7625 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando
(407) 930-1708

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Eileen Arndt Celauro

Excellent service and food

Maximo Ceron

Great restaurant, amusing staff, two ambiance, taste and presentation of the food was really nice, we tried carpaccio, bone and burgers. Cold draft beers and is actually not expensive. 100% recommended

Ashlee Chambers

I’m pretty confused by my experience here. Everything started out pretty strong, we were very excited to try these French entrees. We mostly enjoyed our specialty drinks, plenty of options, and all of us liked our appetizers. The turning point was when the entrees hit. While our meat was cooked perfectly to the temperatures we requested, every single one of our dishes lacked flavor, and it’s not due to preference. I wish I could say they seasoned any of it but I’m not confident that was the case at all. A server who was not ours, suggested a sauce he liked and also a different type of potato side he felt had more flavor. That sort of saved things. Unfortunately I’m not sure it is worth a return. I still wish them success as the idea of a consistent, local and authentic French Restaurant sounds amazing. Good luck!

Andrea Stayton

Great service and a versatile menu with daily happy hour. It was a good, unique experience that we enjoyed as a family.

Bobbie Moore

It was a delightful experience. The food was good and the staff was “very” accommodating. Will be returning soon……

Sherry Ann

This restaurant was absolutely amazing! We sat at the bar and Enrique was Excellent! We had happy hour drinks, and appetizers they were amazing! He definitely is a great bartender recommended the best. He's definitely an asset to your restaurant!!

Stephanie G.

I LOVE this place. I originally came in with the intention of getting the Bite30 menu... but I loved their regular menu so much that I stuck with it! We ordered a wholeee picnic of food to share. No regrets! Items we ordered: - French Onion Soup- because how can you resist both Swiss AND gruyere cheese... uh yum. -Escargot- so delicious... and it came with SO MUCH BREAD, YES. Thank you, La Boucherie. I hate being that person that has to ask for more bread... but I never had to here. We had plenty of bread for the table AND with our escargot. Happiness. -House Side Salad with Vinaigrette- pretty big salad considering it was a side salad! I was very happy with the salad dressing. Simple and tasty. -Boneless Ribeye (12 oz) topped with a Cognac Cream Sauce with Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus- the ribeye was perfectly cooked to a medium rare. So juicy. Sooo delish. Also, I LOVE that the steaks all come with your choice of a sauce because I never order an extra sauce... But I'm so glad it came with this bomb-a$$ Cognac Cream Sauce. I thank our awesome waiter for suggesting it. It was amazing. The asparagus was great. THOSE MASHED POTATOES THO. These are the best mashed potatoes I've had, maybe ever. Omg. There are no words. I loved everything we ordered. I usually don't buy steaks in restaurants because I can seat a meannn ribeye at home, but this steak was just special. Especially with that cognac cream and the mashed potatoes. All of the yum. I can't wait to go back and order this all over again!

Brandon Ikeman

Went here for brunch, it's a welcome respite from more diner-type brunch options, which can get overcrowded and noisy, and underwhelm on food. Great atmosphere here, more calm with crowd levels and more welcoming, personal service. There were all of the typical brunch options on the menu (sweets, eggs, good cocktail selection, etc.), but still a bit of a French flair. Good portions and prices are reasonable.

Scott Nemiro

It was okay. Nothing over the top and nothing stood out. But absolutely nothing wrong. The lamb shank looked good and the spare ribs were very good.

Gilianne N.

So glad I made a stop there on my quick trip to Orlando. It definitely looks like a great time especially during their busy time. I went for brunch and I totally love their decor with the chairs on the bar. The sangria was surprisingly exceptional and the server was great. I had the shrimp and grits Benedict and I was very happy with my choice. I will definitely come back when in the area again for dinner or Happy Hour.

Orobosa I.

I went on Mother's Day and the place was pretty packed so we could only be seated at the bar which was fine because our bartender/waiter was amazing. The food was really good also. The waffles were a bit hard, but that seems to be intentional since all of our orders with waffles were of the same texture. Drinks were amazing, the vibes were really nice, and the service was great even for a holiday.

Jennifer Tart

We’ve experienced this amazing restaurant twice and have had amazing service and phenomenal food. The atmosphere is great, the owner is present and service is incredible. Our first time here was for brunch and it is just top notch. It’s a gem in the middle of the Dr.Phillips area, you won’t be disappointed.

H. G.

Was in Orlando with the wife on vacation and the wife had wanted to dine outside for brunch and we took a lyft to this restaurant. Looking from the outside, there wasn't much to write home about but our server and the food/drinks were absolutely amazing. Our waiter Enrique was amazing and he created delicious tasting and IG worthy drinks. We ordered a cheese board, escargot, the farmers crepe, foie gras, profiteroles, drinks and the bill only came out to less then $100. Both my wife and I were stunned since we're so used to New York pricing. The food and drinks were some of the best french cusine we've had and we've been to quite a few. Enrique informed us that they had opened up 2 years ago and that this La Boucherie is the first in the USA, (it's a chain in France). I wish they would come to New York! Shoutout to Enrique our waiter and the chef's! Next time we're in Orlando, we'll definitely be coming back. :)

Sherman K.

Great service, great atmosphere and great food! I love the creativity with the menu. The goat cheese croquette salad was wonderfully balanced with the tangy goat cheese, the sweet peaches and the slightly bitter field greens and walnuts. The drinks are always on point; Enrique is a skilled bartender. One of my favorite spots ever since it opened.

Mundae K.

I love LA Boucherie! It is one of my favorites!! Tonight the Lakeland distillery, Lugo's, had a special event and it was SO fun!!! Great happy hour menu & very tasty (and STRONG) summertime drinks! What nice time with great service and special LUAU theming for the night. Love this place!!

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