Outback Steakhouse

7211 Lake Andrew Dr, Melbourne
(321) 622-9352

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Wait staff was great. That was the only thing great. The prime rib order medium rare came out well with a red spice to make is look red/pink. The baked potato was cold. The shrimp was undercooked. The Brussels sprout's were charred, and just tasted nasty. The blooming onion was brown, going to dark brown, dripping grease. At least McDonald's times their food to arrive at the degree of doneness. Likewise, if you order fresh you get fresh. We won't be back.

Eric S.

Let's start off with this ... I dont think I will be returning soon. Me and my wife decided to come here because, the walk in beastroux behind the location has system issues with their POS. Upon coming on in the restaurant there were a lot of cars in the parking lot so you would think they would be good. When we walked in now they did seat us quickly, we sat directly in the front by entrance so we though service would be quick. We sat there the waitress took our drinks and appetizer order then that's when the waiting started. I know it took a while because baseball was playing on they were playing baseball on the TV and we went through one whole inning. Our drinks finally came Then 10 mins later our appetizer, well we ordered the Mac and cheese bits and truth be told they were bland even with the sauce provided. We then we're able to order our entrees which was the steak and shrimp dinner with 2 sides, we got 2 of those 1 was medium rare and the other was medium. Well no mine came out very rare "bloody" and my wife's was like beef jerky. Now I understand things happen in the kitchen I worked with food but I just ignored it and went on eating. I will say the Mac and cheese by it self that was worth the time. If you are able to go there and try that it's worth it. I think we will have to give another try before fully ruling it out but based on how slow the service was and the quality of food at the price it was. Not very good

Loli D.

We had a party of 6 and got seated right away. But instead of 2 tables pushed together they set us in a booth. We were squashed in like sardines. We ordered the food was okay my medium steak was actually medium rare. Very hard to eat because it was so rare and chewy. It was mushy. The problem that made our lunch experience nor so great is our waiter was nit on the ball at all. 4 of us had empty glasses. When he finally came back one person got to order a refill before he quickly ran off. Then after 5 minutes of just standing in the back by the bathroom he'd bring the refil. This went on for the next 2 refils. He didn't even ask if we needed steak sauce and half of my little 6oz steak was gone by the time he came back to ask and then by the time he brought the sauce out I literally had 3 bits left. The food was okay but, the waiter was very slow and seemed like it was his first time waiting which is really not an excuse because you know if you see 3 or 4 empty glasses you should come over and refill them all at the same time. I was still eating and he took the ladies which was next to me plate. The knife fell off onto my plate which I was still eating from and he didn't even apologize. He just took the plate left the dirty knife of the lady who was next to me on my plate of food. After that happened I said this guy just doesn't care about this job at all. So that is why I'm giving a 2 star. Outback use to be a really good steakhouse but, definitely the quality has gone downhill. I probably will not be returning anytime soon.


Great food great prices good service, no issues encountered, and parking was no issue and close to many other services.

Regina Armijo

Keto dinner in [email protected] Fairfield Marriott hotel...was absolute perfection. This spot is always a solid choice both dine-in and delivery,, their service and food prep is excellent...and I am a difficult one to please. CHRIS is an awesome HOST and understands ASD/Service Animals and DUSTIN is the most extraordinary server/bartender ever... he always delivers 5 star service. So grateful for the best team of Outbackers!! Kind Regards, Regina, Evan, and Chancey.

Rhonda Luebs

Nichole K is one of the most attentive waitress I have had in any restaurant. Perhaps she should be a trainer and teach others how to treat client . Smiling all the time is a plus in the waitressing field. She does, all the time. Little conversation here and there helps to pass the time while waiting for our meals. She is really special.

Jen Merkel

Just as good as any Outback I've ever eaten at. I do like to get their takeaway curbside and have never been disappointed. If you're looking for a good meal with consistently good quality, this is your place.


The food and drinks were excellent! The service from Nichole K. was superb!! I recommend her highly! She is very sweet, considerate and quick to serve food and drinks. KUDOS, Nichole K.!! Thank you, so very much for the above excellent service!!

Nick A

I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could. Not quite a 4, but better than 3. Food was good. Steaks were cooked properly. We asked for light seasoning -- and got it, because many steakhouses these days seem to heavily over-season the meat to make-up for the fact the producers have essentially bred most of the flavor out of our meats. The good -- server was efficient and personally engaging. But overall, the professionalism and higher level of training that Outback servers used to exhibit wasn't there. They also need to inform customers when minor requests will incur an extra change. Example -- we both asked for garlic butter (she offered it to us) on our steaks. No problem, but they charged $2 per person extra for garlic butter on a $26 filet. Come on. Another problem -- while Outback at least lists their $7 cocktails and premium craft cocktails with prices, they do not divulge the cost of a simple cocktail like a manhattan or old-fashioned, which were $10.29 each. That's exhorbitant; and the drink was good but small. Not an extra pour. And it was not call whiskey. They used Makers Mark on their own and charged me the premium whiskey price. If you have 2 or more cocktails at a restaurant, you spend nearly as much on drinks as on the food. Sometimes more. I think all restaurants need put a full list of drink prices on their menus so we know what we are paying when we order. Too many establishments show wine and beer prices, but not whiskey or cocktails. Finally, working backward, the initial greeting (or I should say lackadaisical non greeting) by the hostess was not re-assuring nor inviting. Training needed for her. Let's suffice it to say, that didn't get things didn't started off on a good note. I know, as the father of a restaurant owner, that it is nearly impossible to hire people by the same standards Outback and others used to employ. Unfortunately, it showed itself. But again, fortunately, the people in the kitchen did their jobs well enough. And perhaps, at this point in time, that's about the best we can hope for.


Last 2 times we went the food was bad, the portions small, and weren’t as described on the menu. The service was ok, the store clean and atmos pleasant. My shrimp and chicken alfredo had little to no cheese alfredo flavor, my upgraded side bluecheese and chopped pecan salad had less than a teaspoon of bluecheese and less than one chopped pecan piece. Our waiter did bring a cup of pecans after I mentioned the salad had only one. Our fried mushroom appetizer was all drenched with cooking oil, it made my wife sick. Her alice springs chicken was fine as it’s been in the past minus the missing cup of honey dijon sauce normally included. The side mac and cheese was dry and wierd and didn’t taste like mac and cheese at all. None of the outbacks we’ve been to have been good in this state, idk if it’s the region or changing corporate practices either way, we’ll pass in the future.

barbara hennard

It seems my friends and I are so busy looking for restaurants on the water, that we forget about our good old-fashioned steakhouses. My friend and I had a wonderful steak lunch with all the sides and a drink as well. The service and the food was top notch!

Giovana Soares

It’s so sad they don’t have one single vegan option. I was accompanying friends and all I was able to have is a strawberry lemonade. I hope they realize they are missing out on a big market. Impossible or beyond would be great additions to the menu. Also, my meat eater friend did not enjoy his meal (blooming chicken). The server, however was very friendly.

Donna Whitlow

Well it would have been good because outback always has great food and service. Just couldn't wait 45 minutes to be seated. Still looked like a clean well run establishment, be it a very busy one.

Cynthia Jendrick Dennis

Fast, friendly service!! The appetizers , sandwiches and salads were excellent!!

Ronnie Patillo

Typical Outback. Awesome steak and great service. I sat at the bar tonight. Bartender was great.

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