Armando's - Winter Park

463 W New England Ave, Winter Park
(407) 951-8930

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Abigail Bragg

We have been regulars at this restaurant for a few years now and even had our (quite expensive!!) company Christmas party there last year. Yesterday, when a group of 10 of us were at the bar we were asked to leave for “being too loud”. Never ever going back. I am completely appalled by how we were treated.

Nick DePriest

Don’t order the Papperdelle Bolognese on Uber Eats cause I have 3 times now and it’s a pound of pasta and no meat, very disappointing but if you eat there they don’t have a problem giving you extra meat sauce

Agnes David

The food quality was excellent with fresh ingredients for the chicken marsala with mushrooms, good marsala wine sauce consistency, great mashed potato and loaded with flavor!The service was professional, courteous and prompt. Our server was attentive and with good hospitable attitude!The interior setting could use some updates to freshen up the look of the place. It was warm and not sure if there was air-conditioning? We also were seated in-front of the open grill cook station or main dining and I noticed that the area may need more deep sanitation cleaning to improve the smell of that area section.

Tish Callahan-Smith

The venue is gorgeous, the food was great, but I don't think our server was happy with a large party. She was a bit snippy and you could tell she was not happy. Kind of put a damper on the entire night.

Tanya Zubova

So we really wanted to get some Italian pasta before leaving Orlando )We ordered appetizers and seafood pasta with extra sauce . We’ve been waiting for kinda long time , which was ok with us cause we had time . Our server was nice and friendly. She said that they did our meals wrong and they are remaking it now , so should take couple more minutes. Finally when we got our pastas , it came out without any sauce and very spicy ( we don’t eat spicy at all). All the seafood tasted really dry . Seemed like the were cooking it for too long . When the server checked on us - we said that we don’t like it and requested a bill . Then some man ( maybe a chef I’m not sure ) came out and started to ask whats wrong with the food . We kindly explained what was wrong . After he started to argue trying to proof that “it was on the menu”. (Unfortunately on the menu it didn’t say that the taste of pasta would be bad)We said that we don’t wanna argue we just wanna get the bill and leave ;))The pasta looks good on photo though;)


Sitting outside at the Winter Park location was very plesant last Tuesday evening. Cool breeze on west side of the building. The service was slow but I expected it would be due to the lack of waiters the industry is experiencing now. Our waiter, Eric did a fantastic job of providing us with friendly service while hurrying between multiple tables. I ordered Gamberoni E Capesante Fra Diavolo. It was served hot and had excellent flavor. It's a spicy dish for those who like that extra kick in their food. I felt the meal was well worth the price and will return in the future.

Alison Muratore

Hate being a Karen but this place deserves it. If you love being over charged ($26) for a few pieces of chicken and a minuscule amount of pasta thats just okay then by all means go to Armando’s!

Jo C.

Ordered via Uber Eats. The order was made quickly & accurately, but that's about where the positives end. The food tasted just ok. My biggest issue is the value and poor quality. The portions were insanely small, especially for the price. Ordered Pappardelle with Vodka Sauce, Mushroom Raviolis, and Spinach salad. It was a $50 meal. It was 5 raviolis with barely enough sauce to cover them (~$20 entree, no protein) and the pappardelle pasta was half dry, clumped together, and smaller than what you'd get in a lunch sized portion from olive garden (also a ~$20 entree, no protein). The spinach was straight out the bag, half of it old & already turning with like 2 cherry tomatoes and a scattering of pancetta chunks (I did request no onions, which they honored). That's it. It barely fed one of us. Save your money & your time. There are a hundred Italian places in town better and more worth the price. Honestly, I'd even put the corporate chain restaurants above this one. Will not be ordering from here again.

Anthony Ramirez

beautiful place service is amazing .very romantic place also .very fitting for a single guy as well .the food is spectacular.

Cindy Retz

We have been regulars here here for lunch or dinner. At least twice or more a month for a few years. Even had parties of 10 -20 people for dinner. Christmas time. Out of town guests. We had bad service a few months back. The guy was rude but obviously having a bad day. He saved it with a free dessert for 6 people. Last few times I noticed dirty tables. But this last time the waitress was so rude we left before ordering our main course. "Oh, that will be an up charge." Like 3 times. Who cares? Waiting for a drink for 15 minutes while the bartender is talking. Whatever. The food was very good - not great - but we go back to places for the service. Last 3-4 months that has been a 0/5. Never going back....

Kelsey C.

Ordered take out, got home and realized there is a bug in my food!! Disgusting and very disappointing...

Stephany T.

I wasn't going to originally post a review until I got sick at 3am the night after eating here. This was our first time and we started off with what I can assume is not fresh calamari as it was cold and bland. I noticed other tables got bread but we didn't so I asked our server for some but it also came cold and didn't taste fresh. Our entrees were really terrible, I'm fairly sure my chicken was raw so I spit it out and left it, only eating the bland pasta. It looked like the chicken was all boiled and served over very al dente pasta and some watery sauce since both plates has bland chicken. We were tired and starving so we just ate and left but wow, extremely disappointed in our experience. Sorry to say all the food was bad since I had high hopes based on other reviews. With the prices I expected good quality Italian food but that wasn't the case. The service was also pretty awful, from the host to the server, not very friendly or welcoming.

Tina Levi

Very good Italian foos in a nice atmosphere. The back patio dining was great for big parties. They also have friendly service.

Greg Huff

Not very authentic or good Italian food. Only bright spot was the calamari. I tried pasta, steak and pizza, they were all awful. Pasta had no flavor at all. Pizza was over cooked, had no flavor and took a long time to come out. The steak had way too much sauce on it and the sauce did not taste good either. Would not go back.

Jay Patel

Best food we have had in a while. Ambiance and service were awesome! 10/10

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