Gelato-go Orlando

513 S Park Ave, Winter Park
(321) 972-8250

Recent Reviews

Yoly Loza

Since I found this place I love it firstly because they have vegan options. I love vegan dark chocolate gelato is my favorite. If you are looking for a healthy dessert come to Winter Park and stop in Gelato-go like me. I highly recommend it.

Amber Ginel

The gelato is SOO tasty! Lots of variety, the place was very presentable, nice and clean. And the customer service was amazing!! Definitely family friendly :)

Jan C.

Second time trying this place. First time was at the Science Center Yelp's Noche tropical night. And let me tell you. It was delicious.

Valentina Moran

Excellent attention.. great families place..great ice cream taste!

Lexus Hale

This was me & my husband's first time checking this place out and it was LOVELY!!!! The lady was very sweet and the gelato was very fresh and tasty. We ordered size large and got to choose 3 flavors: I had brownie fudge, caramel brownie, and we both got the marscapone nutella (highly recommend)

Katherine Herbert

Best place in winter park for a cold sweet treat. The service is amazing and gelato is incredible. As a frequenter of Park Ave, I regret going anywhere that isn’t gelato go. It’s the best place to end the evening.

A Servign

As simple as: We drive 46 minutes from our home to Winter Park to get the best, most tasty and "yummylicious" gelato in all Central Florida!Besides, the place is very clean and they offer an excellent customer service!*Sorry but I couldn't resist; I finished my gelato before taking the picture, so I'm sharing the picture of the dessert we took home =)Ana

Pietro Dorazio

I am Italian, and i have to say that this is as close as you can get to an Italian Gelato. Service was perfect. The owners are super friendly and yours you through all the flavors with passion. The make the product themselves so...Totally recommendedCongratulations for making Winter Park an even better place.


If you are looking for a authentic gelato, this is the place to go! I've been here several times and every flavor has been absolutely delicious, definitely a must try!

Renata Torquato

I absolutely loved the gelato!

Michelle C. Reece

Didn’t taste fresh. Was not appetizing. Not worth paying nearly $10 for a 8 ounce cup.

Donna Mccoy

Nice staff and excellent gelato. Thank you

Kimberly K.

I'm out here for a visit from KC and found this gem. Be sure you get the salted caramel, it's worth it! Fabulous

Alyssa K.

Ok first of all this is NOT healthy ice cream 1. They use whole milk instead of heavy cream. HEALTH FACT: Heavy cream DOES NOT have sugar and it's good fat and whole milk got TONS OF SUGAR which is really bad for you. 2. They said they use less sugar which I can tell so that's good. 2. Coffee is 3/5. It's a bit bitter. If you like bitter coffee, you will like this place. The concept is all wrong. I don't love the ice cream. It tastes light and thin so you would think it's "healthy" taste and if you love the idea of "less fat" as in no heavy cream in your ice cream, then you will love it. I'm on keto diet and I believe in high fat diet and whole milk has so much sugar and that's a fact so that's not healthy at all. Fat in heavy cream DOES NOT make you fat. WHOLE MILK DOES. You can check the sugar content on Google. It's the truth.


The gelato was rich and smooth, and was offered in a wide variety of flavors. Portions were small, but still very good.

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