8300 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne
(321) 751-0801

Recent Reviews

Marco Carlos

The store in almost always busy. Staff is friendly and efficient and moving the drive through line. The location is not ideal and more could be done the manage the traffic that spills into the roadway. Food is prepared well and consistent.

Cindy C.

Do not use this for curbside pick up, you will get stuck in the drive thru. There needs to be a better way or just do not offer curbside here.

Meh Du

Great food and service. They just need to build another one in the north Melbourne area. The 2nd one built still hasn't lessen the crowd of the one near I95.

Yasmine G.

Food is amazing! Mac & cheese is so yummy my kids love it so much! if I do not wanna cook this is where we go!! If I could pick a ten I would! There was a few times they messed up but it's fine! Definitely visiting very soon!

Barb Oppenheim

Ordered on line, used curbside pickup. Quick service. Exactly as ordered.

Ashley W.

I used to love this Chick-fil-A, but every time I go I leave disappointed. I never even go anymore but my experience this morning made me realize why.

Marlene Viola

Always awesome!!!! Clean and unbelievably fast. Always shocked how fast and organized they are. Fast and friendly service! Food is fresh and delicious. Drive thru is quick with double lines. One of my favorite places to eat!

Jeric Beachside

It's good it's consistent I enjoy it I do wonder whether it's worth the crowd.

Donna Redmon

This place is managed like a well oiled machine. Fast, efficient and very friendly. The only complaint I have is management won't let those service providers working in 90° weather take tips. That's not right. Leave it up to the customer if they want to provide a gratuity.

John Olivadoti

The Grilled Chicken Nuggets were the best. Everything was cooked to perfection & Both the Cashier & The Window Server were AWESOME , FRIENDLY & VERY POLITE !!!

Gavin Perron

This is a ver great place to be working for I recommend this 100% for anyone looking for a fast food job and the food is dope

Michelle C.

Not sure why this location has such negative reviews. It's very popular so of course there will be a wait. I waited about 5 minutes to place my order and maybe another 3-4 minutes to receive my food, which is very reasonable given there were 7-8 cars in front of me. The staff were polite and fast, but most do not wear masks. The chicken sandwich and strips were what you expect from Chick fil-A, tender and juicy so no complaints here!

Elijah G.

Food was absolutely amazing but Jay took my order and completely botched it. Just like the show botched on E network. Jay kept rushing us to order by saying keep it coming but needs to keep it slow. Rushing and making my order not the way I asked for. Again the food was absolutely amazing. We'll be back but Jay has to slow down some. Let's get the customer order right first dude. .

Dianne Kurtz

So my daughter and the grandkids and I went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch yesterday.What could go wrong,did.Most of our order was missing.The young man taking our order repeated everything back to my daughter before it was paid for.However...the order was missing a lot of stuff and my daughter had the guy at the window go back repeatedly to correct what wasn't in the bag.Otherwise the food is always great.

Cathy Busquets

Wonderful staff and delicious food! Staff makes you feel human and not just 'another' customer.

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