Amici's Italian Restaurant - The Chef's Table

7720 N Wickham Rd STE 118, Melbourne
(321) 255-5377

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Steve Marino Vitani

Great ambiance, quality of food service is exceptional. If you like a higher end atmosphere with great selection of bar, and foods, this is the place!

Joe E Gandolfo

Excellent food and attentive service, what more can one ask for?

Judea D.

ordered 2 chicken Alfredo fettuccine on the way back home from FL to VA. Just wanted a nice dinner on the road avoiding all types of inconveniences called to order and it got ready quickly (1star) Got into the car, went back on the road and a little later decided on eating and realized THERE WAS NO CHICKEN. I don't care if it's a miscommunication but you've got to be stupid to be paying $15 for just pasta and sauce. they don't even bother asking to make sure if you want any meat in it. I was not charged for the meat but I clearly ordered CHICKEN ALFREDO. I don't give a damn about the salad cause that's cheap af but cmon, I payed $35 all in all. Not worth it even $5 for the pasta itself. This is so so upsetting. I can't even go back to get meat cause we were far gone and to make me feel better.. "but you didn't get charged for it?" the manager took over the phone in a sarcastic way said "so we want compensation for 2 Alfredo fettuccine when we ordered 2 Alfredo fettuccine??" Like dude cmon, why don't you ASK FIRST. it's your employee that failed to properly take the order. Idk maybe people around here are just used to ordering pasta and sauce and some leaves.. but y'all are just better off going to the grocery store.

Daunise K.

Having not had great luck with food here in Melbourne, an acquaintance recommended Amici's. Let me just say I WAS NOT READY for all this place had in store! We ordered chicken parmigiana and chicken piccata to go. The marinara sauce is AMAZEBALLS and the cream lemon sauce on the chicken piccata was insane with flavor. I only gave it 4 stars because there wasn't enough chicken on either entree. But what really made this a great experience are the personnel. They've got a kitchen filled with smiles, a warm inviting atmosphere, a wine bar, and a dessert bar. You guys GOTTA TRY THIS!!!!


A friend and I dined there Friday Evening, we were hoping to find the Best Food in Melbourne, FL. And a night to Celebrate. Each of us drove about 40 Miles. Me from Orlando, and her from the beach. We were blown away how fantastic the food is. Chef /Owner Cooks, takes amazing pride in his work. Creative, Innovative. Friend had the Wrapped Motz Starter and Filet for main - both off the CHART!. I had the Tuna Tartare - Loved it, my date doesn't like seafood and she loved it as well - great take on Smoked Salmon, with Tuna. The Prawns and Crab was awesome. Glad we made a reservation, as the place fill's up. Dinner was so good I left a 60% tip. We will make the drive from Orlando again, and bring friends next time. Well Done Chef! Thank you for a Fantastic Evening, Dave

Maria B.

I used to go here all the time but over the years they have slipped more and more. My usual Italian restaurant is closed for vacation so I thought I'd give Amici's another try. I called in an order for pick up - two entrees. When I arrived home, one of the orders was incorrect. Wrong pasta was with one of the dishes I ordered. Very disappointing. When I called back and explained the mix-up, I asked for a manager and spoke with Dennis who refunded me what it cost for that dish. They did offer to re-make the dish with the correct pasta but I was not going back out. I'm glad he recognized the mistake and corrected it. Not sure if I'll be going back anytime soon.

Jean Andersen Garrison

We just had our 48th anniversary dinner here. It was amazing. We started in the lounge where they made usa wonderful from scratch whiskey sour. Moved onto the dining room for prosciutto wrapped mozzarella , filet cooked to perfection, Brussels sprouts and bacon, and lobster Mac and cheese. I cannot say anything bad. It was spectacular. Thank you so much for making our dinner so special.


The evening started with a rude greeting from the host, who ended up being our waiter. We were taken to the table and waited 15 minutes for the first cocktail to arrive. We all ordered steak of some sort and a bottle of wine. I ordered an app "special" which was three scallops. They were served cold and rubbery, when I asked the server he seem amused that I did not realize cold scallops were a thing. Either way they were awful and I sent them back. Steaks arrived my wife ordered well done and it was destroyed , not even edible. I cut into mine and should have been medium and I think it spoke to me it was so red, still cold. Again the server came over and took my wife's steak in the back and returned it sliced up like flank steak. I kept mine and just ate around the edges. Creme Brulee for desert was tasteless but was ok. Got the bill and the $36.00 scallops were still on the bill. I have been here several times and enjoyed it. Not sure if something has changed or they just had a bad night. The manger seemed like he could care less about our issue so I did not bother to address it further with him I paid our bill of $225 and included a $50 tip. I will not return and suggest caution.

David T

This was my second trip to The Chef's Table. Both trips have been excellent! The second visit my lady friend and I sat in the bar area. Just too much fun! The service is excellent, the food is fantastic and for those that enjoy watching Cooking Shows the TV screen shows the kitchen staff preparing meals.

Dee W.

Wonderful staff, beautiful place and most importantly my tortellini was perfect!! Will definitely be back and soon!

Jerry Q.

Great Italian food with great atmosphere. This is our favorite place to come when we are craving good Italian food. My wife is 100% Italian from the Chicago suburbs and is picky about Italian cuisine. I can't wait to enjoy another Italian meal.

Jeffrey P.

Ok here we go! There is something that raises suspicions is when you enter a restaurant. And the walls are plastered with paintings of I think the family's portraits. Ok I get! The owner is proud of his family. But how can you be so pretentious. Oh I'm such a man! Really! Typical Macho period! TV's have no place in supposedly a fine dining restaurant. And who are all these Greeks (Italian) running around in ties. What did I just walked into. Godfathers running around to impress the customers. Ok enough! Now for our dining experience which was ruined by Fox News blaring their lopsided views of the present Administration. An Tragic Italian Opera music would have been better!!! Kind of like my Hawaiian Pizza. Yes! I ordered it thin crust (Sicilian Style) but it turned out be like eating burnt paper. Terrible mediocre. Plus Side our server was great! Led us though the menu. And made some great suggestions. Oh yeah they charged us $7 for Cappuccino . I don't think I will be going back.

Rick Tally

food was outstanding service was equally as good

Michelle A.

We went with friends to this restaurant. We were excited to try it after all we had heard. We are from NY so we desperately want to find good Italian food. We were seated quickly and were greeted immediately. The waitress was friendly and attentive. Our dinner came with soup or salad and the Italian Wedding soup was very good. I read so much about the chicken francese that I had to try it. The others I was with ordered pasta dishes. Unfortunately, my chicken was so tough it was pretty much inedible. I didn't want to complain because it was our first time going out with the other couple and they had been the ones to suggest it. Nevertheless, the others really enjoyed their pasta dishes. I tasted the baked manicotti and it was delicious. I would return- just won't be ordering a chicken dish.

Corina S.

We had an excellent dinner here! We have been here before for special occasions and it is always good. Our server was helpful and attentive. I would highly recommend trying the chicken francese.

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Amici's Italian Restaurant - The Chef's Table

7720 N Wickham Rd STE 118, Melbourne, FL 32940
(321) 255-5377