1950 Hosea L Williams Dr NE, Atlanta
(678) 705-9902

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Adam Yost

Fantastic food served on a spacious outdoor patio for a reasonable price. A go-to on a nice day for us and anyone who wants us to show them the neighborhood.

Morgan Gomes

This place is always good and has not changed since the pandemic! They don't allow dine in but you can sit out on the patio as you eat and drink merrily!! Staff is super helpful

Amari Sanford-Williams

great food, experience. Amazing employees

Gina D.

Sooooo I am a margarita snob! This was my first time visiting this establishment and let me tell you! I know where to get an amazing margarita! I got the Texas to go and it was the bomb!!! I'll be back to try your vegan tacos and grab another margarita!! Thank you for a great drink!

Jona W.

The best damn brisket tacos in the city...all fresh and the scenery is nice too...My tuesday spot...Dogs are welcomed...mines loved the chips...5/5

Carlee Ingersoll

I love this spot. Tacos are great. Quesadillas are great. Margs are delish. You can’t go wrong with what you order.

Jake T.

We got takeout Chimichanga's and I wanted to dance when I got home. They put all the sauces (red/green/queso) in individual cups and left the Chimi without sauce so it was still crispy and fresh when I got home. 10/10 best takeout Chimi experience I have ever had. Other places sauce for you and it's soggy by the time I eat it. The Pickup experience was easy enough, I ordered on the phone, waited 10 min, got there, walked up, paid, and left within a few minutes.

Kristina J.

Reminded us of taco joints in Austin, Texas. Went for lunch around 1:30-2 on a Monday. Enjoyed the patio vibes, food, and service! No wait to order but the food did take a bit of time to arrive. I got the Baja Tacos (1 Shrimp + 1 Fish) with a side of rice and crispy potatoes and my boyfriend got the (1 Pork + 1 Brisket) with the refried beans and rice. The Shrimp taco was my favorite but they were all delicious and full of flavor! We just moved to Kirkwood so we will definitely be back! Great local spot.

Lili Crymes

I loved my experience there. The food was good. I got the fish tacos, which being in Atlanta, was a mistake. I'm from an area of this country that's known for its seafood, so I'm rarely pleased with my seafood food choices in Atlanta. That being said the mahi tacos were okay, not great but Atlanta Georgia good. The beans and the rice on the side were excellent.I loved how responsive the business is in providing a safe environment during the covid pandemic. All the seating was outside, and interacting with the staff felt very safe. As somebody who is worked in food service for a long time, I really appreciated their attentiveness to their staff's safety. When I go back, I look forward to exploring more of their menu. They have lots of options, and honestly I would go back just to eat their beans and rice.

Matthew Rinker

The margaritas never disappoint but the staff is not polite. The guy taking orders (in the window) could care less and the lady yelling to people when orders were ready is just rude. At this point they should be grateful for every customer that comes in - even though they’re still utilizing a low contact business method. There are better places in Kirkwood.

Jessica S.

My husband and I have lived in Kirkwood for five years and still can’t get enough of this neighborhood gem! Elmyriachi is my favorite restaurant, so I figured it was time I left them a Google review!My go-to order is the Thai Burrito in a bowl (you can order any of the burritos as a bowl!). I’ve tried a variety of items from their menu over the years and they are all delicious, but the Thai Burrito is still my #1! They have some great vegan-friendly dishes, too!

Sticky Lips

It was ok!Little disappointed that they didn't have curbside pickup as they stated on their website!But the food was very tasteful!

Anna S.

Went on a Monday at about 1230 for lunch- was not crowded at all, ordering was easy from friendly staff member, and food was DELICIOUS!! We ordered the fried shrimp and potatoes for appetizer (amazing- a must order!), and flautas and steak fajita burrito for lunch. Seasoned, made fresh to order, so so good!! For all the people commenting that it was crowded and long wait, perhaps you should consider when you are coming- they have only outdoor seating, which we prefer, and so of course it would be crowded. Be patient, everyone is doing the best they can, and the food is totally worth the wait!

Allie E.

This used to be my local spot when living in Atlanta! Nice patio space and lots of good food options

Sticky L.

Ok I'm giving this place 3 stars because they didn't follow the online directions! And although their website says they do offer curbside pickup they actually don't! I just had knee surgery and I couldn't get out of the car! But lucky, I had a friend with me! Also the smoke brisket didn't taste like smoke brisket! It tasted like it was burnt, savaged and served it anyway! Once I scraped it off of my Taco salad, I was in heaven! It was loaded with both pinto and black beans, although I paid extra for refried beans! And instead of lettuce I paid extra for spinach that looked like it was on it's last leg! Once I scraped off the bad leaves, what was left was still pretty dayum tasty! But I can imagine what it would have tasted like if all the ingredients were fresh! The online instruction ask that all sauces, sides and dressings to be packaged separately! I'm not sure if they ignored the notes or if they were not posted with the order! But to my disappointment they were not followed! But it required alot of scraping until it was edible! After all of that I must admit we both really enjoyed it and are looking forward to ordering again!

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