San Villa Asian Fusion

30 NE 3rd Ave, Miami
(305) 374-1495

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WOW!! The food was mind blowing fresh! I told my spouse, did they just kill the pig!!?? I have not had food this fresh in a restaurant in a long time! I could tell they cook your food to order, they don’t warm it up in a microwave like so many other Filipino restaurants I’ve been to in the past. I admit the wait was a little long but the food was well worth the wait! If you’re in Miami visit this restaurant you won’t regret it!! A+ ??

Sabrina vera

Food was amazing! Orange chicken is a must! does not taste like your ordinary orange chicken it’s better!! We came here 30 min to closing and the food still tasted fresh and owner was nice to have us still dine in! Relaxing atmosphere with good music and friendly service ?Will definitely be coming back very much recommend this place! ??

Tate Boyd

Very neat and welcoming place. They serve large portions and for economical prices. I liked the meals a lot and the waiters were very personal and chatty. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.

Nick SaintDenis

It's simply EXCELLENT, tried the Halo Halo desert once then came back for curry. These guys know how to cook real Philippino &Asian food!

Kashton Mejia

I celebrated my PhD today in this fine place. Well it was a fantastic evening and the place was certainly the reason for the outstanding celebration. The waiters contributed in a pleasant manner, the meals were delicious and my friends were so cheerful. We shall no dout visit again for more celebrations. thanks very much.

Pnrjadnw5 d

I celebrated my PhD yesterday in this fine place. I am glad to say that we had a sensational evening and the place was definitely the reason for that strong event. The stuff helped in a very nice way, the food was delicious and my buddies were so glad. We shall definitely come back again for more events. Thank you very much.

dave young

Very cozy Filipino restaurant. Food was really good and the staff were very friendly. The do serve Red Horse and San Miguel. The fried chicken was almost like Jolly Bee.

Nhi N.

We came in at about half hour before closing so we tried to get something quickly so they can close on time. But it turned out a feast lol. The server (perhaps the owner) was so nice and attentive. The food was good, not the best or the most authentic Filipinos food I've tried but this is an Asian Fusion restaurant, so please take that into consideration. For us, we were glad with our food. We had a good meal with a superb and friendly service. Will definitely come back if we're back in town.

Ruby Washington

Got takeout during COVID times. Oh man. Best decision ever- even with the long drive- SO WORTH IT. Best Filipino food ever! Feels so home cooked. Everything was warm and prepared really well. We got the lumpia, pancit and adobe pork/chicken dinner plate. Everything was 5/5 for me. People were really nice and friendly too :)

Korbin Colon

One of my favorite places to grab some food. great location, clean, and awesome service. I highly recommend them!

Adrian Brandt

I absolutely enjoy their dishes and service, awesome area close to where I live. The staff members are always nice. Will come back again.

Jesse Abbott

I visit this place a lot since I work right next to it. I like how their service is always fantastic and they keep the place neat consistently. Prices are convenient and they serve generous portions.

Ali Cummings

I love San Villa Asian Fusion very much and the people here are very nice and I will come back very soon.


I arrived so Hungry very late for lunch. I was lucky Josephine and Nestor were preparing a big delivery order and were able to serve me one of their signature combos. (They are on Ubereats, Grubhub and eat24 and other delivery platforms). I have been a customer here since they opened. Unfortunately due to the Covid they lost many of their customers because the tourists and crew ships not coming to Miami during this period. All activities for the ships have almost completely stopped. Nestor however, did not lose hope in the neighbors (us ?) and the local customers living here, and came up with an extremely affordable formula for a complete freshly made Asian fusion combo Daily starting $5.99 for the full combo. Yes you heard that right lol?? . Asian fusion that combines your favourite Asian cuisine, Indonesian, Korean, Phillipino, Chinese fried rice ? and some special Ceviche. ?. Today I had the Orange chicken, and two sides, spring rolls and steamed Asian rice. Go ahead and give them a call. Some of the most welcoming and accommodating people you will meet. Both, Nestor and Josephine do everything right to ensure we are having a fresh delicious meal every day ? . Oh! I cannot emphasize enough of the cleanliness of their kitchen. Josephine is so peculiar when it comes to her kitchen. I asked Nestor to allow me to take some pictures of the kitchen and the food being prepared for their big order to show it here on Google Maps for your convenience. Boy oh Boy! how clean that kitchen was All the aromas of spices and food wow! Just great. Check the pictures I just uploaded, you'll have a full idea of their food items. They also have Authentic Asian grocery type food items to sell, like canned food and noodles from various countries in South East Asia to you ? . Let's all support our local businesses. Bybrh way, They have limited seating outside, but you can eat there if you do not want to take away.

Dan Anthony

This place is my favorite downtown spot for Asian food. That Asian Fried Chicken is to die for! All the sides tasted so fresh and so delicious. They are obviously only doing take out now and they have a new menu and specials that makes this place a must visit on a weekly basis...or more times. It is that good. I love it and I hope they stay in business during this crisis because it'll be a shame to lose them.

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