Waffle House

6308 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 493-7371

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Brad Stears

I love Waffle House but this site is the best. Great staff, especially Penny. She offered better service than any 5 star restaurant.

Alison Embrey

Mrs. Blue hair here, got the happy hat from our delightful, funny, ummmmmm (??) awesome waitress Deedy! Our trip to Waffle House went from “just going to our favorite place while in Florida” to a dinner filled with laughter and great service! Thank you for staying past 9 for us Dee!

Ethan Cuadrado

Angela is so professional very friendly hard working team thumbs up very happy I chose this location will be back for sure thank you

Trista Mandigo

Deedy was our waitress. She was so friendly. My 13 year old says she is so funny. We will definitely come back when we are in the area. Our food was delicious too!!! Dee is a great cook!

John Altekruse

Went to meet a friend driving in from Deltona at 3am. But it wasn't open!!! For a restaurant known for being open 24 hours even during a pandemic, to be closed is ridiculous!!! When its biggest ri al IHOP being open that late at night. The food at IHOP was that good, but I'm sure if Waffle House was open there food would be much better!!! I had to let my friend know to relocate to IHOP while she was driving....

Kevin C

Dee is amazing on the grill! There is no one better than DeeDee for your waitress. By far the most amazing experience I have had at a waffle house! Thank you girls for being GREAT! Will see you again soon!!!! ????

Francisco Martinez

Kim was our amazing server, and Michael was a great cook. They've just started doing indoor dining, and so far it's going great! I will definitely be back for more.

Aaron Bennett

Walked in and was told there is only 4 tables available for eating and they were full. She then said she had no idea when a table would be open. Everyone was eating and there was another server or manager there so I don't understand why there was only 4 tables. Sounded to us like she was telling us to screw off so that's what we did. IHOP down the street greeted us with a smile and was great.Also they closed the tables by putting chairs on them with the chair feet touching the table tops.

sam pruitt

It was very, very clean. Fastest Service I've ever had in ANY Restaurant. I've had fast food orders take longer. Food was hot and good. I was very impressed. I went back the next day.

Matthew Cote

For a big breakfast chain they had very friendly and connectable staff. It felt more like a family run dinner then a national chain. The food was also good.

Porscha Dillard-Morton

Last one I've been to was in Georgia and it wasn't that good. This one blew me away. They made the eggs just like I make them at home and the grits were perfect! My server was amazingly attentive and even put my coffee and oj in a to go cup from the beginning. The only bad part was that I didn't have time to have one more meal here before I left to come back home.

Marc S

I love Waffle House and if you've been to one, you've been to all of them, right? Wrong. Limited menu. Servers with terrible attitudes taking orders and cooking (poorly), and strict mask and capacity rules. Eating at Waffle House is more dangerous than COVID. ?‍♂️?

Daryl L.

Waffle House.... they SHOULD be open 24/7.... Except this one! We came by today (8/10/21 @ 7:30pm) for dinner, tried the door and it was closed! We saw servers in there, they looked at us, but didn't say anything or batted a eyelash. Another car came into the parking lot, and same thing, locked doors.... it's a sad thing when you just want to get something to eat.

Just a Philly girl

If you walked in the waitress was just standing there I had to ask do we just sit down then a nice lady came over took our order the food was okay I just felt grossed out when I went to grab the syrup for my waffle and it was all sticky I was so excited about trying to waffle House but it's not my system now and don't think I'll be returning for it to be a pandemic it wasn't very clean. I only get one star because the waitress that took our food order was very nice. And by the way I couldn't even hear my family talking over the lady who kept yelling out the orders.

Samantha Thomure

Amazing. There was only 1 waitress and 1 cook and our waitress (Penny) had an amazing attitude and had been there over 12 hours. Our food came out fast, was hot and great.

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