Chronic Tacos

970 North Point Dr St. 160, Alpharetta
(770) 442-8226

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Can H.

As a California native, I'm so glad to have found a Chronic Tacos not far from home! I hate that we are just now finding them as they've been open for 2 years, but we ate there 3 times this week to make up for being late to the party. Today, we met the owner who was super nice and as a bonus, he's from my hometown in Cali. They generous portions unlike a somewhat similar place we all know that also starts with C. Their proteins and options also blow that other place out of the water! My picky kids are now pretty much addicted to the carnitas here. I'm all about the carne asada and my husband loves the mahi mahi and al pastor. I'm so glad I brought an extra taco home today, it's about to go down!

Michael Curry

Ordered a couple of taco plates and took the order number flag to the table. Someone brought the plates to our table and then returned to the prep area. They did not bring utensils or napkins. Got up and had to ask for them myself.Then we noticed that there was no guacamole on the tacos. It was in the description on the menu board. Had to get up again to get that.The Baja fish tacos were a $2.00 up charge per plate. Fish portion was very stingy.I had mixed beans and the pintos seemed as if they were straight out of a giant can like you see in the grade school cafeteria. Boring as can be. Black beans were better but just OK. I got up (again) and got some pico de gallo to dress them up a bit.All told, the value that we got for $9.75 per plate was quite poor. Perhaps the chicken, etc, at $7.75 per plate would have been a better choice.I am from a part of the country where Rubio’s fish tacos rule the category and their product is very hard to beat, but at the very least I expect to see a better experience in fast casual dining and way more attention to the basics - like accurate food descriptions, decent service, and a more adventurous product served in more generous portions.I may come back to try the chicken tacos some day but only if I happen to be in the area and really hungry at the same time.I prefer Qdoba, or even Chipotle by far. No fish items on the menu but more value and way more satisfying food.The place has potential but has lots of room to grow into it.

Rachel A.

I found the food to be only okay. If you need a taco / burrito fix, this quick serve (chipotle style setup) will do the trick. But it's not serving as the best Mexican food by any measure.

Wen A.

I love this place, it is similar in concept to a couple of other places but they use a different mix of spices that makes it unique.... Love that you can also add shredded cabbage to your order. Our only frustration is that they are tucked away and it's easy to forget they are there!

Nick R.

Best street style tacos around! The battered fish tacos "Baja style" can't be beat. Friendly staff and clean environment.

Jaclyn R.

When I heard Chronic Tacos was in GA I was so excited! This is just like the awesome SoCal taco joint I used to go to at the beach. The owner, James, is awesome and a Cali native. Thank you James for brining the best tacos to GA and keep the street corn forever!!

Reza K.

Food: This was my first time eating at this place. I ordered a chicken Burrito and the chicken was so smelly I couldn't finish my burrito. Staff: Staff were helpful and respectful.Environment: it was clean

Xochitl Vizcarra

The Best Service, excellent quality and flavor. The owner cater to our office and everyone love them.

Robert Lee

Great food and friendly staff. Fish tacos are authentic unlike most other offerings in the Atlanta. Give Chronic a try.

Joseph Roberts

Great spot that’s still open for dine in! Delicious food you can’t beat it or the price.

Tammarah Hamilton

1st time there food was great,service was good and workers seemed polite. But the next day was just the opposite. Burned inside taco crust, almost no potatoes inside (ordered plain, no topings). Went in to ask why & cashier immediately hostile, rude, insisted I bead more $ for same lack of quality. Couldn't eat what I bought, tossed into trash, kitchen worker started coming into customer area, while I was told to leave as I was "disrespectful". I was afraid, asked son to call police, it wasn't until then that I was allowed to leave without further verbal threats & at the least, implied threat of violence against me from the kitchen worker. (I wasn't telling, using bad words, nor did I insult anyone, my supposed 'disrespect' was throw inedible food into the trash can)

The Agars

We had such a great experience at this Chronic Taco! James, the owner, was so kind along with the rest of his staff. The entire restaurant was extremely clean, and the food was delicious. It was perfect for our quick work lunch. Looking forward to many more!

Amin Y.

Just a another franchisee. Didnt like the smell of the chicken and meat. Got a burrito and taco, didnt like either.

Bailee M.

This spot is really good for a quick taco!! It's like a more pleasant chipotle because the owner actually cares about the business. The chicken tastes really good and they have a lot of choices. And they give you a good amount of food. No complaints here :)

Calvin M.

Solid tex mex spot. Decent draft menu, would recommend! Very good cleaning habits, each table is cleaned and sanitized after each guest

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