Poke Fresh

5530 Windward Pkwy #1040, Alpharetta
(770) 417-8699

Recent Reviews

Jonathan D.

Been gettin that fruit drink and it looks exactly like the pics and its real good. Also got their sushi rito and its real good. Also got their poke bowl and its real good. Highly reccomend this place, its real good. Bag.

Shawn M.

Always delicious! They are polite and the delivery is fast. Try the three protein bowl with spicy tuna and get the spicy mayo!

Gabby C.

it was super good but they didn't have cooked tofu so i had to improvise and get extra edamame their sauces and seaweed salad were amazing

Mar S.

Family owned business, well managed and consistent with quality fresh ingredients. There are plenty of poke places in this city and surrounding areas, I've tried most but Poke Fresh stands out with generous portions and excellent service. See the picture of an epic bowl served days ago, it was a well-crafted symphony of fresh seafood, rice cooked on point and awesome veggies and sauces. Well done Poke Fresh!

Sarah Pecót

The BEST poke in town. I have been to all of them so I can say this with confidence. Also, the most protein for the money. I will come here forever.

Yan X.

I paid $11 for a salmon lover and they gave me about 5 bites of food. The food was decent, average for a poke bowl place but I can't get over the fact that I was still hungry after spending $11. Every other poke bowl place I've ordered from gave more food than this. Save your money, there are plenty of poke places around, don't go to this one.

Royce V.

10/10 spot. My favorite poke spot in Alpharetta. Been going here since it first opened and every time it never disappoints. The fish is fresh, the rice is soft, and the veggies are great. The variety of sauces they have are terrific and tasty. It allows for you to create a one of a kind bowl to your liking. The portion sizes are great too and will fill you up! Would recommend any time for folks who want to switch things up from regular sushi! They even have a pokeritto if you want your food in a burrito form!

Mi Sun C.

Very similar to Pokeworks. Their portion size is reasonable and has a good amount of veggies and toppings. Very vegan-friendly and has gluten-free soy sauce! I don't know about their burritos, but bowls are really good.

Karen S.

Love Poke Fresh for Lunch! I add as much as I can can that will fit in their bowl. I am almost a weekly customer!


Great poke! Lots of protein, vegetable, and sauce options.

Andrea Bell

My first time eating Poke was at this restaurant and I fell in love. I’ve tried other poke restaurants in the area and they do not compare to this place. The portion sizes are great even if you get a small it is a good amount of food for a great price. They also have a good selection of vegetables and sauces. Also, they have the good guava candy at the register

Meredith Martinez

Walked in 15 minutes before they closed and they were more than happy to help me. This was actually my first experience with Poke, and I’m so glad I came here for it! I got the Protein Bowl and some miso soup and it was exactly what I needed post-workout on a rainy, cold day. Super tasty and fresh, even that late at night, and lots of high quality ingredients.

Enrique H.

Pole was good, customer service lacks for sure, just no communication whatsoever

Sasha M.

I've gotten both take out and dined in here. I honestly think this is one of the more fresh poke places and their portions are generous by price point. Staff is friendly and the different specialty items have never disappointed me. Highly recommended. My favorite is the salmon special (3 scoops). Enjoy!

Hosanna Joy Panasyuk

Went for the first time today and unfortunately it was extremely understaffed. One guy working and making all of the bowls for a huge line of people. He had a great working attitude and made sure we were satisfied, which was awesome, but it took a very long time to get our bowls. Great food experience! Great tasting for sure, and good quality ingredients. Also, very delicious vegan and vegetarian options.

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