Genna Pizza Company

4301 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne
(321) 242-3003

Recent Reviews

David Seiler

Love this spot. I always get the Detroit pizza with pepperoni and sausage. They're always busy but never rude or rushed when talking to their customers. Cant say enough good things about them. Really happy I get to support this local spot whenever pizza night happens.

Lisa Cliver

Absolutely fantastic! Great food, service and staff. We are Boston and Philly people and Genna's is the best we have found since moving here. No need to look anymore!

Chelsea Newman

It’s alright. I’m pretty picky about my pizza, so the first time we ordered I assumed it was me. I gave them another shot today and ordered a Margherita pizza. My husband brought it home and it’s covered in shredded mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and basil. No sliced cheese or spots with just dough. Garlic knots are ok. Alfredo sauce is super lacking in flavor. Don’t plan on ordering from them again.

Felipe Miranda

Excellent pizza . 1st time trying them , so good , definitely will be back .


We ordered pizza, wings and a full sized salad. I can’t remember if I’ve ever bothered to rate a place under 5 stars. It’s been years since we tried Genna’s and thought we’d give ‘em another try. Our 16” godfather pizza was not “coal fired”, it was burned, almost solidly black all the way around. No delicately charred or browned edges there. The inside on the other hand (about 50% of it), was soggy, undercooked and edible only with a fork. We also ordered a non-coal fired regular pie with banana peppers. It was good. Wings were overcooked. Full sized greek salad was fresh but included NO dressing, when it needed two. If our tab had been half of what it was, I wouldn’t have bothered to review in this case, but it wasn’t. It’s pricey. The bad pie was a more than $20 pizza. Maybe the food doesn’t matter too much to the donors of all their stars . . .

Jonas Zambrana

If you want really good pizza, this is the place for you. Order the giant size pizza and the box will probably not fit in the car and the slices look and taste like pizza from New York. If you dine in you get to experience your pizza being made and cooked in the wood burning oven. They also have a great selection of other items on the menu to try. The staff there have always been very polite even if you are just picking up or ordering for delivery.

Den M

Went on Sunday to get a pizza and I was very impressed! From the interaction from the employees when I picked up the pizza to the quality of the pizza was perfect in every way. I can't recommend this place enough as you can tell they care about quality.

Vanessa Connor

THE BEST PIZZA! We always have an AWESOME experience with Genna - they are friendly and when they deliver they are always there sooner than expected! The garlic knots are HUGE and PERFECT! The desserts were good too!

Peggy R.

The pizza was just okay. We ordered the Genna special since it was our first time. We liked that the onions were precooked and not raw. There were plenty of toppings. We didn't understand the uncharge for coal fired but tried it anyway. The place was dirty and the service was pretty bad. Don't think we will be back as there are too many really good pizza places around.


Great flavors well worth the wait! Even ordering online at peak times will have you waiting for a bit to pay out, but it is understandable with food like this.

Richard B.

5 stars based on the veggie pizza. That's all I've ever ordered from there and it's the best in town. Love Gennas veggie pizza.

Christiana Hanstein

Genna Pizza has the best pizza around! Friendly staff too! Well worth the wait when there is one.

Mickey O

We ordered the chicken parmesan ($13.99) to go for lunch. My wife suggested we should have ordered two entrees - boy was she wrong! What a pleasant surprise when we opened the containers - two nice size chicken breasts with lots of spaghetti loaded with cheese - a small loaf of garlic bread with additional marinara - and a nice salad. We ate our fill and had enough left over for at least a snack or a light meal. The taste: excellent - chicken (tender, well cooked, not dry), spaghetti (nicely done), sauce (nicely seasoned and not watery) We will be back to Genna Pizza Company to try another of their entrees for lunch and/or dinner.

Lee A.

Gemma pizza make an amazing pie. Wow. Be careful about ordering extra cheese. When the add extra cheese they really mean it. It will come with about 1/2" of cheese on the entire pizza. The crust has good flavor. It's thin with some good bread sound the edges for those of us who like the pizza breading. The sauce is tasty, but could usually use extra. We typically order sauce. The service is good and relatively quick. Donor expect to get a pizza in 10 minutes. They are super good and super busy. Well worth the wait.

Martha Word

I was hesitant by the pictures posted because the black makes the pizza look burnt. It wasn't burnt, just coal flavor.Really really good.We ordered a 14 inch Margarita Old World Pizza and added pepperoni. It was phenomenal. The only complaint I would have is the moist-ness of the center of the pizza, while being a good thing for flavor, caused the crust to be wet.Other than that, I wish we had one near us because we would definitely be going back!The garlic rolls were good and had lots of garlic and good flavor too.The tiramisu was a little dry in the center but was flavored okay.

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