Oaxaca Tacos and Tequila Bar

1766 Old Norcross Rd, Lawrenceville
(470) 275-4579

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Juan G Gonzalez

muy buen ambiente y sobretodo muy buen servicio


This is my favorite Mexican restaurant bar none.....Every time we take someone there they love it. Their drinks are soo good. They are very friendly and accommodating. Very authentic Mexican food that you can't just get anywhere. Highly recommend....

Lia Mamoa

Our family has been here approximetly 4 x and their street tacos are very good as well as the gourmet tacos which we've tried the fried chicken, fish (very good) and the mushroom taco (also very good), now I will say the Taco Salad could be deeper and filled more. The food is a bit on the pricey side so usually for what I pay for this salad I'd expect more lettuce at least and more filling. Its more life eating a taco salad out of a plate rather than a fried taco bowl (shallow bowl).They are always busy which makes me happy for them! Again the food is good and prices for certain things are higher than they should be, but their tacos and Ranchero Burrito are very good. They do not sell salsa like they sale Queso as an appetizer, but they will give you little cups of salsa if you ask and if it doesn't already come with your meal. Service as always been great and even when I call in to place my order the customer service is great! If they could just work on the taco salad, that is really the only thing I wish would be improved on. Overall, I'd recommend eating here. I've never eaten inside, just because we're still cautious of Covid/Delta, but it's very nice inside and for going out in large or small groups. Its a small restaurant for the clientele they get, but they surely make it work. People are willing to be put on a wait list just to eat there, so yes, I'd surely try it.

Jess E.

This place by far is the best Mexican food in Lawrenceville! We came in April and I still rave about it. Two of my favorites from the menu so far are: Drink- hibiscus ginger Apps- plantains Green sauce I ordered elote and mushroom tacos and they were ok. I'll have to try the other one next time. I also ordered another drink called ginger and it was good! My kids split a burrito bc it was so big! My son loves jarrito sodas. And they also had the tree leches. My husband had a couple tacos and the Oaxaca sizzling bowl. The place was super packed so we hung out at the bar till our table was ready. Food came pretty quick.

Jennifer O.

This place is good for drinks & drinks only. I've tried giving it so many chances but they always disappoint. My friend ordered a quesadilla and the cheese wasn't even melted so we asked them to please cook it longer, they brought it back and nothing changed. I ordered 4 tacos and the tortillas were cold....

Francis L.

Friday was first time visit and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Nice to see a busy restaurant again - the atmosphere was nice and lively. The chilaquiles was well prepared and presented and I liked the freshly prepared margarita. Greeting and service were very friendly. Oaxaca missed the boat though; the 'manager' was continually present in the dining room for the hour we were there but never took the time to stop and say maybe..."thank you for coming in" etc., despite making eye contact on a couple of occasions. He did visit one particular table three times but spent way too much time 'joking around' withe staff gathered at the entrance thus missing many golden opportunities to instead interact with customers. In deciding to go out tonight we considered Agavero, Fridas, Frontera but choose Oaxaca and it would have been really nice to have been 'thanked'.....after all is that not a primary role of a good host....otherwise just work back of the house! We ultimately left as the manager took a break outside at 7pm, without anyone saying "thank you for coming to Oaxaca tonight ". Could so easily have been 5 stars.

M J.

The food is not authentic Mexican food & if it is, it has zero flavor. Ordered a torta ( sandwich ) & a quesadilla. The torta has chewy meat & it was cold for both plates since they were carne asada. Only good thing about this place is their queso dip and drinks. Other than that, I wouldn't order any food. It was unappetizing.

C R.

Oaxaca flavors that hit (ingredients from Oaxaca)! We had Mole, Al Pastor, Huitlacoche (The James Beard Foundation called it a 'MexicanTruffle') on hand made tortillas. Steak sopes & Chorizo Sopes that were delicious! They have this creamy, smokey serrano sauce that was soooo good. Mexican coke! The service was great and that atmosphere was very hipster! What a find!

Travon Guy

It has a very pleasant atmosphere. One of the managers Beto was very welcoming and attentive. Our waitress Diana was attentive and she made sure that our cups were filled and that we were happy with everything. The food is as good as it looks. All that combined makes this restaurant stand out. Definitely plan on coming back!

Keturah M.

Pretty good tacos, I love that they had some creative tacos on the menu like squash blossoms, which was pretty good and recommended to my plant-based and non-plant based friends alike! I ordered late on a Saturday night for pickup, my biggest qualm was that we had to wait over 30 mins past the time they gave us for pickup, that was frustrating, but the food was pretty good! Although I didn't dine in, the ambiance of the restaurant is really nice and had somewhat of a partial open-kitchen.

Carlos Guzman

Excelente servicio y la comida muy rica!

Josue Ruiz

This is a 10 out of 10 experience! From the beautiful inside to the beautiful and amazing food! Service was amazing, waitress was super nice and polite. Food came out hot and super fast! Overall a amazing experience! Music was authentic and I was just blown away!

Benjamin Meeks

There was nothing fantastic about our experience here. The food was alright, but $4.5 for a single taco and $0.50 to put cheese on it. $15 for 3 tacos is too much, especially considering they were nothing special. The Margaritas were tiny for the cost as well. Our waiter did not spend much time at our table and took forever to bring things like chips or water. The Salsa was horrible, I don't know how any company could be proud enough of tomato paste and water to serve it to customers.

Kelly K.

This is by far the best Mexican Restaurant in Gwinnett County! I absolutely live this place. It has a great ambiance and the food is amazing. The spicy pineapple margarita is worthy of a 50 plus mile drive if you have too. Hands down, one of the best!!!

Rafael F.

Tacos and the margaritas are good there. My wife liked the margarita. This place is always packed because they have good food, drinks, servers, atmosphere. Tiny place packs a punch. The bar also looks simply amazing.

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