Z Asian - Vietnamese Kitchen

1830 E Colonial Dr Ste B, Orlando
(407) 601-6024

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Adam Reiss

Exceptional and extremely tasty vegan options. Very very worthy

Corpse Husband

The best Viet Restaurant in Orlando. Hands Down. Food was amazing and service was awesome!

Derrick Cullen

The menu was refreshing since it was only 2 pages long. The design of the interior was nice, not the standard typical Vietnamese restaurants. So I had good expectations about the food, this is where it went down hill. I have eaten Pho at plenty of different locations and this was the first time I couldn't finish eating it. I was extremely disappointed, especially after being referred there by another restaurant. I have no intention of coming back for the Pho. My daughter enjoyed her chicken dish, which I tried and thought it had good flavor and texture. Staff was friendly.

A. C.

(2/14/2021) Came here for an early dinner on V-day with a friend. It was pouring rain, and not busy early on, although it did fill up later about an hour later. They close the doors early-ish at 8 PM, so it's not a late night kind of place, and this was during pandemic times, so 6-feet distancing of tables was still in place. Service was serviceable, like having your auntie wait on you. Summer Rolls and pho had very fresh ingredients, mostly mildly seasoned and spiced. Usual condiments on the table for added heat (sriracha) and savoriness (hoisin). The Pan-fried Rice Flour (Bánh bột chiên chay) was new to me and really delicious. It's a soft, tender rice flour "cake" that is pan-fried golden brown on all sides and served with fried egg. It's crispy on the outside, and soft and smushy snowy white on the side, like a Vietnamese croquette. These had a slight sweetness that was accented by the nuoc cham and a soy-dipping sauce. Definitely the star of the meal that night. My P1 Special Pho with the "bits" was light on the bits, had a very lightly scented broth, which was clear but lacked a pronounced beefy flavor. Good location with some decent parking (although tight because of the waiting UberEats cars blocking the path).

mani chu

Food is a joke by immature. I came to this place because of the high and review to my disappointment food is awesome, taste awful and very expensive .My seafood pho seems to have a cup of fish sauce mix with the water . I get very thirsty after eating their food and again food is awful. Nothing like in the picture or review . Will never go back


Hands down the most authentic Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Beef Noodles)! The spicy beef noodles was savory and not too spicy. Just the perfect amount of spice. I also got to meet the owner from Boston. Super nice and friendly. If you’re looking for that particular dish. This is the spot. Taste just like home. I paired it with their fresh squeezed lemonade and it was perfect. I look forward to trying many other dishes here.

Anthony Melicharek

The staff was friendly and courteous. The ambience and decor was well done. But, the quality of the food wasn’t the best.1. Pho: The steak was tough. It didn’t taste fresh. Maybe it was previously frozen?2. Green Curry Chicken: The carrots and peas resembled those from a frozen veggie bag. The chicken tasted rubbery.

Olenda Xayana

Would definitely recommend this place, it was really yummy. Only reason why I’m not giving 5 stars is just because I like my pho noodles a little softer and chewier, but it’s probably the brand of vermicelli they used, but it was still very good. The broth was very flavorful. We also got spring rolls and eggrolls and those were also very good! Will definitely come again!

Maddie D.

Located on main Colonial road near Orlando. Can see cars passing by and the interior is very decorative and relaxing. Nice atmosphere. Got vegan rice with tofu and it was delicious! So much flavor!! My friend got Korean BBQ wings and they were absolutely bussin. HIGHLY recommend.

Mara P.

Ate here fir memorial Sunday. Had to wait quite a bit for foods. Ordered food and was told that it'll be 17 to 20 mins before broth is done. And there were only a few customers about 3 tables occupied including us. Seems odd that a Vietnamese restaurant that serves the most ordered food at any viet restaurant wouldn't have the pho already made. Had to ask for culantro and lime to go with the pho. Then,she brings out a few shredded culantro and extremely small like a 1/4 cut lime for 2 people that ordered extra large pho. Wow! This place seems very stingy on their condiments. Overall the pho was not good at all to me. And I ate at a lot of average Vietnamese restaurants. Would not eat here again.

Lisa N.

A few weeks ago I was in the mood for Vietnamese but didn't feel like paying the delivery fee for my favorite place (Le House). So I decided to give Z Asian a try. I love that they have online ordering, which made it super easy to browse the menu and place my order. By the time I walked over there my food was ready, and since I'd already paid online I could just grab and go. (Yay for convenience!) I got the B2 Grilled Pork Bowl, which is my usual go-to for Vietnamese. It was a nice-sized portion, and I was super impressed with the tenderness of the pork. I enjoyed my meal so much that I've already been back again. I can't believe it took me so long to check out Z Asian, but it's definitely going to be part of my regular rotation now.

Steve N.

The family that owns this restaurant are so friendly and gracious - they alone merit 5 stars. The food is the best Vietnamese in Orlando. The wings with fish sauce, Summer Rolls, and Duck Soup are just sensational. The Vietnamese coffee and homemade cheesecake are equally sublime.


Great food! The Pho is amazing, always have to drink the beef broth. Been here twice and both times were great! Look forward to my next visit.

J E G.

Outstanding at every level. The food is terrific, the dining area is spacious and spotless and the staff and servers are helpful , friendly and engaging. The icing on this cake for me is that it is a block and a half away, but if you have to drive there is ample parking in the rear .

Aline & Ashley EATTHRUUS

Orlando is filled with Vietnamese restaurants, and residents have had their favorites for years, but there's one they may have overlooked while driving through "Little Vietnam." This popular strip (Colonial Drive around downtown) is home to some of the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine in town. Z Asian Vietnamese Kitchen, a modern place unlike all the other traditional restaurants in the area, popped up next to a modernized sushi place in 2019, and we completely dismissed it because the name and the look of the restaurant did not exude authenticity. Two years after its opening, we finally got around to trying it. Our favorite place did not survive the pandemic, and we needed a new place for Pho. When we walked in, we immediately got the impression that it would be an American-fusion-type of place, but we were so wrong.Z Asian has an incredible menu filled with Vietnamese favorites, and they believe in slow-cooking and everyday freshness. There are only 2 sauces that this scratch kitchen doesn't make in-house: Sriracha and Hoisin. The beauty of authentic Vietnamese cuisine lies in the aroma, and Z Asian delivers that flawlessly. We tasted every ingredient that we smelled, and it was a memorable culinary experience.This is the first Vietnamese restaurant we've been to that has a patio, and they have cute little lights hanging everywhere. They also have a full liquor bar and an amazing Lychee Martini. It's strong and extremely flavorful.Everything we tried was good, but 3 items stood out. The Summer Rolls were so fresh, and the dipping sauce was delicious. The Pho was exceptional, and it smelled incredible. And the Chicken Red Curry was perfection in a bowl. This dish was so incredibly balanced, and the spice shone without overpowering any other ingredient. We could eat this dish every day.If you haven't tried Z Asian Vietnamese Kitchen, make it a point to go. This place will surprise you and have you coming back for more. We highly recommend. ???? Don't just EATTHRUUS, eat and drink at Z Asian Vietnamese Kitchen.Follow us on Instagram @EatThruUs for more great eats and drinks.

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