700 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park
(407) 622-2445

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K Rogers

Every time I go to the store, the service is terrible the food is cold and robbery. It never fails list Chick-fil-A locations sucks

Jesse King

Food is fine but have had to wait 45 minutes in line almost every time I come to this Chick-fil-A. It’s better to just go to the one on Colonial.

Layla Stryker (Lucy)

This has to be the slowest location I've ever been to. Drive through is more like sit thru. My online order took 30 minutes in line to pick up. This is the only CFA I've ever seen without multiple people outside with tablets and running orders.Whatever this franchise owner is doing, they aren't doing it right. If they are short staffed the ownee needs to pay more and put up hiring signs - not a single hiring sign on the premises during my incredible wait (I looked, trying to find an answer to SLOW)I'm on the road a lot and frankly even other CFAs in the area are 4x faster-I assume because their staff is paid enough to work/live in the areas they are in- guess this one isn't.The 3 stars are for the current employees and the food quality. The employees (2) I did interact with were friendly and professional and kept the line moving at an efficient pace. The food was also fresh and tasty, probably the best chicken fila sandwich I've had in months.There is online IN STORE PICK UP despite the dining area being closed. I'd highly suggest ordering that about 20 minutes in advance and skip the drive thru.


Insane. They closed the lobby for inside orders but you can go in and pick up online orders. Thats safe and total science. The line is like a theme park and not worth the insane wait. Every chick fil a is fully open everywhere else and runs tight ships. This place is a nightmare. I’ll never eat here again. The franchise owners must not care at all. Hasn’t been open inside since this Covid started and I’m done.

Jose Padrino

Always good, but this location did not have staff taking orders outside, and only one line on drive thru. It took 10 minutes to in the line.

Dan D.

We have many Chick-Fil-A restaurants in the area that provide the excellent service they are known for. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. On at least two occasions, we've been unable to move through their parking lot due to the slow-moving drive through. And, on a couple of others, we've left the drive through line after sitting in the same position for twenty minutes or more. If there were other options, such as carry out or curbside (like other Chick-Fil-A restaurants in the area) we'd use those, but this one elected to discontinue those services during the pandemic. We generally support whatever a company feels is appropriate regarding their response to COVID, but if there is only one option (drive-through), they need to do it well. This restaurant management could learn a great deal from similar service at nearby restaurants, such as the one in Colonial Town Plaza.

K C (LakeLover)

Worst delivery system I have ever seen at any Chick-fil-A in the US. They have The dining room closed and they have one person at the drive-thru window making the deliveries. The line is super long. Most Chick-fil-A's during covid have figured out how to have their people deliver the orders to people waiting in cars and to multiple lines of cars to speed up the process.Don't go to this Chick-fil-A unless you have 20 to 30 minutes to kill!

Hunter Jackson

Why is the inside of the restaurant closed? Don’t tell me because of COVID since every other restaurant is opened on inside and yet you make people wait on the outside or drive thru??

Terra 1031

Chris today in the hot as hades drive thru during lunch greeted me with a smile an appropriate joke and genuine conversation. Give that man a thank you and a pay raise. It takes so little to make such a huge impact. When are other business is going to figure this out?

Alison R.

This is by far the slowest chic fil a ever. I am currently sitting in line now and going on 30 mins. Better off driving to the next one! They do not have it together whatsoever...... OK so I have to add after my exit from the line. There was no payment taken until the window you picked up your food. Noticed several people in there on their phones. Messed up the Coke and gave me a large instead of a medium and had me switch it back that's not Covid protocol. Unbelievably horrible don't ever go here. No Management on site so it is horribly run.

Jay Rodriguez

Nothing but 5 stars. The food is great the staff's super friendly. A great place to bring kids.

Rob M.

WoW so bad. Got trapped in a Monday lunch time drive through ring around the building. Worst Chick-fil-A experience ever. Pulling in you'll see two rows of cars but be forewarned, unlike many C-F-A's around the country, these two rows eventually find their way to single line. Order, Pay and pick up from a single window. More than 35 minutes start to finish. It's a disaster. The one thing I did enjoy from our truck was watching small cars bolt out of line at various stages in the wait in UTurns, 3 point turns and or full on reverse out of the parking lot and over to the Taco Bell drive in next door. LOL they were eating before we made the second loop around the building!

Minerva Almaraz

Great food, love getting the chikn minis for breakfast and dousing them with Buffalo sauce it makes it so much better. Their iced coffee is ok.

Jocelyn Ventura

Always is good to stop ✋ here ,good services and costumer service

Tikita Lamar

We always order large quantities because the whole family likes different things, but it's maybe twice a month for the family. No pictures, sorry the food never last that long??‍♀️

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