BENTO Winter Park

501 Orlando Ave #221, Winter Park
(407) 755-3555

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Mark H.

The food is great and the menu options are awesome. The poke bowl is fresh and the tuna used for the sushi was great

Not A P.

Always "temporarily closing" for online orders. Hire more staff to keep up with demand. The quality is not good either. Probably because the have cheap management and owners.

Joy P.A.

Prices are reasonable or cheaper than I thought. Ordered a bento, and satisfied my appetite. Worth every taste and penny. Sushis are way far from being nasty. For curry orders, the sauce tastes like any thai restaurant. Quality wise, it is good enough.

diann bertalan

I ordered the Hawaiian Bowl. Tuna was not edible. My favorite thing on the planet is seaweed salad… that was awful too. They did kindly refund my meal.

Alexander Kioukis

Small portions. Sushi was falling apart. Took forever to come to the table. They didn't even make a rainbow roll with the proper ingredients. Save yourself the time and support one of the many independently owned family asian restaurants nearby for better service, and more authentic cuisine.

sara erickson

Fresh, flavorful, and filling! Lots of food for the price! ?

Beverly DeLong

Really great place to eat on the cheap and if you enjoy a little more healthy eating. They offer various sushi dishes, but also bento boxes and bowls ranging from rice and noodles with your choice of veges, tofu and meat. Sauces are mild to super hot. Great laid back atmosphere. Perfect for a casual date as well with a nice front patio and side patio for people watching!! LA Fitness is right outside the side patio, so if you're into people watching, this is a great spot! Love the food and would go back a 3rd time for sure! Forgot to add a comment about the cold Boba green tea..delicious!

Gage Harper

While not the best Thai / Asian fusion restaurant you could probably find in Orlando, the food is still pretty good and the prices are reasonable. The menu is quite extensive and portions are pretty good. I would probably eat here more often and rate it higher if they didn't lack options for those with food allergies such as celiac and soy allergies.


Maybe not the best or most authentic sushi in Orlando, but it's the most accessible. If you want to get a friend or family hooked on Sushi, bring them here.


This Bento is a bit more chill and quiet than other Bentos and the food is consistently great! Only a short drive away from the UCF location. Customer service is great, bathrooms are clean and food presentation is on-point! Once again, Bento coming in clutch for my Asian food cravings! ?

Ian Atwill

First time being here and i have to say the food was good but i was unsure of what to get cause i dont normally eat this kind of food. But the girl at the counter lexie was very helpful with my selection and made sure everything was correct. She was very knowledgeable about the menu

Draco & the Malfoys

Didn't know what level of sushi to expect, but this was much better than I thought it would be for a quasi-fast food place. Had three varieties and all were excellent.

Jin Chun

I’ve never had an inside-out warm sushi in a restaurant before. Moreover, all the protein sources tasted stale, even as they just came out from the kitchen. It was impossible to let down any of it into my stomach without the aid of many ginger slices. The dumpling skins were so thick and they were the only things I could taste. The udon noodles basically didn’t even have any actual broth in it. Tbh any sushi rolls in any local grocery stores would taste at least a million times better than this.


I was in Winter Park on business and needed a fast dinner. I headed to Bento, which was near my hotel. I had a pleasant experience. You order at the counter and the food is brought to your table. There was a nice selection of sushi rolls and bowls or bento boxes; although those seem Japanese, the concept is really more Asian fusion (for example, many of the protein options for the bento boxes are more characteristic of Chinese food). I ordered a bento box and one sushi roll. It was nothing remarkable, but it was as-promised: the chicken was warm and had a tasty glaze, the brown rice was appropriately al dente, and the green beans and salad were tasty. The lo mein was not tasty; the noodles lacked flavor and were a little overcooked. The sushi roll (rainbow) was pretty average. For the price point, though, everything was acceptable. I wouldn’t recommend this for Asian cuisine, but as a fast casual Asian spot, it’s definitely a step-up from a place like Panda Express.

Frank Torres

Restrooms need attention is very important to have clean restrooms at all times clean rest rooms equal to clean kitchen.

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