Little Five Points Pizza

422 Seminole Ave NE, Atlanta
(404) 525-2530

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Went here thinking it was still the old Fellini's pizza. I didn't realize it wasn't until I finished my pizza slices . I was wondering what happened to the service and why the cheese was not the same as I remembered. Service was not friendly and the cheese was not very tasty. Cheese is everything when it comes to pizza. I think they are buying lower quality cheese to save money.

Matalyn Hopkins

This place is cute if you are looking for a cute cheap bite on this area. Not going to be like a extreme dining experience. Just something quick and easy!

Kelvin Durant

This place is absolutely terrible. You should never come here. I ordered a pepperoni, sausage, and feta calzone to go. I get home only to find marinara sauce spilled all over my calzone because they put a marinara cup in the box with no lid on the cup. Then I bite into the calzone and realize there are pineapples on my calzone instead of pepperonis. Who in the world wants a sausage pineapple and feta calzone. This is disgusting. What's worse is the unprofessional staff never answers the phone. So I'm stuck at home with a disgusting calzone and no way to rectify or receive a refund without going all the way back to that lazy establishment during 5pm traffic.

j welin

They say you can never go back home. Well today proved that true. Went to L5P Pizza and no draft beer, no New York style Pizza. Still had a great Pizza and awesome service. Thank you.

Brandon Gurubel

Music was hittin' a lil too hard for a pizza shop. You might think that were walkin into a strip club or an ammunition store...?Service was friendly. Interesting decor & unique style. BUT, I actually ordered Italian sausage even though we received ham.

Timbo Slice

Nice area .....try Phonemax if youHave a broken iPhone!!!! A great place.

Chris Timbs

Horrible... Overbaked!!! No meatballs on the pizza, which I ordered. Been going there for years and this is the worst it is ever been. The young guy behind the counter brought my to-go order out on plates. When I told him it was to go he handled my pizza with his bare hands. Both pieces! Should have went to Fellini's.

Maggie Dattellas

Their menu is not as big as it used to be. I ordered a large pizza but 100% regret it. The flavor of the pizza was off, the bottom of the pizza had clumps of flower, the sauce tasted bad, and the inside of the garlic knot was not cooked thoroughly. I used to love the pizza here but was very disappointed this time. Will not be returning.


Best Pizza by Size, price, and most importantly taste in the Little 5 Points Area besides Carmelli's. The vibe at Lil 5 Pizza is unmatched.The Margherita Pizza and Lil 5 Special slices are the BESTEST Ever

Bubba Deeter

Staff always cool and friendly . Pizza is delicious and love the atmosphere and decor.

Zac Tucker

blown away by the quality of pizza, wow

Miss Felicia Garner

Today was the first time I was able to eat some pizza since I got my new smile on September 30th. I had the Little 5 point special and it was delicious. The customer service was good too. Thank you.

Felix Gray-Raven

Well, it’s good. Pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Selena Freeman

This place is so trash now. They increased their prices and everything taste like flavorless cardboard.

cyndi burnett

Best Pizza and atmosphere!!! The staff was amazing!!!

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