Tijuana Flats

7181 Lake Andrew Dr #101, Melbourne
(321) 558-3355

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Joe Scicchitano

Tacos seemed significantly smaller than they used to be, and some of my chips were stale. Another disappointing thing was the hot sauce bar only had medium hotness sauces and none of the really hot ones.

Shawn Cartwright

Most of the food they serve here is expired by the time they cook it. Almost every sauce they have that comes on wings or tacos ie; garlic lime, guajillo, spicy mayo, habanero agave, chipotle bbq, avocado sauceJust to name a few, are probably at least a week over the expected shelf life before the managers Tabitha, Mike or Ella even check the day dot stickers on the bottles. Tabitha (GM) jokes about her black employees being slaves and gives them numbers instead of names.All and all I just wouldn’t choose this company as one deserving of any money from the local community.

Shannon Darville

Food was excellent! My family and I had the steak burrito, chicken bowl, quesadillas and wings. Everything was fresh and tasty!

Dan Thiel

This has to be one of my favorite places to eat I hope they have one in the Saint Louis soon... there are variety of hot sauces made it very fun

Debra Hagan

We both had chicken tacos. Barely any meat in (4) any of them. Tortilla chips were stale. Place was very busy. One employee in particular was hustling as best he could. He did get a small container of chicken for my husband to add to his tacos. Also salsa has changed.

Mons and More

Coming from NJ i always like to look for places to eat that arent local to us. We had some time to burn while waiting for an appt and this was a good spot to do so. I would say that while this place is in between a fast food restaurant (McD, BK) and a sit down restaurant (Applebees, Chilies, BWW), its completely different from Chipotle, Qdoba, Moes. Yes it is Mexican food but they also serve a variety of alcohol beverages, the decor is LOUD and fun to look at for a fun environment to kind of hang out in for a bit if you wanted to. Its also a full service spot as well. Theyll bring the food to you, refill you, and clean up your table after you leave. Hopefully they can do something to get into Jersey

Teresa Sufana

We used the TJ Flats App to make an order for pick up. This Viera location was busy and understaffed last night, probably due to Covid. We could tell they were overwhelmed and I would have been too, however the employees were still professional and friendly and kept it together. Our order was correct and delicious. Kudos to a job well done despite the difficult situation!

Gregg Rosales

Super friendly foh and even boh came out and said hey. The food was fast and super fresh and no complaints and no issues. Probably one of the best flats locations and I've never had any issues with the food being made the right way we have super picky kids and they always get it right.

Teresa Rivera

Very busy and crowded at lunch time with 15 minute wait for food but the food was great when it arrived. The shrimp bowl was excellent and well worth the wait. The grilled shrimp were seasoned perfectly. Others really enjoyed the taco special. ? Be prepared for long lines and limited seating during peak times, but the food and outdoor seating option make it a great place to eat.

Judy Holland

7:30 sweeping and rolling up rugs (closing cleaning ) when they are open till 10 pm while customer's are eating to busy watching football to take orders. Then when you do order they make your food wrong . made a to go order at same time.They made the entire order over that was the only time they got it right but also wrong . Second time at this location.. Will be going to Merritt Island for my Tijuana Flats better food excellent service


Update: 12/2/21 @ 1pmThe girl (white, light/medium brown hair in a ponytail, lime greet shirt, a bit heavier, maybe Mariah?) who was checking to go orders and checking up on customers saw a customer with a puppy and decided that it was appropriate to pick up and hold the puppy in her work clothes. For someone working with peoples food this is completely unsanitary and unacceptable. Managers need to train their employees better.———This place has also been slowly going downhill, I get more and more disappointed with this location each time I go. You will never get your food on time when you place a to go order and something is almost always wrong, so why even bother?


Consistently very high quality food with professional service. I like how they always work to accommodate your requests, and have some flexibility. Its quick too - if you want to get in and out - or decide to stay. Thanks!

Diana ML

Food was tasty, staff very friendly. The 3 stars is because my husband asked for a side of rice and beans and the potion was in condiment size containers. He wasn't very pleased with that.

Mike Filo

Consistently very high quality food with professional service. I like how they always work to accommodate your requests, and have some flexibility. Its quick too - if you want to get in and out - or decide to stay. Thanks!

Phil Smyth

Service was good. Burrito was dank. Better than I expected it to be. Queso and chips were a plenty.

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