491 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park
(904) 375-9016

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michael haner

My experience suck because I showed up for their closing time I was on bicycleand they were only doing drive-through for cars and would not serve methis hole cover things been blown way out of proportion to our customers don't even get served I think it's been going way out of. But all the other Hardee's I like specially

melli -mel

No drinks available besides sodas...order was incomplete

William T. Burke

Quality food but the Covid 19 situation is effecting them as well as others and they are really trying. You can't be dismayed for that. Good job, Hardee's.

Mia Bates

usually good but today biscuits tasted two days old

Paul Spicer

Came here after the Middleburg location let me down. Perfect experience. Got in and out in less than 5 minutes. Order was 100% on point. Even though this location is out of the way for me, it is now my go-to Hardee's!

Dana Pendarvis

The food was ok. I got the big bag hot ham and cheese. It was not the best. The fries were good but salty. My husband had the big bag big crispy chicken sandwich. He said it had to much lettuce. He said his fries were too salty to eat. They did get our order wrong at first but was caught at the pick up window.

karen williams

I was disappointed at this location. Biscuits were over cooked. Did not know till I was home or I would have taken them back.

Andrea Commander

Our order of 2 charbroiled burgers each had a burnt circumference, but finally biting into the mushroom sauce kind of made up for it. It was a slow day and the fries were hot at least.

Lee Skeen

Low traffic and good food, but they need the front end cashier to not also be working taking drive thru orders. This is inappropriate and makes me feel undervalued as a customer in front of cashier. Nice touch with biscuits being cut in heart shape.

Raffy Scott

Not the greatest Hardee's... I've been about 4 times and each time, there's usually something wrong with my order. The chicken tenders are the only thing that's ever been great every time.

Jennifer Montgomery

It's an every Sunday tradition... Food is always fresh and good.

Greg Peters

Always good food and usually good service but not today, ordered Big Hot Ham and Cheese 4.99 special in the drive through with no cars in the line or parking lot before or after me and was asked to pull up and wait at the white line so I did and after a true 10 minutes I went inside and then they made my meal. Really people?

Amy Martin

3 stars because the food was decent. The incredibly rude woman on the window deserved a zero.

Priscilla Dowdy

The food was good, service was good. Was disappointed when i got home to see that the cinnamon raisin biscuit i ordered was mistakenly rang up as 4 cinnamon rolls.

Matt V.

Now waiting past 20 minutes for 3 biscuits...I've had faster service at an Olive Garden than what these idiots can provide.

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