Chopstick House

4270 Minton Rd # 106, Melbourne
(321) 726-8686

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Trenasia Brown

I love this place I ordered a shrimp boil bag last night that came with a side of white rice , perfectly seasoned . Better then any other seafood place around. Highly recommended


One review says since new ownership the food 360 for the better another says 360 for the worst. Each to his own, I've ordered here 4 times in the past 2 weeks. Some of the food is The soup (the broth for sure) needs some help. The story about the nose blowing made me ill. For my money Xin-Da on Sarno Rd is still the best quality take-out around these here parts....

Michael Milton

Best food I had in a while. Great price for how much you get!

Karen Nesbeth

I’ve been here a few times since the new owner. The food is ok. But what I’ve seen for months is 4-5 kids playing in the front of the store.. it’s now become messier than before. Asked the owner when she’s gonna open the door, since I’m standing there in the rain and no covering at the door. Well she said because she have the kids. So you’re inconveniencing your paying customers so you don’t have to pay a babysitter.. will not be going back.. And the guy preparing food blew his nose right there.. I had to throw out my food.. Last time there!!

Shannon McDonough

So So Good! Very nice and Friendly people. I will be definitely ordering again very soon.

Body Beholder

Great soup and seafood boils. Never disappointed. Great prices. Fast service. Great flavors

Joseph Kuykendall

I don't know what is up with these people's bad reviews...compared to all othe Chinese food places in the area, this is the most flavorful. The pork fried rice is perfect. So is the sauce in every dish I have tried. The eggrolls are great too.

Gypsy Bella

Just ordered togo, they didnt provide any plasticware, nor even soy sauce. I ordered the mix of egg drog and hot and sour and only got just egg drop but with no soy sauce I couldnt eat it. The flavor of the sesame chicken, burbon chicken and short ribs were not great either.

Rachel F.

High quality tasty takeout. Visited on 6-9-21 at 4PM. $29.53 got us one appetizer, two adult meals, and a side of noodles. Service was fast and friendly. They have the dining room blocked off due to Covid so you must order and pickup through their makeshift window. I could see some kids running around in there so I knew it was going to be good LOL The chicken on a stick is so addictive. It's a little crunchy on the outside, fatty and juicy inside. It's so flavorful! I could honestly eat a dozen of these...they're so good. My kiddo ate 3 of them and a whole bowl of noodles and he's kinda picky. I had the cashew chicken which came with baby corn, carrots, celery, cashews, and tender yummy chicken. The sauce was not overpowering and the pork fried rice wasn't greasy at all and had a wonderful umami taste. Husband had the beef and broccoli which I tried and loved. The broccoli was cooked perfectly...not mushy at all. The beef was tender and flavorful. The rice had bean sprouts and real eggs! Very good. Some sketchy places have huge portions to make up for their low quality...not this place. I'll definitely be back.

Kathy C.

I got a menu in the mail and called for delivery. I am so happy with the food, I had to share my opinion. Everything was fresh and hot. Shrimp w/ lobster sauce Was a little thin, but tasty and cooked perfectly. Egg rolls, yum!! S&SChicken yummy. Definitely give the new owners a try. Fresh food!!!!! Quick delivery on a Friday night too!!

This is new ownership of "Chopstick house " carry out Chinese place has delivery also ! They even have boiling seafood on the menu . I tried once actually it's very good and the price is reasonable! Good quality seafood ! The menu has couple coupons that I can use them next time ! Awesome

M Zambrana

Soggy fried dumplings, small portions, wonton soup was inedible, it literally tasted like dish soap. Much better quality and quantity at Hap Bo.

Epiphany Campbell

This is the best Chinese I’ve had this far since moving to the Palm Bay area, Had lots of flavor, the lo mein actually had flavor the past couple of places we’ve tried just tasted like plain noodles.

Raneem Alkoudsi

Used to get delicious food from here before the new ownership. NY style Chinese food. Since the new ownership the food isn't good at all. I even tried it again after the first time. All the chicken tastes the same no matter what you pick..and the fried rice is bland and tasted old. All the meats taste boiled and have no sear on them. I ordered Hunan chicken..chicken with cashews...szechuan beef and beef with broccoli. Even no spice and it's not hot when you order spicy. They all come with the same brown sauce/gravey type. Unsure why this happened. Won't be getting any food from here again.

Casper's Cousin

Soggy fried dumplings, small portions, wonton soup was inedible, it literally tasted like dish soap. Much better quality and quantity at Hap Bo.

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