La Fonda Latina

1639 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta
(404) 378-5200

Recent Reviews

Michelle Lambert

Ate here while visiting a good friend who lives within walking distance. We ate outside. They have such great food here. My favorite is the fish tacos with tilapia, they come in salmon too. I used to eat here more often but this was my first time back there in 8 months. Nothing has changed: great food, great drinks and great service.

JM xela

The place it's good locationBut food has no taste and the pollo a la plancha was not what i expected. It was to expensive.Bad

Heart of Georgia Barbershop Chorus

What a find...local eatery with Spanish and Latin American dishes. Will definitely return

Richard De los Santos

I visit the Decatur restaurant, Was Terrible!!! the chips was burned, the sauce lot of onions in it, the "paella" was a joke, just the name was a "paella", 3 slices of sausage (they said that was "chorizo" nooo wayyyy) they use pairboled rice, they add a piece of roasted chicken to the rice, it was evidently prepared before to be served on another type of recipe, and I only put 2 stars because the service people was nice, STAY AWAY!!!

Elven Sailor

I've been coming here since before I could walk. They have the BEST food and salsa. Their rice? Mmmmmperfect. They're so nice I really love this place.

Susan Schenkel

Great lunch! Sangria's we're delicious and went well with the paella. Yummy all the way around.

Alicia Washington

Great spot for lunch. I had the pork enchiladas and they were good. The salsa was so good and they gave us some to take home with some chips. I will definitely will be coming back to try more things.

Darby Coe

I’m so sad to report that while the food is very good, the take away experience has been very very frustrating. Two times in a row we ordered take out and returned home to missing items from our order. When we tried to call to get a credit no one will answer the phone, only adding to our frustration. Seriously?

Richard Retana

The food was delicious.

D.S.V Sumanth

We ordered veg kabab (grill- La parilla) and it was utterly disgusting! The veggies on the skewer were bulk, and almost inedible! My girl friends sandwich was stale, and the salad seemed like they emptied a salad box from Kroger. We ended up trashing our dinner. Distasteful and disgusting experience. Had high expectations because their Atlanta chain was really good. Never going back to the Decatur location ever!!

Monique L.

So the food is excellent and the service was great but let me tell you about the salsa. The salsa is the first reason you should come here. And the second. And the third. Cannot wait to come back.

Tina G.

Very good food. The WORST customer service!! Each time I needed service, I literally had to holler out at server ignoring me. REPEATEDLY!!! The 2 is only for food.

Keith Mainland

Quiet but busy. Great Cuban sandwiches. Service was excellent. Not rushed after finishing lunch.

Gregory Dyer

The chicken was good and moist. It was a little salty. The salsa was okay. lacked onions and cilantro perhaps. It was Bland. The service did take time as they were preparing to go orders.

Miss Felicia Garner

My overall experience was decent. It could have been better if they had attended to us sooner then they did but it was okay. I thought it was a Mexican food restaurant but it turned out to be Spanish food. The food has a unique flavor. We tried the chorizo quesadilla and it was different then we expected but still good. Nice family atmosphere inside. The staff was nice too. If your in the mood for food from Spain, check this place out. And the dish came with yellow rice and black beans.

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