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yasmany franco

I asked for a chopped salad today and Becky, the server was having a bad day apparently, she didn’t know what that was, and she was giving an attitude about it. I understand if you don’t do it which will be the first subway that I go to that dong do it but she was not treating us nice.

Ben Brown

Came at 10:30am and the door was locked. Waited for awhile and nobody ever came out. Open sign was lit up, hours said 9am and food was out. Had to leave...

Matthew McMillion

This is by far the worst location I've been to, it's right next door to my work so it's really convenient to me, unfortunately they are just rude. When they do have bread, the employees seem disturbed even angry when people place orders. This time I requested that my sub be wrapped in two halves so it will fit in my lunch box. As you can see in the pictures they really don't care, also I was literally the ONLY order they had and when I walked in the restaurant was empty, didn't even see an employee, walked in grabbed my sandwich and left. Not welcoming at all.

Oren Ovadya

OMG .. I never had service like I got in this place The Best Of The BesttttttttRachel take care of me like I was her own family she's amazing and deserve the bestThank you so much again

Eduardo Sanchez (Rez960)

We ordered through them and didn't find out till 30 minutes later that they didn't have bread.

Tom Lagomarsino

Not your typical friendly staff at this Subway. The large man with nose jewelry sitting behind counter acted disturbed that I entered to order a sandwich. Was generally rude, not wearing plastic gloves and rushed and then took my $20 and gave me back $3 for a $7 six inch sandwich. I'd recommend avoiding this place.

Natalie Adams

Worst subway experience ever! One personNo other customers..did not greet...left waiting without saying at the least be right with you. The food was messy looking. Very dissapointing. I've been visiting this place for years. It definitely went down hill...get better employees..not just people who are there to collect a pay check.

Nelmarie Soto Rosa

First of all, the customer service from the manager is terrible (not the first time). Going in to pick up my order, I was not welcoming by making me wait for something he was doing. As it is not the first time, I try not to give it importance. When he finally answered me he indicated that the Italian Herbs and Chesse that we ordered was not available, ok I answered him. After this I ask him if they were available for breakfast and he tells me that the store opens at 10:00 am (time that any restaurant considers brunch or lunch), I answer: -What a shame since I enter at 9:00 am and it would be fantastic come and order breakfast with you. He answers: - You will NEVER see that. (Super inappropriate response to a client). I pick up my food and when I get to work I realize that my food for which I paid an extra meat for a footlong, came simple and that my partner's, which was steak, gave her turkey. And I wonder, how difficult can it be to make an order that is even written on paper? The worst of all is that I could not go back to the store to claim my money since it was in my lunch time. I have wasted more than half an hour trying to complain and I still have not been able to eat. Definitely not coming back. I feel shame for the company to which I belonged long ago. Very bad service.

Will Cadiz

I've been going to subway for many years and never ran in to this issue subway not having meats let's start with no ham, meatball, bacon, salami out of specific drinks and some bread to, so disappointed and the nerve to charge me when I didn't get the sandwich I want it because of not having those meats corporate needs to work better on supplying and having it inventory full.

Cristian Vlades (Cristian Vlades)

AVOID! Today I placed a mobile order and when I got to the restaurant the employee was seating on a table with her phone and instead of greeting me she yelled "we are not taking any orders" so i said "good afternoon, I'm picking an online order". She told me that it's impossible because she has manually voided all orders so she went back to her phone without saying anything. No reason why was giving, no notice, nothing.Avoid this location at all cost

Ryan Kennedy

They only have one person on the closing shift having 10 people in line and half of them leaving. Who ever is the manager scheduling missed out on another 10 orders because my team wasn't waiting that long.


Stopped in after picking my wife up from a conference on a Saturday afternoon. Immediately told they were completely out of bread in a very rude manor. How does a subway run out of bread????? Certainly not a pleasant experience here. Left and ordered pizza at the hotel instead.

Antony Martinez

Honestly one of the best services I received hands-down, staff was very friendly and welcoming. Sandwich was made within minutes with amazing hospitality overall. Awesome job to owner keep it up!

Ryan Di Pompeo

Great service, however I feel terrible for the 1 employee. 1 employee going non-stop trying too keep up. She deserves a raise and added appreciation.

Antony M.

Honestly one of the best services I received hands-down, staff was very friendly and welcoming. Sandwich was made within minutes with amazing hospitality overall. Awesome job to owner keep it up!

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