El Sombrero Mexican Cuisine

4990 Stack Blvd, Melbourne
(321) 802-5732

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Aymie Fontana

Food was good.Service was the worst I have ever had. We saw our server maybe twice the whole time we were there. I waited over 10 min just for sour cream and after having to ask 3 different people. Drink was never refilled. Server at next table had a huge party and was super attentive. Manager came out for another issue with another table we timed it, it took over 10 min to rectify. This place needs new staff and new management.

Jenny Rivera

Great food. Waitress was very friendly and helpful. Had a great time. Will definitely be back!

William Smith

The food and service was great. I will definitely eat here when i return to Melbourne

Courtney Fender

I love coming here!!! Their 2 for 1 beers and margaritas are such a deal. The food is always amazing and great portions and fairly priced. Wait staff is always courteous and knowledgeable. Atmosphere is beautiful and welcoming

Jan H.

They have the best spinach enchiladas in town... the Salsa has something more than just tomato paste.. very good and fresh......service is adequate..but we don't expect the food on the table 10 minutes after we are seated ....we go out to dine and enjoy...one of the more. important points. is the food always come to the table hot off the stove..I can't cope with mediocre warm food......we come down from Rockledge and drive by lots of Mexican restaurants on the way..Definitely worth the trip .. give it a try

Basem K.

Well i orders Ensenada and two taco was not good at all, all the server looks lost when they brought my dinner the food was so hot I felt my mouth blister, there is no reason to bring the food that hot. I told the hostess about the food was very hot and I could not enjoy it. He told me yes it's hot. Wow

Kim Mauthner

I had a small party for my mother's 74th birthday, and they did an amazing job. The food was great, the service is great and the band even Sing Happy Birthday to my mother!

natalie thomas

Not my favorite. Chips and cheese dip were good. My meal was cold and the rice was overdone. My husband got fajitas, and I had to ask him if there was meat because I couldn't see much. It said there was a little bit. We will never go back.

D Pederson

Long wait to order. Great chips and salsa. Food was bland. Presentation was great. Clean with nice atmosphere. Friendly staff.

Margaret Chalarca

Horrible service. Walked in and there was no hostess, an employee just looked at me and walked away. After 30 seconds I walk over to the bar and planned to eat there. 5 minutes pass before someone offers me a menu. Eventually a menu was offered, nobody ever came back to take my order. Had a gentleman come in after me, sit at the bar, and his order was taken and received while I was still sitting at the bar! He walked out with his to go order and I walked out shortly after. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

Caleb Chidebe

From a cost perspective, El Sombrero gives you a good value for your money. The customer service is also ok. The ambiance is a great appeal for customers like myself that need a place that looks clean and well maintained. The one con would be a little less sodium in some of the meals... Besides that it was great.

Suzie Q

I was really hoping to find a good Mexican restaurant in Palm Bay, but unfortunately I never got to try the food. The place made a bad impression from the start. The hostess didn't even say Hello. When we said we wanted to sit on the patio, she did not look happy at all. We got seated and got our menus, but it took forever before someone checked on us. Our hostess didn't bother to say Hello either. She just wanted to know what we wanted to drink. And then we waited some more... to get our water. We still hadn't gotten any chips and salsa, which usually arrive very fast at any other Mexican restaurant. Our hostess finally shows up with our drinks, chips and salsa. We were ready to order, but she turned around and left before we could even say anything. The place had a very weird vibe. The waitresses kept arguing or something... there seemed to be some kind of disagreement over who was supposed to be taking care of the customers on the patio, I assume. So instead of trying to figure it out or just be pleasant and do a good job, because, after all, they always expect to get their tips, they just decided to ignore us. One after another kept walking by our table, not even looking at us. Our waitress showed up on the patio again to take care of another table, and again left without taking our order. The cherry on top... when a very nice gentleman decided to go outside for a cigarette, on the patio, where another family was dining, with their baby. They complained about it and dude just said he did not care. It looked like things were about to escalate and we still hadn't gotten our order. So that was our wonderful experience. This is one small business that will not be getting my business ;)

Scott M.

Now my favorite restaurant They aim to please and the salsa is FRESH The restaurant is decorated tastefully modern with salutes to the great comedy actors It is classy as a cocktail lounge which is convenient for those trading on their phones, who need to shift into happy hour early. Mexican food prepared flawlessly and not overcrowded My go to place

Jason S.

El Sombrero never disappoints. Ricky our server was extremely polite and efficient. Order the quest you will thank me.

Dave Knode

Grabbed some dinner there last week while in town for work. Food was plentiful and tasty. Looking forward to trying a margarita when I go back this week. Atmosphere was really nice & clean. Plenty of outdoor seating.

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