TGI Fridays

2000 Evans Rd, Melbourne
(321) 723-8443

Recent Reviews

Juan Arroyo

Love my cheese burger and the waitress was so nice

Melinda Rooker Brown

TGI is my husbands ribs go to. we love sitting at the bar and enjo6our food while watching the many different options on tvs.

Tara Weiler

Our server Alex was great! The menu is very limited now but the food ordered was perfect. The $5 margaritas were on point too!

Jarek Mercer

Store was not busy when we went in. Three other groups/couples. Food was good quality, though getting it was slow and it tasted a little old (especially the fries). We're planning to go again in the hopes it is better.

Eric Applegate

The service was slow and our waiter changed twice during the course of our meal. The food was delayed in coming out and was only warm at best. We didn’t have our appetizers until the main meal come out, and even at that the food wasn’t the best quality. The first batch of broccoli that was brought out was yellow, and the second one was better but not great. Everyone else’s food on the group besides the sizzling chicken was also only warm at best. I would strongly recommend checking the other restaurants that are only a minute or two down the road first over coming here.

Shari Niani Bentley

I went with my family. (A party of 9) The waitress was extremely cool and funny. Most importantly she was patient. The kids enjoyed their bacon cheese burgers and almost each of them had a special order meaning one wanted no onions, one wanted no tomatoes etc. Out of 4 kids with special orders, they got their burgers correct which impressed me because even I got confused with who wanted what. I enjoyed the apple butter bbq half rack ribs (I highly recommend by the way) with mash potatoes and broccoli. The food was finger licking good (literally). The atmosphere was chill and we as a family enjoyed ourselves. I recommend this restaurant so when you go make sure you tip good because they are awesome.

Ean Sugarman

I’ve been here twice now and the food and service have been great. I wasn’t here when it was busy so I can’t talk about those times. I had the beyond meat burger. Really good!


Good place to stop over, refreshed design of Friday’s, good food, nice staff.

Brandi Beard

Great bartender and the best potato skins ive ever had

ruth rall

The best experience I have had at TGIF in many years. Food was great, service was on point. I want to give a big shout out to the GM and Kyle our waiter. Will definitely be back.

Lisa Diaz

Can't complain TGIF staff was great everything was clean, drinks on point and food was good. We would definitely come back.

ANGEL CoolChick

I am glad I finally visited this place the food was good service was spectacular I enjoyed everything great service exceptional I will be back.

Gator Johnson

Ordered 2 Whiskey Burgers to go, everything on the side. Including the bun. Got to the hospital with my wife's first meal after 23 hours of labor to a burger with the bun literally melted around the patty. It looked like chunky soup. Also, No Bacon.But to give credit where it's due, Jodie had a full bar and my drinks were Delicious.Bar service: AFood service: FIn my opinion anyway.

jerry ingemi

Cobb salad with extra shrimp and a loaded French fry donut burger. ?

Kristy Baby

The food was good and I enjoyed my experience. The restaurant was nice, clean, and I will be coming back again!

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