold the location because I know their food would be nothing like what we received tonight. $50+ dollars down the drain for food neither of us could enjoy. We will not be ordering food from this location ever again!


The "pork fried rice" tastes and looks like packaged yellow rice mix. The Kung Pao Chicken contained sliced, chewy (as if pre-steamed) chicken and lacked any type of "kick"

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