Coco Thai

6304 International Dr SUITE D, Orlando
(407) 668-4248

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C M.

Always looking for good places and this gem is a little hidden from the main drag, but I thought the food was fresh and tasty. I like drunken noodles, and though they did not have it specifically on the menu I asked the waitress, she said closest they had was the pad see ew on the menu, but she can add spice to it if I wanted. I did, and it was perfect. Had it with beef. Also ordered the steamed dumpling appetizer- also yummy. Nice place too. Look for it next time in the area. Nice people, good meal and very accommodating. Next to a twisty treat too. Could not pass up and like a kid, it melted over my hand and on to my pants. I laughed like a kid too, ah memories. No other place like Orlando to act like one!

Co P.

Yummy! Highly recommend. This place has great staff, very clean and great atmosphere. My husband and I I decided to give this place a try on our last day of our vacation. This restaurant does not disappoint for sure. Food is fresh and comes out piping hot.

Daravanh V.

Thai girl here. Saw the 4.5 rating so my husband drove 30 minutes to grab takeout. We ordered 5 dishes and 2 appetizers. I'm sad to say the food was absolutely not worth $110. Not one dish had the perfect blend of spices and the portion is ridiculously small. Phad Thai & fried rice was too sweet. Woon sen was too sour. Stuffed shrimp was all salt. Thai chicken was an awful mix of salt and sugar. Larb Gai platter was 75% cabbage and chicken was another mix of just salt and sugar. Basil striped bass was dry but was the only dish that had some sort of balance of flavor. I DO NOT recommend this place. Apparently the master chef was out today. We agreed on 2 stars because the restaurant was clean & front staff was courteous.

Martha H.

It's good food and verry clean and great customer service. Friends loved it too. Planning on coming back to give a try to other meals from the menu

Rae L.

Awesome food.. offers vegan menu; prepare to add extras for $1.50 each .. dinning room could be much cleaner ... encountered sticky floors & dirty seats ... not cool

Alina Y.

Out of all the Tom Yums I've tried in my life- their is the best!! I can't say much about other dishes as I get full with just the soup with rice on a side. Oh, and their lychee martini is not bad either ;)

Ezla Emile

I would definitely give this restaurant a zero, if possible. I honestly do not know how they have a 4.5 star rating, I ordered the basil duck the duck was so over fried and dried even after sitting in the sauce for 10 minutes. The white rice is bland and the whole entree wasn’t explained when I asked what all was in it. I brought it back asking if anything could be done… ***even redo the same entree***

One B.

When I first walked into this place I was a little hesitant, but seeing the kitchen right in the open made me feel safe and comfortable. You never know what's really cooking behind close doors. Just being sarcastic. However, I was impressed with the coconut Thai soup bc even though it was different from what I normally get which is the Panang curry this one was tasteful and delicious and nicely, hotly, served in a traditional Thai pot which made it more interesting. We loved every bit of our servings and left this place really happy. Thank you Ty (our server).

Edward S.

I think this place does not exist or at least G.M. not finding it. We drove around still no luck

Siana Lewis

The food was amazing. It would melt in your mouth. The flavor and service was amazing. They treated us good and got the food fast.


Went here for a late lunch 3 pm and the place was empty. Service was very friendly and good. Thai tea was delicious and so were the stuffed shrimp. Ordered sweet and sour shrimp and beef and basil stir fry. All were very good!

Julie Mac

The service was good. The pho is chicken based with meat options, and vegetable broth for vegans, so that was a hard no. The Thai iced coffee was warm and tasted like instant coffee with milk. The Thai tea was very good. We ordered the chicken larb, too sweet and very Americanized. Same goes for the pad see ew. It was worth giving it a try and we have no plans to return.

Sue Myers

Food was absolutely amazing, highly recommend this restaurant.

Janet Rabinowitz

Tonight’s trip away from the Orlando parks was amazing at Coco Thai. We had three vegans in the party and they were incredibly accommodating. The meat eaters were very satisfied too. My green curry was pleasantly spicy and sweet. A little slow serving water but not unexpected for a Sunday.

Avni A.

After looking at the reviews, I was excited to try this place as I was craving drunken noodles. My husband and I went on Saturday during lunch time. It wasn't too busy and we were seated immediately. The place is kept clean. The decor is simple in nature. We looked at the menu and decided to do the egg rolls for appetizers and main entrees: Drunken noodles with Tofu and Pad Thai. The egg roll wasn't our favorite as it was super oily and lacked flavor. The drunken noodles with Tofu was a solid dish. I like that they fry their tofu cubes and it had a good texture to it. The sauce that coats the noodles and tofu was flavorful. My husband's pad Thai which he ordered as medium spicy was more on the sweet side. They say that you can really judge a Thai restaurant based on how good their Pad Thai is. Unfortunately, it fell flat. The cost of both dishes are more than the typical non-touristy restaurant. As far as service goes, our server was attentive. I would probably not go out of my way to go here but would recommend this restaurant for its drunken noodles.

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