Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

5580 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta
(770) 521-9597

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Jessica Fuller

I ordered pickup for a birthday dinner at home. The food was delicious as always, but felt a little cooler than I'd like by the time we got home :(Also wish there was an option to get extra meatloaf sauce. Still, it was all very good.


Very nice people. Food is really good. Already have fall and Christmas stuff in the store due to Covid.

Alicia Pugh

This place is amazing compared to the Suwannee location. I recommend the grilled spicy catfish.

Just Someone

The food was perfect, i got the new maple bacon chicken with pintos and mashed potatoes. The pinto beans were the best I've ever had and were cooked with pork or beef. The mashed potatoes were cold and hard, they were also poorly seasoned. Though the maple chicken was amazing. Is was largely sized meal and was very filling. The chicken had the perfect ratio of sweet and spicy and the bacon was perfectly cooked. Not to crispy, not to soft.

Cheryl Wyatt

Love, Love Cracker Barrell! I had the Haddock dinner with the yummy sides of, Dumplings, Green Beans and Fried Apples! Service was great and quick as well?

Vina L.

My bf and I were craving Cracker Barrel cause it has been awhile! We ordered the Country fried steak with Mac n cheese and mashed potatoes gravy on the side. They have brown gravy & white, we chose white. It was a little chewy according to my bf. I got the country fried shrimp with Mac n cheese, hush puppies, baked potato, and fries. (On the menu it says comes with hush puppies but It didn't list it came with fries as well) not sure if it was an accident or not. But whatever. My "loaded" Baked potato looked SO SAD! Like very very sad, and when my waitress was setting down my food, IT WAS ROLLING AROUND LOL! When I tell you there was barely any cheese and I'm sure the bacon is from the bag you can buy at the grocery store, but who knows. Yeah, the baked potato is a no for me. We also had Biscuits, it was pretty doughy and chewy! The service was okay, seemed like she was a little new? Not sure, but over all it was decent. Every Cracker Barrel location is a hit or miss.

Armand C.

Traditionally, we will get the country fried steak by itself. This time we decided to try the country fried shrimp as well and it was much better than the steak. Biscuits were very chewy and food was not that hot. Usually this Cracker Barrel is our go-to, not so sure now.


I just love having a meal that is close to what mama used to do. I need comforting in these times & Cracker Barrel fills that need!

Rita Daiute

Server did not anticipate needs of customer . I had to ask for catsup, straw, napkin , refill, ECT. Food took a long time. Fish tasted fishy not fresh, some food was warm some was not. I usually am very pleased with Cracker Barrell .

Bob Wiles

Good food. Still the slowest breakfast on the planet

Michael D. Todd

Very good location with friendly staff... Wait times are acceptable and the food is prepared quickly.

Katia Marins Aranda Blanco

Very nice. Authentic southern style food.

Kyler Crawford

last night was our first time we went to this magnificent restaurant. But It is surely not the last. We enjoyed the evening very much with the courteous service, with the magnificent dishes and wine and with the comfortable payment. We will no doubt return there in a short time.

jaz walker

Pancake was shape weird mapple suryup was bad bacon all the way the only good thing was the eggs and sausage and thats what i recommend.


Great time to place an order online or on the phone. Staff was incredibly helpful! Especially Glenora, she was very knowledgeable about the menu and even made suggestions for a wonderful latte! Thanks guys!!!

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

5580 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30004
(770) 521-9597