Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

9150 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 351-5074

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Marisol Zenteno

My whole experience was really bad and disappointing when we got to the restaurant valet parking clarified to us that they work for tips Was weird that he felt that we didn’t know that, I worked as a waitress for many years so I know the importance of tips so I tried to understand.The server Amanda was nice and attentive, we went there for magical dining my son upgraded to a ribeye steak we order medium rare and we got a rare steak when we told one of the waiters he explained how the temperature was correct telling us that their rare steak is cold ?We ate in a lots of nice restaurants and never got the medium rare so undercooked but that was not the problem besides the server being condescending, the problem was when they brought that steak back! It was burnt, my poor son tried to eat it ,he hates to complain , it was impossible I tried a bite and the burnt pepper ruined the rest of my meal so we had to order dessert to go the only good thing about our dinner was my Cosmopolitan and my wedge salad.We left and it was raining there was a valet guy at the front door asking a lady for her ticket when my son tried to give them our ticket he sent him to their little booth in the rain ( what was the point of valet parking?) he still tip them $10Overall they made us feel like “third class citizens”

Debra Walker

This was such a great experience! The service was superb and the food was exceptional! The calamari appetizer was the most delicious!

Daryl Jackson

First time here (wife and I) and we went on the Magical Express dinner menu. Limited as expected, but we went on to order the steak medallions. Additionally, I ordered a vodka infused with pineapple (dos)! Anyhow, the steak medallions were absolutely delicious as was the potato’s and string beans. I forgot to mention that the salad was almost on par with Olive Garden’s. Anyhow, our waiter was witty, cool and knew his business.It’s safe to say that we will be back. Oh, the ambiance is killer. Though we thought they had a dress code. We dressed for the occasion, but too each his own.

Berna Baez

Espectacular place! Elegant and amazing I can say. My family and I went for our son’s birthday and with out limits we order cocktails, entrees and desserts. How ever we had never set at a fancy expensive restaurant before that has such an awful customer service. We waited one hour for salad bread and butter, then waited another hour or so for our main dish, then waited another hour for dessert, after they forgot to greet the birthday boy! We had to wait another hour for the overpriced bill. All is there for me to say is that the food was great and perfectly cooked, only sugestión is; please chef! Try seasoning the steaks with out so much black pepper so people with guts condition don’t get sick!

Amanda Williams

The seafood tower was absolutely delicious! We had the tomahawk and lamb, as well. Everything was just delectable. We will be back!

Erick Sanchez

Excellent food , great staff !! We went for magical dining and the food was amazing - I'll definitely be coming back here ?


Requested a table and Fernando as our server. Taken to a booth and was left standing in the middle of the dining room for what seemed like forever even tho the place was practically empty. Taken to a table no Fernando but our server was very good. Steak not cooked properly although thanks to Fernando teaching us a trick, we were able to bring it up to the right temperature. The sides were very good and the butter cake was outstanding. This was our go to place but if you advertise yourself as a steakhouse, how can you mess up a steak?


Not a bad place but just not really my style. The food was good but just SUPER expensive. A glass of wine was $20 for a basic Cabernet Sauvignon. We did the magical dinning for 2 with one glass of wine each and the bill was $112 I think. If you don't mind dropping a stack on dinner then I would recommend this place. But me personally I can get equal quality food at Cooper's Hawk at a less expensive price and better atmosphere.

opentable dinner

Service was overwhelmed and couldn’t handle it. Steaks were dry and over cooked and poor cuts, roasted chicken dry couldn’t get more bottles of wine in timely fashion. This is just another Orlando tourist trap w a big name. Pumping out too much volume to make sure a 70.00 ribeye is cooked right. Worse 600.00 I’ve ever spent. Do not go here it’s a gimmick. Go to Eddie V’s had incredible experience the night before.

opentable dinner

We did the magical dining and the menu itself was fantastic. Unfortunately my husbands chicken was over cooked and you cook choke on it. Offered tequila shots as a substitute??? Not another entree. Our server although nice kept coming over to want to clear our plates when we were still eating for the appetizer, the main meal and dessert. VERY uncomfortable. The interesting thing was it took over twenty minutes to get our bottle of wine and 30 minutes for bread. Overall a bit disappointing and expected a lot more from this restaurant as we have eaten there many times.

opentable dinner

I felt like the waiter rushed us to order, even though we had reservations at 9pm. But other than that the food was fantastic!

opentable dinner

Azel was absolutely amazing!! The food was also fantastic. We had the tomahawk with mash and spinach.

opentable dinner

Ambiance was awesome and we had a great time for our date night while on our mini vacation.

opentable dinner

Was a great experience and amazing food. But didn’t like how the dress code was broken numerous times and still allowed to enter. But definitely going back for whiskey event they are having in the future.


Great Atmosphere. Good drinks. Delicious food. Good service. Very pricey. However considering I paid $17 for a you pick two and an iced tea at a Panera the other day, maybe the pricing isn’t off.

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Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

9150 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 351-5074