Krispy Krab

202 Belcher Rd N, Largo
(727) 507-7770

Recent Reviews

Yehoshua Nathaniel

Horrible, food was not fresh. Tasted like the food was old more than 3 or 4 daysRepeat customer mainly at the Tampa and St Peterburg location which are superior to this location. The trip to Tampa and St Petersburg is definitely is what I would suggest for other future customers.

Laura M.

This place never fails hands down amazing food....


It's a nice place with good food. Amazing service. Just a little wait but other than that perfect.

mike madera

I went to try them for the first time and here's my experience:1. There was a smell of not so fresh fish in the air.2. There were flys on the inside eating area and kitchen ( gotta love seafood with fly vomit on it)3. The floor in the eating area was filthy , it was early in the day so no dinner rush excuse.4. I walked right out. Owner should really address these issues.

Brayo Lin

You will not be disappointed. The wife and I have tried many places in the area and we keep coming back for the quality of food and service. Do ask for extra spicy. Excellent service, fresh ingredients, outstanding service.

Ronaldo Hart

No frills, local secret. Great crab feast at reasonable price.

Jason Giese

Good, crabs were on small side, and tray got cold fast

cammy love

Usually really good food and service but recently it seems it went downhill. Ordered a side tray on uber eats and it has no butter sauce. Very disappointing.

marcus lockett

Monica makes great food. She is always warm and very patient when you place orders. I recommend krispy krab to anyone that loves well seasoned and delicious seafood!

Mignon Green

Food is delicious. The reason I only gave them 4 stars is they frequently run out of blue crab. Being from Maryland blue crab is my preference.

Crystal Sesley-Bullick

This was the best seafood I've had since we moved to Florida. I'm in love!! That sauce is Legendary!

Gabbie Bean

We came here because friends said it was great food. Its too bad that neither of the employees had masks on including the woman in the kitchen. They are part of the problem.

Kay Rock

Love this little gem..The hot sausage is wonderful and the shrimp was great..If you like hot and spicy this is your place!

tiayanna tsakalos

I found hair in my crab tray and before a MF say it was mine my hair is very short and curly the hair I found in my food was long black and straight I was disgusted threw my tray out after finding it and I don't need to lie lol just stateing facts PSA GO TO ANOTHER CRAB PLACE

Jose Pabon

I give this restaurant five stars. The food was fresh I had a big party and then for the first time I didn’t need to cook. Our friends and family enjoyed the food and the servings They provided were more than expected, nice and large. They made sure that everyone had plenty of food to eat. This is now my third time going here and each time is even a been better experience. The owners mom is wonderful and very pleasant to talk to. She set up our platters beautifully and I will definitely use this place for another party. Thank you from Mimi

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