Simha/ Paradise Biryani Pointe

5310 Windward Pkwy suite d, Alpharetta
(678) 339-0068

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Naresh Rathod

Yesterday I ordered two hyadrabadi mutton biryani for to go and one of them didn't had any mutton piece it was just a rice. This was my first time and I am not going to order or visit this restaurant at all.

shakthi priya

We bought family pack chicken 65 biriyani and Naan. Taste of the biriyani was ok, as the rice was not fully cooked and the chicken 65 was too salty. Not sure if it worth the price. But the naan was really good and soft. Good place to stopby for naan but not for biriyani.

Faisal Ali

They messed up with my order to begin with (Had asked for a double meetha, gave me ras malai instead). Ordered biryani, the accompanying Raita and Salan were stale.


Dinner here with the family. We went with some recommended dishes, and everything was fresh and delicious. I’d definitely stop in again when on this side of town.

Waiting4 W.

My first and only experience with this place. I ordered the Veggie Samosa's, Goat Biryani, and Naan. From the outset I gather the prices reflect the location as I've gotten all three items for less than $31 dollars. So my initial sentiment relates to the pricing. The Samosa's were terrible, the outside pastry was overcooked and thick, extremely doughy. The filling was even worse. The potatoes were overcooked, close to a mashed consistency. The flavoring bland, they did get the spice level correct. The Goat Biryani.... what can I say, I got a bowl full of rice with maybe 5 pieces of goat meat in there (and mostly bones I might add), onions and half a boiled egg. This was really disappointing. I understand goat is costly, however, this bowl was costly, $13.99. The menu states that the Biryani is served with..."Raita (Made with Onion, Cucumber, Yogurt) and Salan (Made with white sesame, onions, peanuts red chilly and house made Indian spices)." My meal came with none of this. I'm not sure what are the underlying issues for this establishment, however, kindness and courteous staff, seems to outshine disparaging menu. My positives, I was able to use the rice with another meal that I assembled. The staff was pleasant, and the atmosphere seemed warm.

Deepak P.

I ordered a chicken biriyani take out. As soon as I opened the Chicken smelled so bad. I still tried to see if it tasted good. It was not at all good. Ended up having some rice and egg and threw the rest of it. Before packing they should at least see whether the meat was spoiled or not. Bad experience.

Dr K.

Not a good experience. I think Food was spoiled and taste was so bland. It's a Nice and clean restaurant but not good food..looks like They change management too many times here. I think I'm tired of this place now. Would never recommend.

Kat D.

My favorite Indian restaurant in the area. They have a good selection of curries, biryani, and more. Sometimes at dinner they will give you free soup. The food is always delicious. I really don't have anything bad to say about it. Service is good.

Mark S.

The food was tasty, but the service was horrible. The server did not ask how spicy our group wanted their dishes, but assumed one wanted their dish mild and the other medium even though they ordered the same thing. Even after telling the server later they wanted them both mild, he then brought them a mild and a medium. The first person was given their dish, but then had to wait 15 minutes to get rice for it although two others served later received rice. When we asked if we could get rice from a take out order while waiting, they said yes but then brought us something different than rice. Our group ordered two garlic naan. We got a late plain one and after several requests, got a garlic one when the meal was over. When one person tried to pay in cash, they were told they needed exact change because they had no cash. When two of us paid with credit cards, we received slips without pens. When we requested pens, we were given one that did not work and then a dry erase marker, before finally getting one that worked. We also had repeated difficulty getting water and were not given any silverware. The floor was very slippery from grease. The manager was fully aware of the situation since he was our server. It was not that they were busy, because we were only customer for half of meal and then one other person showed up.

Mayank Gupta


Stephanie B.

Food was excellent! It was brought out to us pretty fast! The customer service was just as good! I had the chicken 65 biryani and garlic nan. My friend had the goat curry which as amazing, as well as the eggplant curry! Overall, it was a great experience and would definitely recommend!

San L.

It was pretty good Chicken Biryani, just mild spicy with extra hot sauce on the side, and reasonable price too. Wait time less than 15mins for a to go, waiter even gave a little snack while I was waiting.

Barbara R.

Had lunch today, excellent food & service. Mixed luncheon platter with 3 entree samplings.

Penny Rose

Great food at a great price

Jade W.

A 3.5 would be my rating if Yelp did half stars. I have been in the area for a while and found that my go to Indian places had closed. I decided to try Paradise instead. This is not your typical buffet and it's a pretty small space overall. But it's decorated very nicely and is clean and has an upscale feel to it. I was a bit bummed about no buffet because I don't eat a lot at one time and I like taking it to go and having a variety of foods. While they did have some lunch combos, nothing stood out at me so I went ahead and ordered good ol' regular butter chicken and garlic naan. There were only a few other customers and it seemed like the food took forever to come out. They did bring out some sort of delicious cracker bread and a cilantro sauce of some kind to dip it in. That was amazing! When the food came I was surprised by the portion size and how small it was given the price. With a 20% tip, lunch was $18.00. The butter chicken was extremely thin compared to all other places I frequent. It was very light and very herby. The spice was on point, and the rice was extremely fresh and hot. The naan was excellent and perfect texture and crispiness. Service was great! Overall it's a nice place, but unless I decide to partake in a combo I'll find another spot.

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