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Josh Mercer

The chicken biscuit was okay, the fried green tomatoes were inconsistent as we had three orders and none of them tasted similar, the Mac n Cheese and Collard Greens were SO GOOD compared to the rest of the meal. 2 out of 5.

Jennifer Westbrook

Got sandwiches with a side and all the food was delicious. Price was reasonable since each sandwich provided two meals. Really great flavors. Will def return my next trip to Orlando.

Stephen Lawrence

Awesome food. Great choices. Great prices


First time trying The Coop in Winter Park and when I saw the 4Rivers affiliation knew I would probably find it overdone in terms of food prep, and unfortunately wasn’t wrong. The fried chicken was unimpressive size wise with minimal breading that was salted/seasoned within an inch of it’s life. The “skillet cornbread” was out of a muffin tin and misleading in that respect. The collard greens were above average but somehow nearly half stems, not ideal. The coleslaw was the best item on the plate with a perfect balance of creaminess and tart vinegar with some onion flavor sneaking through too. Probably won’t return given the obvious tendency to overwork everything. As a real southern cook will tell you, good ingredients simply prepared always shine through without a heavy hand of salt/seasoning.

marianne fasolo

It tasted good but way overpriced for what I received. I ordered the Catfish and grits. The picture and description of the Catfish and Grits meal said it was a WHOLE Catfish. It was absolutely not. I got one very small piece of Catfish that had more bread coating than fish.

Megan F

Super clean. Spacious. Very friendly employees. Food was impeccably delicious! Like a home cooked me from your Grandma!!! Highly recommend! Cornbread was so yummy, as were the smashed potatoes and gravy. Fried green tomatoes were so amazing! I can't wait to go back and try breakfast!!

Annette M.

Had breakfast with several people this morning. Got the Coop Benedict, the bread on bottom was cold and stale, one of the eggs was perfect the other one was cold. Not sure what is up but usually the food is much better.

Art By Solar - Theresa

This place is great for southern comfort food. They have a big open dining area and very pleasant staff. The food is very tasty and filling. Super clean on the inside and a pleasant atmosphere. Give them try and you won’t fly the coop ;)


Good eats! I had the chicken (tenders) & waffles with maple bourbon syrup (mixed w/hot sauce per another recommendation). Chicken was flavorful & juicy. Waffle was good (I asked for it a bit crispy & they delivered).For those of u who don't know, it's owned by the folks who own 4Rivers. Staff is friendly, food cooked to order & brought to u after u order cafeteria style.The only ding on my visit was they don't have a full Sweet Shop (only assorted bars & 3 cupcake flavors). Even the Sweet Shop at 4Rivers on Fairbanks only has 3 flavors of cake (vanilla, chocolate & red velvet). The one on University used to have at least 5 flavors of cake & many more sweet options. I wonder if their business model changed during Covid? Sorry no pics, I was hungry. But, it looked just like the pic ?

Lissette Ayala

First to time there. We loved it. Friendly staff, kid friendly environment. Great food n menu options. Spacious seating area in n out door. We will definitely visit again.

Leslie W.

Ordered via Uber Eats and was very underwhelmed. Pre-COVID, this was my go-to place for chicken and waffles. It had been a while since I've last eaten here, and was looking forward to my meal. Sadly, the chicken arrived undercooked and soggy. Waffle was cold and rubbery. I ended up having to put both the chicken and the waffle back into my oven so they could cook through/crisp up. The meal also came with a biscuit, which was a weird hybrid biscuit/cornbread situation. It was very dry, and I tossed it after one bite. As for other sides, I ordered collard greens and mac & cheese. By far, the collard greens were the best part of my meal; the mac & cheese was standard fare and unremarkable. Also, and to my extreme frustration, no condiments were included with my meal--I had to raid my own fridge and pantry for butter & syrup for the waffles, as well as dipping sauce for the chicken. Very annoying that I basically had to prepare my own food, after paying a premium to avoid having to do so. I get that certain items don't travel well; however, they should at least be prepared properly from the get-go, and condiments that typically accompany the meal should most definitely be included. I assume I would have had a much better experience had I eaten there at the restaurant, but my food I was sent was not good enough to make me want to go in person.

Phillip Fromer

Probably the best chicken in town. Not necessarily the best prepared of the chicken, but the actual meat is better than any other place in town. I had the Nashville sandwich and it started out just OK with not much going, other than the perfect cook of the meat. Then the burn started, which was what I ordered that for. Slow burn and then the perfect heat. Brought tears to my eyes, but not running tears. I could still taste the fresh brewed sweet tea when I finished.If you want a perfectly cooked chicken in Orlando, the Coop is the place to go.

Scott Nemiro

Really guys?! This is what you provide for a sauce for 3 giant chicken fingers? And I paid 60c for an extra one. Also no catsup or anything in the bag for the fries we ordered. For the price of what we paid for this meal I think you should be able to at least provide an adequate amount of sauce and other condiments with the orderedit: I am bumping my star rating because the quality was good and the response from the company was real and sincere. The quality of the food was very good. Just make sure you don;t let them screw you on the sauce!

Elle E.

Ambiance: 8 out of 10; Service: 3.5 out of 10; Food: 1 out of 10 Price: $ out of $$$$. I very rarely give out 1 stars. It takes a lot...but they deserve it. Where do I start? With the food, the wait time, the confusing branding or the lack of cleanliness. Let's start with the cleanliness. The ice machine wasn't working well so one of the workers used a long paddle in the ice machine to push the ice more evenly around in it's reservoir. The paddle that went in with the ice touched the floor and the wall prior to being used to move the ice in the receptacle used for everyone's drink. The worker also used a chair to gain access to the ice reservoir multiple times and never cleaned the chair off even though it was a chair for customer use. They gave us styrofoam cups that had no matching lids and they gave out 4rivers cups that did have lids. There was no rhyme or reason with who got what cup. Switching to service, we waited over 40 minutes for waffles and eggs. Food was not seemingly coming out on a first come, first serve basis because people who came after us got their food first and people we came after got their food after us. Now, the actual food... was terrible! The food was super cold by the time it was delivered. The waffles tasted like cardboard. The eggs had no seasoning. The cornbread was dry. No flavor. It was overall, a miserable experience. My husband and I wish we could both get our time and money back.

Stephen I.

Local businesses are the HEARTBEAT of any city and spots like the COOP make you feel right at home even if you've never been to the area before. If you want a taste of good southern cooking, look no further! I had the chicken and waffles and it's easily in my Top 5 C&W EVER. The chicken is the most important part of this dish and it's seasoned well while maintaining tenderness. It's served on a fluffy waffle drizzled in their house made Bourbon Syrup If you're ever in the Orlando area, you'll want to make a stop by the Coop!

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