Infusion Tea

1600 Edgewater Dr, Orlando
(407) 999-5255

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Lindsey Marie

Beautiful decor, great food, great tea and great deserts.. this place is perfect for birthday’s, baby showers, bridal showers, and whatever else.

Magda Kaminski

Everyone enjoyed the baby shower event.Thank you Elizabeth for making it all possible. Elizabeth was real sweet with me answering all my questions and working with me to get a long table for the guests and set it up the way I want for the shower. We also had a couch to open presents and a table for gifts. They made the event private for us as much as they can even though there were other tables of customers around. Everyone was nice working with us at the shower and the food was delicious. Thank you again.?

Elisabeth Brosnan

My mom and mother in law just hosted the most beautiful baby sprinkle for me at Infusion today. Everything was absolutely perfect! The food was delicious, the teas were amazing, and the ladies who work there were so kind and attentive!


I feel like this place isn’t same it used to be. Service seems lacking and seems like place doesn’t get cleaned. Old food stains on the tables layers of gunk you can see from the angles however I did see a young lady clean one of the tables with glass cleaner? However food and tea is still pretty good hope the kitchen isn’t as dirty as the tables I

Kim S.

Great tea choices. Love the Jasmine tea and their scones. There is a wonderful selection of gifts for a variety of occasions: greeting cards too. Spend an hour there and relax.

Jan E.

Love the fresh salads and wonderful array of teas! I enjoy the relaxed and cheerful vibe and having the occasional chair massage from Take 5.

O “OAny” Any

Please note that this review is NOT about the food or service. I regret not taking any pictures while I was there to give a visual of what we saw. This place was disgusting and filthy on the outside. I drove over 30 minutes to give my mom(who loves to drink tea) a treat after reading the online reviews and checking out their menu. I was looking forward to ordering the tea for 2 and enjoying it outside with my mom. Sadly, as we made our way to the door, the exterior wall, outdoor sitting area and walkway were littered/covered with trash, nasty blackish cobwebs all over the walls, windows dirty and when I got to the door, it was filthy. I couldn't belive my eyes when I saw empty dishes on the outdoor table which indicated that some people had actually eaten out there! We stopped at the door, turned around and left. There was no way we could sit and eat out there or order the food- buy that's just us. First impression and appearance is everything and attention to detail goes a long way in a restaurant business. If the outside was as filthy as what we saw, I didn't want to bother with the inside or the food. Who knows how many other customers were turned off by the exterior condition before even making it into the store. They probably have some great tea and food but I hope they will take some time to clean up.

Liana Trouard

Adorable little tea place with many vegan options and the sweets department. I had the vegan breakfast sandwich and it was a delicious with a homemade sauce. They have so many vegan sweets options will definitely will be back!

Elle E.

Ambiance: 8 out of 10; Service: 8.5 out of 10; Food: n/a; Price: $ out of $$$$; Covid Safety: Masks not enforced. The chai tea was delicious. The staff was very nice. Eclectic little place so don't be thrown off by the masseuse at the front. Great little study spot though parking is very weird.

Paul Wojcik

This was my second time at Infusion Tea. My daughter suggested it and I was impressed with the quality and quantity of food—I ordered a peanut butter açaí bowl (see pic below). Parking was easy and the place was “infused” with wonderful activities. I felt safe and Infusion tea was spotless. I highly recommend Infusion Tea.

Chrissy Voegeli

So amazing! The ladies working here are super sweet, the food and tea are delicious. I wish there was a Tampa location!!

Annabelle M.

My first time here went to a bridal shower of my daughters friend. This place was amazing a little nice shot the inside was so cute a little gift shop and the food wow so good everything was good will defiantly go back.

Stephanie Goins

This place is absolutely adorable!!! Was here for a bridal shower and it was absolutely perfect. I loved the selection of teas and both that I tried were super tasty! The food and service was wonderful as well. There is also a cute shop with all sorts of fun cute gift items. Will definitely be going back!

emma cowherd

Great waitstaff, wonderful food and tea.Came here with my family and were greeted kindly, had great food and tea, and all dietary restrictions were accommodated gracefully.

Cassie C.'s a no from. The tea taste great but it's not consistent. I usually order the same thing but it taste drastically different every single time. The owner (husband) treated me like I was a bother. He made zero eye contact with me while I was ordering and barely answered my questions. The lady before placed an online order and all he told her was "we cannot complete that order. I don't know what else to tell you". I worked in the restaurant industry for years and even though you can't always control what goes wrong with the tickets, you can always control how you treat someone. This was my first time seeing & being served by him but also my last time going. There are plenty of tea shops in Orlando with quality tea and customer service.

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