Apps Pizza

2615 13th St, St Cloud
(407) 892-7008

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Kimberly McEachern McEachern

Lunch was good fried chicken sandwich with fries

Louise Nunn

The Fish and Chips were fantastic! Made with read cod fish! You don't find a lot of that down here, so that in and of itself was amazing. The clam strips were moist, yet crispy as well. My son had the steak and cheese sub and he said it was delicious too. You could see the roll was full of all the goodness of meaty steak, lovely cheese, and the onions and mushrooms were clearly visible in both halves of the sandwich. Overall, the quality of the food was spot on, fresh and prepared with obvious skill and an eye on making the food taste good. If you are also from New England, you'll enjoy the fish and chips, even though it's not haddock, cod is my second choice. Now if only they had clam cakes, I'd be there every day, lol, and lobster rolls and stuffed clams would have me there twice as often, at least.

Lydia Marie Rodriguez

Yesterday, July 1, 2021 my best friend and some family members decided to go for dinner at this place and to celebrate the six Birthday of her grandson which the dinner was part of his gift ?. The waitress treated them like trash and also the person in charge of the store because my friend and her family are hispanic. My friend let the waitress know about the bad customer service and why she was treating her and the family so bad and all the waitress did was to give her a bad look. I think that for a public place people should be treated equally or other wise put a sign on the door ? no ?? hispanic people allowed and no hispanic people will go in to APPS Pizza to spend their money.

Sandee Samuelson

Service was good. Disappointed in sub. Was mostly bread. Meatballs not homemade anymore. Could hardly find them in sub roll. Was tasty tho. My friends club was good except one piece of bacon on her sub. Most likely won't be going back. Sad BC started going there when Miss Jackie and family owned and ran it. Like to support small businesses.

Bill B.

Pizza was ok, almost to much cheese (if thats possible) they do need to cut their pizza all the way through, when your eatting pizza at a to go location most people don't have a knife to cut the pizza, makes a mess of it pulling it apart.

Kimberley Adamson

Amazing food & Service

Claire S.

This was the first time in many years since we moved from St Cloud that we had an App's pizza and we weren't disappointed! Their pizzas seem to have a special taste, maybe the cheese or whatever but it's delicious! The crust is very good too! I highly recommend App's Pizza in St Cloud, Florida!

Christina Marshall

Used to go here all the time in the early 80s. It was good then and it's good now. Great local place.

Eyralis Rodriguez

GREAT PIZZA and dinner plate thanks to the cook. Everything was delicious and satisfying. Will definitely come back.

Beast FlHarley

The Pizza was very good ,food was great best pizza in town ... Big shot out to the Cook ....

Keilani Escobar

PIZZA IS DELICIOUS!! Props to the pizza maker Mr.Q awesome job like usual ?

Jeff Ford

I have been eating here for thirty years. I have always enjoyed the food and service. My favorite sandwich is the Italian Stallion.

Luisa Ruiz

Very good pizza. The cheese bread no too much.

Bruce Krist

Have you ever had a pizza with ingredients so fresh you could taste it? Apps Pizza is where you will get pizza that way. Great pizza and staff that is friendly and polite. Great place.

Marla Harper

Got my favorite oil rite 5 topping special always so good.

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