Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill

4711 N Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park
(954) 938-4473

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jacob lee

Went there tonight and order food to go. Everyone was nice but also seemingly distracted even though it wasn’t overly crowded. My partner and I set At the bar and ordered our food to go. The waiter handed us a bag said here’s your food and we left……it was not until we got back to Miami(45min at least) that we realized that we did not in fact have the right order. Seeing as we ordered at the bar and it was not crowded, we didn’t think to double check the items. However, because of dietary restrictions, the food was not edible. And to be clear neither item was correct and it should be noted that neither bar tended we spoke to wrote down our order.To make it better the food was paid for in cash. So without driving back 45 min or trusting them to make it right at another time there isn’t a lot that can be done. This is disappointing and incredible frustrating. I’m starting to see why such a place is slow on a Saturday night.Don’t waste your time.

James C Laney

great food people music and karaoke with Lucy Suarez and martin lara it's a show on Mondays from 7 to 10 come check out the show


Very poor restaurant. The taco was not the best and the local is not a pleasant space to stay. Decoration is terrible despite of the reasonable service. Please see other alternative before to go to this restaurant for Mexican food

Jessica Lami

Great food and service. Tonight there was even live entertainment!

eve Cotter

The food was very filling and reasonable priced. Lots of options and there are specials everyday of the week. Everyone was also very professional and friendly on Sunday night. Love that they give out chips and salsa to most people would charge for this. There is both inside and outside seating, location has been around forever.

Kathy Miller

Awesome menu! Awesome Margaritas and awesome service! I recommend this restaurant to all!

Pam E

I've been coming to this place for 15 years. Sadly to say, I WON'T be coming back. I refuse to allow a restaurant to penalize me for paying with a debit card !! Not only is it AGAINST THE LAW and goes against merchant account agreements, it's in poor taste to be so money hungry you will penalize a customer for the way they pay. It's a shame because I love their food but refuse to pay more than menu price just because for my personal safety I choose NOT to carry cash.

Edward H

This review is to respond to Christie Nwaukoni. I have been a Tequila customer since they opened. The service and food has always been exemplary. I hope you realize servers livelihoods depend on tips. If you cannot afford to tip on your bill just stay home. Cody always gives great service. No rotten tomatoes here ?

byron stephenson

Great drinks. Food was great and the melted cheese excellent sorry i was so hungry i forgot to take a picture before


Waitresses were excellent. Answered every question. Fast and excellent service. Added bonus great food.


Waitresses were excellent. Answered every question. Fast and excellent service. Added bonus great food.

Rabbi Joan Cubell

We found this place and n a google search. We were looking for something different. The food was good but the service was not. We had a waitress but three other waiters were taking care of our table, as she was not. A band was playing from the “School of Rock” that was very entertaining. It took a long time to get our food and our dinners were served 10 minutes apart which wasn’t very nice.

Michelle McGowen Bannick

Great atmosphere & tasty tacos.

Evan Cohen

Excellent food and atmosphere and value!!

alisa stephens

You won’t find a better Mexican restaurant! We use to live in the area and ate here every Friday! My husbands job moved us away but when we visit we always come back! Not only is the food and drinks great, the staff is amazing and the prices are great! Don’t miss out on the happy hour!

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