3000 Lake Washington Rd, Melbourne
(321) 253-2334

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Alexa Magnuson

This is the BEST Dunkin I have ever been to. Every single time I go they are quick, friendly, and accurate. I go out of my way to go to this Dunkin.

Dorie Shackles

Always friendly and fast!y daughter always love the iced coffee

Lindsey R

Most of our order was correct (1 of 4 sandwiches was wrong) but the service is horrible. No one could bother to smile, say thank you, or have a nice day.

Monserrat V.

I have been to many Dunkin and so far this is the worst one I ever been. Giving it one star because I cannot leave 0 star. Employee are RUDE with a BIG attitude!!! Like y'all work at Dunkin!! What y'all thought y'all was!! Give me my coffeee and go but no THE WORST DUNKIN I EVER BEEN. Please don't come here unless you are ready to argue with someone.

Luisa Velasquez

Worst customer service I have ever received at any Dunkin. Walked in to get my order placed through the app and got greeted with a nasty attitude right off the start. I placed a large order of donuts ( which I’ve always done at other stores and no issues at all), and just got unnecessary attitude from one of the employees there, not sure if she was the manager or not or just thought she owned the store. All she needed to do was just let me get my order and let me be on my way there was no need to get rude with me I wasn’t there to go back and forth with someone on me order. Very unprofessional. Will not be using this store again.

Brenda Postovit

The customer service on their drive through was very polite and friendly.

Keona D.

Currently been waiting 15 minutes, very unprofessional. Told me to park then said they thought I left

Victoria Kermer

0 stars is more appropriate. If you would like to have an experience that makes you want to never go back, order your coffee from this location. THE. WORST.

Robyn F.

It seems pretty clean. I've been inside a few times when the drive thru line was long. They always get my order correct. They are always friendly & courteous. Some days they are slower than others. It's never been an obnoxious wait time for my order. I do wish they had more of a donut selection. When we come we usually only get drinks bc they never have many donut options.

Haley Liquori

Awful customer service! I have been sitting out front long enough to right this review while waiting for only 3 drinks & a bagel. This Dunkin’ consistently asks me to pull to the front RIGHT after I pay every time for something as small as a coffee just to keep their drive through times down. Quick drive through times do not equal quality service just looks good to corporate.

Samantha Pace

I went in about 12:00 in the afternoon today and there was four other people that walked in after me and I was told to be given a moment and they would help me I work in a Drive-Thru so I understood because I saw how many people were in the Drive-Thru that it may take a second. When they decided to help the front counter people they went ahead and took the group of people before me. That was completely rude and unnecessary and I will not be going to this Dunkin' donuts ever again.

Paige Heath

This Dunkin Donuts has some of the rudest service I have ever experienced! Their attitudes are continuously negative toward customers. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a positive experience at this Dunkin.

Paige H.

This Dunkin Donuts has some of the rudest service I have ever experienced! Their attitudes are continuously negative toward customers. I honestly don't think I've ever had a positive experience at the Dunkin. The manger literally got pissed off over our drink order. She then proceeded to talk shit about us in the window while handing us our drinks. Pretty sad that this is how you get treated at 5:30 in the morning just getting coffee before work.

Paige Laughman

got 2 iced coffees that were different flavors and they gave me 2 coffees of the same flavor when i told them that’s not what i ordered they told me they’re not going to remake it. it’s not like that we’re busy or anything i was the only one in the drive through and the store was empty as well. rude and had an attitude for no reason.

Julia D.

I order the same drink every time and I get something different every time. Not only is the service not friendly but slow as all hell. I would choose somewhere different if you want a good cup of coffee.

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