Burger King

3130 US-27 South, Sebring
(863) 385-2816

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Lester Carignan II

It's fast food. It's fast and it's food. I had a sheriff driving beside and looking at me. I am not sure if he was hungry or deciding that the double Whopper, I was shoving in my pie hole was blocking my vision and he needed to pull me over. I started eating my fries and he left me alone.

Bobbie Farris

Worst BK I've ever been to!! They are the SLOWEST place in Sebring. If you see even 2 cars in the drive thru, prepare to wait 15-25 minutes for your order anyways. And it will probably be incorrect, or terrible quality. They can't get anything right! I've sat at the speaker for 5 minutes and STILL no one took my order. They weren't even busy. Then I park and go in, just for a small fry for my kiddo, and 2 "managers" and the girl who's wearing the drive thru headset, are just standing there, laughing and joking, completely oblivious. They are the worst staff, and slow, slow, slow! Booooo!

Bev Bayes

Was in 2nd drive thru and two cars on 1st drive thru got their orders in and pulled up in line. No other cars were in either line except us and girl came over speaker and said she would be with us shortly, we waited 10 minutes nothingThen another car pulled into into 1st drive thru and they took their order and we were still ignored, after another 7 minutes we left and car behind us left also. Went to North Sebring BK. No problem got service and food quickly. What is Wrong with South Sebring BK. Our last time at South BK, order is always Wrong. food cold and long wait time especially drive thru. Does management never look at these review I just scanned thru.


First of all you should take off your god damn sign that it says open till midnight I go there 4 days in a ffckn row at 10 to 10:30pm and they said they closed and the other thing is how the fkk you call yourself a ffkn burger king with no ffkn burger or chicken and they just have a god damn dessert you should call your place a ffcknn dessert king not a ffckinn burger king and the manager in there should get fired for closing the store 1 and half hour early. I wish i could give them 0 star and they don't even deserve 1 star. Burger king sebring

enrique rufo

I visit this location often as I turn onto Desoto City off US 27s to go home.It's hit or miss here, they might get your order right or not, it may be served hot or not. There will probably be too much condiments on your sandwich that it will drip all over you. The drive thru experience is ridiculous. You place your order. You pull up to first window to pay and you wait, and wait, till someone comes to take your money, then you pull up to next window and still wait. It can be a very frustrating experience. I'd say you have a 50/50 chance of an enjoyable experience.

Lisa Hasler

From the time we pulled in until we got our order was 17 minutes. I understand it is Fri night. But seriously...

Debra Enos

Terrible service they never get an order correct, when you call Manager he says it's not his problem ( SAY WHAT)!!! Always out of rootbeer and then the broiler goes down (NO WHOPPER AT THE HOME OF THE WHOPPER) NEVER GOING BACK TO AGAIN.

Debby M.

The service is terrible. Not enough help. One person trying to take orders and give out food. 20+ minutes in line.... watched at least 4 cars take off...

Alex Dominguez

While I would give this 3 stars for being exactly what you would expect from a Burger King, it goes a bit further than that. The employees here consistently go that extra mile to be warm, pleasant, and inviting even when you can see them pushing through the lunch time rush of customers. They never give off that "I'm just working in a burger joint, pal" apathy that you can see in many other fast food restaurants, instead they make you feel like your experience matters to them like they were staff at a high class restaurant and you were at a VIP table. Also of note, I don't know what training is being given at this store in particular, but all the food seems to be prepared with far more care than the other Burger Kings I have been to. Store managers, you may want to go visit this BK, because they are setting the bar higher than average! To the staff at this store: Thank you for the consistent excellent service!


This place seriously needs new management or a wipe of employees and restart. I got there at 8:00 and a gentleman said I will be with you in a second never came back till 8:12. then I ordered my food and go to the first window. My total is $9 and I give him a 20 then he says he has to go get change. About 5 minutes later another lady comes out and tell me it's $9. After I told her I paid already the gentleman comes back a couple minutes later with my change finally. Overall the whole experience took 23 minutes

Lenny Sullivan

Lazy, slow, long wait for cold food. I thought the Lake Placid location was bad. This was just ridiculous.

Steven B.

Unless you live under a rock, you know we are experiencing the Chicken Sandwich War! What you may not know is that I am a spy and triple agent! I sneak around for P...s, CF, and W....s. Of course, I report back to headquarters which is Yelp. Yesterday, after much preparation, I infiltrated BK. The rumor was their sandwich was a contender and my masters wanted the straight scoop. I have an excellent disguise! I went in as a 67-year-old, white, old fart and breezed right through the line without detection. The place was spotless and adhering to Covid precautions. The cashier was friendly, and I had my Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo in maybe three minutes I noted that it was packaged well. Upon opening, my nose detected an exceptionally strong spicy aroma. Much stronger than I expected. The sandwich even looked spicy. One bite and I knew it was too spicy for a national chain. After three bites I had tears running down my face! The coating was not as crunchy as the competitors. It was reasonably thick and reasonably juicy but once again, not up to the leader's standards. The fries were forgettable. The penalty for a spy taking pictures at BK and getting caught is immediate execution with no trial. The method is horrific! Your head is pushed into the boiling fryer oil! Not a good way to go. I was extremely careful and managed to take two pictures without getting caught. My masters were pleased. If I was looking specifically for a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, I'd skip here and go with the leaders.

Kevin o'connor

The wait was forever even though they were not busy. Majority of the order was wrong from the sandwiches to the sides. Only the drinks were correct.

Chris Westerholt

lots of electrical devices I assume servalance is my though people are getting zapped by something have really no idea..otherwise pleasant place to eat and stay

Dorothy Crowell

Honestly, the last burger king in Florida worth the drive. Clean! Friendly! And the food is actually hot!

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