Beto's Tacos

4825 Sugarloaf Pkwy STE E, Lawrenceville
(770) 559-5469

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Jeff Pack

To think that we need another Mexican restaurant is just absurdity. But I have to say...this is not just another Mexican restaurant. This place has really nailed it. In fact, if someone rates this place less than 5 stars, they shouldn’t be allowed to write reviews ever again.So let’s break down what makes Beto’s Tacos so good.It’s clean. Pretty much every restaurant that you walk in that has one dollar sign $ on Google Maps is not clean. The tables are dirty, the bathrooms are disgusting the kitchen is a mess. That is not the case with Beto’s. The restaurant is spotless. Every table is clean, the floor is clean, the kitchen is clean, the hallway is clean, the salsa bar, drink machines, and the bathroom is very clean. The bathroom looks professionally cleaned; not like some 15 year old who could care less cleaned it, but rather a professional cleaning service.The food quality is exceptional. The food tastes good, it has a unique flavor. It is served nicely where some obvious consideration went into the presentation. This is not a one dollar sign $ place where you walk down the bar and say you want this and that as they scoop it in. This is order at the register, they give you a number, and they bring it out to you. A nice service. The menu to order off is huge as it is a well lit up menu taking up a large space on the wall. You can see everything on it very clearly.The service is exceptional. Very nice people who care.The price. They have absolutely nailed it. Finally a restaurant that understands what the price should be. There is nothing anywhere around where you can get this quality of food for this price point.I have to say that all around, Beto’s has done it right. Plus they deliver.For a one dollar sign $ price point, Beto’s Tacos wins best restaurant in the city in my opinion.Have a blessed day! :-)

Stephen Tucker

Huge assortment of tacos. I did feel like the food was missing a little bit of flavor, but that may just be my personal preference. I can definitely understand why this place is rated so high.

Lolita Perez

The food was served quick, very well plated. The variety of sauces in the bar was great! Fresh guacamole and chips.

Titus “Titus Pharoah”

Ate here for the first time today...prices were reasonable and the food was actually really good. Great customer service, I'm satisfied and will definitely return. We ordered. Sat down for a short while. I went to the bathroom and the food was on the table by time I returned.

Jeremy Sharp

Great food, quick service. Tad more expensive then expected.

Sean Biggs

Not bad at all. There are several selections of tacos, from beef to shrimp and everything in between. Didn't wow me but the value has average for tacos. The Tuesday street tacos are a great deal and the service is top tier.

Kelly K.

I found this restaurant through a Groupon I had purchased. I get excited about street tacos and discounts. The food here was good and well worth what was paid on the Groupon. The main issue I had was that the restaurant was HOT. I'm not sure if the air conditioner was broken but it was HOT! They had a few oscillating fans but they did not do the trick. Food - Good street tacos. The nachos were a huge portion. The food came quickly after ordering. They have a salsa bar which was great. However, I think it may be better to have the salsa already packaged or have an employee to serve to prevent so much contact from patrons. There are no margaritas here! Sorry

Kiunna L.

My original Taco Joint was down for reconstruction so I looked for another spot that was close to what I get at my taco spot. Went here and it's new to opening. The place kinda reminds me of Moe's with the self serving salsas bar and they give you chips/salsa with your order. I got the traditional tacos like Tongue, marinated pork etc. They tacos are good but I feel like they could need a little extra kick of flavoring. The inside are neat and the cashier was nice and helpful. They are in the cut back and not right in front where you can easily see them they are behind a Starbucks so I had to go way back around to get to them. But it's a chill place if you need a spot for tacos etc.

Eric G.

Very contemporary feel to this restaurant. The food was good, authentic, the right portions. Self serve salsa and veggies. Very Mexican. Good spot if you're around. Give them a shot.

Vanity H.

Came in for a try, they had some yummy flautas but nothing spectacular. The soda machine lines need to be cleaned because the drinks didn't taste right . They also have a great selection for salsas which was a plus. May return, may not.

Sandy W.

I'm gonna give this place three stars. Good good, wide variety but, best thing is the salsa bar! They have lots of drinks as well to choose from. The place is very clean and looks super cute so great design on their part. A little pricey for what you get and always a bit warm inside but other than that it's an ok place.

Gregory Wimsatt

Shrimp tacos were great, as was the queso. Look forward to trying more in the future.

Jason B.

The tacos tasted blend and the quesadilla was very oily/greasy. A lot of better Mexican options near by.

ЗЕНИТ champs

Food is delicious! Betos burrito blew me away! Don't miss out!

Jackson Y.

While visiting relatives, I needed to bring the kids out for lunch. We saw the 4.5 star ratings on Yelp and figured we would give Beto's Tacos a shot. Ambience: the decor is consistent with what you would imagine a taqueria would look like. It is clean as I saw the employees wipe down tables after every patron. The salsa bar is self service, so you might get nervous with Delta running around. There is no social distancing observed here. Service: you go to the counter, order and pay for your food. They will bring the food to your table. There are free refills and complimentary chips and salsa. The employees are very friendly. Food: the tacos are awesome . We had: Pastor (barbecue pork with pineapple) 5/5 Carne Asada (steak) 4/5 Suadero (brisket) 4/5 Barbacoa (shredded beef) 4/5 Tip: if you are into spicy food, try the Sniper Salsa. They aren't kidding when they said it's VERY SPICY

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